Email Vs. Facebook Messenger! Which is Better?

Email Vs. Facebook Messenger! Which is Better

Facebook Messenger Stakes its Claim Against Email When was the last time you had average open rates above 80% and the average click-through rates of nearly 30%. Unless you have been in digital marketing since the very first days in the 90s and early 2000, most of us know that you will be lucky to […]

What If Your Website Could Talk

What If Your Website Could Talk

Have you ever wondered if your website could talk? And if it did talk what message would it send to your customer? And when I speak of talking websites I am not referring to the text you have used on the website. There is a lot more to what you communicate through your website than […]

A Blueprint for Increasing Contact Form Conversions

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A 2015 Formstack study found that when a form has 4 fields, it will convert at a rate of 1%. This means that when you have 10,000 people come to your page, only 100 will fill out the contact form. So the big question is how can you improve the conversion rates on your contact […]