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Money Follows Good Marketing

Naturally, entrepreneurs and even modern consumers believe that the value of a business is based on the product. The better your product is, the more money you will make. Sure, it helps to have a great product that is reliable and does what it’s supposed to do. However, the real game changer here is how […]


5 Powerful Tips on How to Market to Dads

As our society evolve, the role of Dads in the household changes too. Today, they are no longer confined to stereotypical duties and responsibilities in the home. Compared to fathers of earlier generations, today’s Dads are more involved in household management, parenting, and even planning vacations, to cite some. Very few brands and businesses recognize […]

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What If Your Website Could Talk

Have you ever wondered if your website could talk? And if it did talk what message would it send to your customer? And when I speak of talking websites I am not referring to the text you have used on the website. There is a lot more to what you communicate through your website than […]

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First 3 Things That Doctors Should Know About SEO Before Hiring An Seo Firm

SEO is the catalyst for all successful businesses online. Not just online but also offline because investing in SEO practices like Google My Business, and Citations also make it easy to scale your offline business. Boosting website SEO rankings for medical professionals is a puzzle that’s not easy to solve. Well, as a medical professional, […]

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Step-Step Guide on Setting Up A Facebook Sales Funnel For Your Business

With the rise of the internet and increased social media presence, it’s not surprising to note that most businesses want to maximize on Facebook as a way of generating the much-needed leads to their services/products. Besides, it doesn’t cost much and the results are rewarding if done well. This is because of the flexibility that […]