J&J Septic

This was a company that had absolutely no online presence and was operated by a one man show for 17+ years and later was bought by an established company.


Establishing a Online Presence 

Taking this new acquired business and turning it around wasn’t going to be easy. The current clients were conditioned to below market value prices and with new ownership prices and systems were changing. Turning this company from barely making profit for one man to generating plenty of profit for the new owners was going to require a lot of new qualified customers fast.


Logo Design

Getting a professional logo was going to help distinguish them from the unprofessional competition.

Website Design

Getting a fully built and well designed website with valuable content was a winning touch.


SEO campaign that would dominate the competition and steal all the search traffic help acquire those desperately need customers.


To help jumpstart their online presence PPC was a must to get results fast.


The Outcome

  • Experienced 150% growth within the first 6 months
  • Increased leads to over 200+ each month
  • Hired two more drivers

J&J Septic experienced great success thanks to BlackStorm Design + Marketing. Within just a short period of time they more than doubled.

How Can You Have Similar Success?

BlackStorm Design + Marketing can grow your business whether you are a start up or an established business we can take you from your current level and truly make you #1 in your market.

We take an aggressive marketing strategy with all the businesses that we partner with to achieve the best results. When you want a flood of new leads choose BlackStorm Design + Marketing.