Knoxville Plumbing

These are the top plumbers in Knoxville TN. Offering everything for service & repair whether it be for residential or commercial.


Wanting to Grow Beyond Word of Mouth Referrals

Robert Keith with Knoxville Plumbing was operating his business with about 3 other plumbers and primarily staying busy with word of mouth referrals and yard signs. His challenge wasn’t in keeping his 3 plumbers busy it was trying to grow to keep 4+ plumbers busy. That is when BlackStorm Design + Marketing stepped in.


Website Design

By not having a website they had absolutely no online presence. We implemented a website design that could convert traffic that we would be generating.

SEO Campaign

BlackStorm Design + Marketing launched their SEO campaign to begin the journey to the top. After battling for the top rankings Knoxville Plumbing prevailed because they had the strongest marketing agency on their side.

PPC Campaign

To supplement the SEO campaign the launch of PPC occurred. This allowed them to generate traffic while they waited for the SEO campaign to generate leads.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

After maximizing SEO & PPC they then decided to implement SMM to boost even more traffic.


The Outcome

  • Increased Revenue by 184%
  • Increased Technicians by 200%

Robert’s team has now grown with technicians and office staff to allow him to be free and enjoy more spare time. Knoxville Plumbing is still experiencing growth.

How Can You Have Similar Success?

BlackStorm Design + Marketing can grow your business whether you are a start up or an established business we can take you from your current level and truly make you #1 in your market.

We take an aggressive marketing strategy with all the businesses that we partner with to achieve the best results. When you want a flood of new leads choose BlackStorm Design + Marketing.