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Lisa Grant
7/19/2019 - Google

I have to say in the past I have been burned by marketing agencies and I was very skeptical in hiring another one but I knew I had to finally do something to stay in business. I found Black Storm because a friend highly recommended them so I decided to see what they could offer and to find out if they were just another scam. After working with them for 9 months I will say they have been very kind and professional in our dealings and they have actually exceeded my expectations on lead generation. I haven't experienced anything bad with them so if you're looking for a trustworthy marketing agency then I would suggest to give them a try.

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Larry Phelps
8/25/2019 - Google

They have done a phenomonal job with keyword research on my competitors and helping us to target their client. After only four months we have seen noticeable increase in sales. Cheer

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Hugo Vega
8/15/2019 - Google

BlackStorm is a real gem of a find. I had no idea all of the things my competitors were doing to grow and they broke it down for me and came up with a strategy for my company to grow as well. Happy customer

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Lindsay Bowen
7/18/2019 - Google

Thanks to Blackstorm design & marketing we have got our website ranking at the top within 6 months!! We are crushing it with them. Great marketing company to partner with. Through every step they have impressed me on how professional and knowledgable they are. I suggest you partner with them.

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Jeannette Potter
8/09/2019 - Google

Great job at seeing what my competitors were doing. We were able to shift and grow our campaign throughout the year and saw fantastic growth!

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First 3 Things That Doctors Should Know About SEO Before Hiring An Seo Firm

SEO is the catalyst for all successful businesses online. Not just online but also offline because investing in SEO practices like Google My Business, and Citations also make it easy to scale your offline business. Boosting website SEO rankings for medical professionals is a puzzle that’s not easy to solve.
Well, as a medical professional, you know that over 70% of your potential clients will first search online before reaching out to you. The problem with SEO rank is that the web is saturated with similar contents that pushing yours to the first page so you can funnel these prospects to leads isn’t easy anymore.
Besides doing your job, and managing the business at the same time is a daunting task. To succeed, you will need an external marketer to spur you forward. Here is where SEO for doctors experts come in.

What Is SEO?

The initials S.E.O stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a special process that follows a unique algorithm to rank websites higher or lower in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. The ranking here makes you visible, so potential prospects find you faster. This leads to your site getting more clicks. SEO marketers refer to this as organic traffic.
Not all SEO marketers are equal, though. Besides, the ranking algorithms change frequently. Therefore before hiring an SEO marketer, here are the things you should know about SEO.

1. SEO Can Be Tedious

Increasing a website’s SEO ranking doesn’t happen in a second. It can take quite a long time to get you high up in the search results. There are, however, lucky chaps who managed to do it quite faster. The solid reality, however, is that SEO is a gradual process, and in some cases, it can be very costly.
It doesn’t matter whether your a veteran medic or you manage a budding clinic. Increasing your SEO rankings can be slow, and sadly enough, if you’re looking for instant results, you may get disappointed. There’s, however a way out. To get on the same page with SEO, you need to understand your audience, know the basics of website design, and how a website works.
There are other deeper SEO aspects like the meta tags, meta descriptions, and keyword research, etc. that you have to master. After getting all these right, optimizing your website for SEO becomes simple and fun. The process is however extensive with a lot of adjustments here, and there, therefore, it’s likely to take you a lot of time to get the final results.

2. SEO Is Just A Fragment Of A Fruitful Strategy

Most clinic owners think that it’s only SEO that does the magic which is not true because lots of other factors need to go into your marketing strategy. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t essential, though. It’s an integral part of any fruitful marketing strategy, but it forms just a tiny fraction of the whole process.
To get it right with SEO, and your entire marketing strategy, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook other essential marketing aspects like;

  • Content Creation.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Reviews.
  • Referral Campaigns.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing.
  • Phone Call Tracking.
  • Social Media Marketing and more.

However, some of these strategies still use SEO practices. You should make sure that these tactics are used on your website. SEO will just complement what the strategies can achieve.

3. You Should Base On Content Creation Over SEO

Note that, to engage your audience, you don’t need just SEO. Instead, you will require engaging content. Because of that, if you want to come up with a robust SEO plan, it’s prudent that you base on coming up with original contents regularly.
Use the contents to engage with, and showcase your expertise to the potential clients because they want to hear from you. They want to hear your take on trending medical discoveries, and news, they want to know that you’re someone who understands their pain points.
You can deliver these contents in various forms like; videos, social media posts, infographics, and blog posts, etc. After creating these contents, you can now freely focus on creating SEO optimized web pages. With the right mindset, and approach to SEO, your business is going to flourish.
Do you want to learn more about how to utilize SEO to spur client engagement, and increase lead conversion? We got your back. We have all the expertise you need to claim strong niche authority, and boost your lead conversion.

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Why Your Medical Practice Should Have A Blog

Have bloggers approached you requesting to write blogs for your practice? Well, those people know what they are doing. Blogging is a powerful marketing weapon that will help you connect or interact with your patients. Having a regularly updated blog not only provides information to your patients but ultimately gives them more reasons for visiting your website or medical practice

Reasons Why Blogging Can Help You Grow Your Medical Practice

Blogging Increases Brand Awareness

If you want your waiting room to be full of patients, then you need to allow people to know about your service. Most people nowadays use the internet to access information about the service or products they require. Having a medical practice blog puts you on the digital map where people can easily find you.

A Medical Practice Blog Boosts Your Web Presence

Do you have Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts for your practice? If yes, blogging can help to boost user engagement in such platforms. They help to bring more attention to your pages. It is crucial for your practice to have an online strategy, and medical practice blogs are no doubt part of that.

Medical Blogs Helps to Attract Younger Generations

Millennials normally communicate online. This where they go to search and share information. Having a medical practice blog will help you to engage this young generation. The young generations are likely to be introduced to your practice via social media platforms.

Personalizes Your Practice

Blogging sets your practice above your competitors. They help you to showcase your philosophies and treatment options around your specialization. Besides being informative, your medical practice blog can give your patients of what to expect when they visit your facility. It gives you a chance to share what you perceive is
crucial to your specialization or field. Blogging provides a free and simple way of connecting with potential or existing patients.

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Proven Ways of Keeping Patients Happy

Regardless of the industry, clients want to feel appreciated. In the healthcare sector, your patients are those clients. That said, patients want to feel more special than clients in other industries. That is because here we are dealing with something unique to them; their health. It is always good to remember when dealing with
patients- both offline and online, the level of customer service determines whether or not you are going to retain them.

Here are 5 Ways of Improving Your Patient Experience

Make sure that Your Patients can easily reach you

Whether it is emails, social media messages, answering phone calls, it is crucial to appoint someone to respond to patient’s queries promptly. Aim to respond to all questions raised by the end of the business day. The truth is that patients want prompt answers to their queries because such responses are important to
their health. The same applies to social media texts, emails and voicemails. Patients will always choose you as their healthcare provider if they can easily reach you. Let patients know when they expect to hear from you responding to their e-mail and voicemails.

Focus on the Patient’s Interests

It is crucial to know the type of procedures or areas of treatment your client is interested in. For instance, if the patients want to know how to deal with fine lines, then ensure that your practice offers laser therapy treatment. If patients know that you provide services that interest them, then they will flock your office regularly. This will make your patients happy and feel special at the same time.

Make the Patient Feel Appreciated and Comfortable

Take your correspondence a notch higher by getting the patient feel special and comfortable. Don’t just provide information, act! Show your patient how much you care about their condition. Patients want to feel that doctors are equally concerned about their health as they are. Let them understand that you appreciate how they have chosen your facility to take care of their health. After all, patients are the key drivers of your practice.

Recognize Milestones

Tracking each milestone is a simple way of making your patients feel appreciated. Reminding patients about their birthdays can work magic. When a new month starts, you can send special offers to patients whose birthdays fall within that month. You can also maintain a record bearing the ages of your patients, and start sending them health tips when they attain certain milestones (like 40,60, and 80 respectively).

Don’t Overwhelm

While it is crucial to keep communication to your patients flowing, but don’t try to overburden with unnecessary information. It essential that you know your patient’s wants and needs to avoid over-sharing information with them. Make sure that you don’t post on your social network pages every hour. Think about how you perceive that company that clogs up your Facebook page or your inbox. Your patients are bound
to feel likewise if you do that.
There are several ways of improving your patient experience and retaining them for a long time. Like in any other industry, customer service is critical in the healthcare sector. A health practitioner must ensure that the patient feels appreciated and special. Patients can easily become dissatisfied if you don’t show concern
to them. Such clients can wreak havoc in your facility. Some factors that lead to patient dissatisfaction include waiting time in consultation rooms, tests, and promptness for responding to calls.

How to deal with Patient’s Dissatisfaction

According to a recent survey conducted on several clinics around the United States, here are simple tips that can help prevent patient’s dissatisfaction:

Set Expectations

Almost 80% of the respondents said that they would have no problem if they knew about the wait time in advance. Although clients don’t like waiting, setting such expectations in advance helps. Give a fair estimate to avoid problems.


Apologizing for keeping patients waiting for long shows that you respect their patience and time. 85% of the clients interviewed said a simple apology would alleviate their dissatisfaction

Provide Options

If you know that you are going to keep patients waiting for long, why not give them alternatives to solve their inconveniences. They will trust you more for respecting their time and may come back to you again.
This article has provided crucial information that will help healthcare providers to improve service offerings to their patients.