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5 Powerful Tips on How to Market to Dads

As our society evolve, the role of Dads in the household changes too. Today, they are no longer confined to stereotypical duties and responsibilities in the home. Compared to fathers of earlier generations, today’s Dads are more involved in household management, parenting, and even planning vacations, to cite some.

Very few brands and businesses recognize the growing purchasing responsibility of Dads. Fewer still are the companies that successfully capitalize on the countless opportunities that this trend creates. Be one of the few and learn how you can effectively market to Dads through these five (5) brilliant tips.

1. Use images that are powerfully relevant to Dads.

Men are known to be naturally visual – even more visual than women. A photo is a hundred times more attention-grabbing than a pile of words. It’s just easier to understand, more direct to the point and is generally more fun to look at. Images are proven to create more impact. Regardless if you are launching a product or just strengthening your market position, you need to use compelling images that appeal to the wants and needs of Dads in a way that resonates to them.

A good image would be to portray feelings of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction once they purchase or avail of your services. This can be in the form of still images, GIFs and videos. Show Dads how awesome it would feel like to take their family on a fun road trip by choosing your car rental service on their next vacation. Show them how their kids will surely think of them as such a very cool Dad when they buy the new TV set that has new high-tech features. These are only two of the countless ways you can use images to make Dads imagine the positive results of choosing you.

2. Take advantage of Dads being tech-savvy.

There are more than 50 million Dads in the US alone and around 80% of them use smartphones while 40% have tablets. According to a research, Dads are 4% more like to share content than moms. This shows that Dads are practically more active online. It is safe to say that they are really taking advantage of the convenience of having the power of the internet on their hands, quite literally.

This presents an excellent opportunity for marketers. The more the Dads are present online, the more chances there are to engage them and create awareness. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Nowadays, most people use their smartphones to access the internet. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s time to invest on website development and turn your site’s interface into a pleasing sight for mobile users. Additionally, be present on social media sites and make sure that you post content that are targeted specifically to Dads.

3. Create engagement by affirming their manly identity.

A big chunk of a men’s manly identity is said to be taken away from them once they starts building a family. They lose their Friday nights and weekends with their friends and instead they get occupied with helping with house chores, raising kids, and keeping their wives happy. If you want to do business with Dads, it will greatly help if you can help bring back that sense of identity to them. Remind them of how strong of a man they are for being able to keep up with the demands of fatherhood. Associate your brand with the feeling of achievement and pride.

This is where brand image and brand personality comes in. Make it a point where all your content align with a single-minded proposition that ultimately rewards the self-esteem of Dads by choosing your brand.

4. Appeal to Dads using their natural instinct to buy quality products.

Moms, being the ones to handle budgeting at home, tend to choose products that are on sale. They also prefer using the same brands that they have proven to be good after several trials. Dads, on the other hand, are more inclined to try a new brand that promises better results instead of sticking to what they are used to. They are slightly more of risk-takers than women. With the changing role of Dads in the household, they get to have more purchasing responsibility than they did generations ago.

In simpler words, if you want to position yourself as a brand that Dads would prefer, consider capitalizing on quality. Dads want to be seen as dependable and reliable. They look for these same qualities when choosing a product or service. Emphasize on this and make it your unique selling proposition so you can strengthen your edge over your competitors.

5. Content is also king among Dads

In the eyes of their kids Dads are the person to turn to when they have questions – mostly when moms are not around. But in reality, Dads turn to search engines for answers when they run out of clever ideas. Be sure to be there for them when they do.

Insightful articles that provide answers on topics relating to men and fatherhood can be a good way to win their loyalty. Become a reliable reference and most likely, they will return the favor with consistent patronage.

Now that you know these five (5) marketing tips that work specifically for Dads, it’s time to put them into practical use. Remember that Dads’ roles are ever-changing and it is important to recognize their growing purchasing power. Carefully strategize using these tips and it will not be long before you realize you’re in the position where Dads take pride in being associated with your brand.

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First 3 Things That Doctors Should Know About SEO Before Hiring An Seo Firm

SEO is the catalyst for all successful businesses online. Not just online but also offline because investing in SEO practices like Google My Business, and Citations also make it easy to scale your offline business. Boosting website SEO rankings for medical professionals is a puzzle that’s not easy to solve.

Well, as a medical professional, you know that over 70% of your potential clients will first search online before reaching out to you. The problem with SEO rank is that the web is saturated with similar contents that pushing yours to the first page so you can funnel these prospects to leads isn’t easy anymore.

Besides doing your job, and managing the business at the same time is a daunting task. To succeed, you will need an external marketer to spur you forward. Here is where SEO for doctors experts come in.

What Is SEO?

The initials S.E.O stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a special process that follows a unique algorithm to rank websites higher or lower in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. The ranking here makes you visible, so potential prospects find you faster. This leads to your site getting more clicks. SEO marketers refer to this as organic traffic.

Not all SEO marketers are equal, though. Besides, the ranking algorithms change frequently. Therefore before hiring an SEO marketer, here are the things you should know about SEO.

1. SEO Can Be Tedious

Increasing a website’s SEO ranking doesn’t happen in a second. It can take quite a long time to get you high up in the search results. There are, however, lucky chaps who managed to do it quite faster. The solid reality, however, is that SEO is a gradual process, and in some cases, it can be very costly.

It doesn’t matter whether your a veteran medic or you manage a budding clinic. Increasing your SEO rankings can be slow, and sadly enough, if you’re looking for instant results, you may get disappointed. There’s, however a way out. To get on the same page with SEO, you need to understand your audience, know the basics of website design, and how a website works.

There are other deeper SEO aspects like the meta tags, meta descriptions, and keyword research, etc. that you have to master. After getting all these right, optimizing your website for SEO becomes simple and fun. The process is however extensive with a lot of adjustments here, and there, therefore, it’s likely to take you a lot of time to get the final results.

2. SEO Is Just A Fragment Of A Fruitful Strategy

Most clinic owners think that it’s only SEO that does the magic which is not true because lots of other factors need to go into your marketing strategy. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t essential, though. It’s an integral part of any fruitful marketing strategy, but it forms just a tiny fraction of the whole process.

To get it right with SEO, and your entire marketing strategy, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook other essential marketing aspects like;

  • Content Creation.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Reviews.
  • Referral Campaigns.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing.
  • Phone Call Tracking.
  • Social Media Marketing and more.

However, some of these strategies still use SEO practices. You should make sure that these tactics are used on your website. SEO will just complement what the strategies can achieve.

3. You Should Base On Content Creation Over SEO

Note that, to engage your audience, you don’t need just SEO. Instead, you will require engaging content. Because of that, if you want to come up with a robust SEO plan, it’s prudent that you base on coming up with original contents regularly.

Use the contents to engage with, and showcase your expertise to the potential clients because they want to hear from you. They want to hear your take on trending medical discoveries, and news, they want to know that you’re someone who understands their pain points.

You can deliver these contents in various forms like; videos, social media posts, infographics, and blog posts, etc. After creating these contents, you can now freely focus on creating SEO optimized web pages. With the right mindset, and approach to SEO, your business is going to flourish.

Do you want to learn more about how to utilize SEO to spur client engagement, and increase lead conversion? We got your back. We have all the expertise you need to claim strong niche authority, and boost your lead conversion.

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5 Of The Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

5 Most Common Content Marketing Blunders That Could Risk Your Business

Content Marketing has been a Millennial game changer for the business marketers of all sizes. It is the only tried and tested practice that promises to hit a bulk of potential customers without that cheesy salesperson pitch. It’s the easiest way to make your presence felt online by building your brand reputation.

This kind of inexpensive marketing strategy is an integral component of e-Commerce campaigns. It can increase brand credibility, improve WOM and drive sales dynamically. A powerful content on your website could be the best marketing tool to fetch you new traffic every hour.
So, how are your Content Marketing efforts paying off? Are you marketing your contents the right way?

Most of today’s businesses give their marketing efforts a red hot go by focusing on a cornucopia of poor marketing tactics and if you are making the same mistakes, it could damage your brand value.

Fret not, here are 5 most common mistakes discussed Let’s look inside.

Mistake #1. Inconsistent Posts:

No matter, what size business you are, your posting calendar should be regular to keep your readers engaged all 365 days. A lack of valuable content could unconsciously drive your customers to your competitors. Remember, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses to fill the vacuum when you take an infrequent approach to Content Marketing and annoy your audience away.

Solution: Content marketing is considered the most efficient means to generate targeted leads. So, this inbound marketing scheme should be implemented on a regular basis to better your craft. For this, plan ahead of time and publish your niche posts both online and offline at least once a week.

Extra Tip: If you have time constraints, the freelancers have got you covered. Handing the job to these experts will allow you a better grip on your piece of content without wasting time to write it. Just maintain a content calendar.

Mistake #2. Not Delivering Content What Your Readers Want:

One of the biggest blunders of Content Marketing is not speaking the readers’ language. If you are creating, publishing and promoting contents far from what concerns or interests your audience the most, they will lose interest in your product or service in no time.

Solution: It’s always important to first focus on your readers’ profile and area of understanding and try to solve their queries as your own. No one wants to read out of the syllabus. So, always know your customers, their status quo, problems, needs, expectations and then fly out contents to answer them directly. The more you research on the profiles of your target segment, the better chances you have to draw them to your site.

Extra Tip: Tailor your contents to cater to the bespoke needs of your segmented audience. Also, check and evaluate what contents are performing well and what not. You could hire a professional content writer to improve on your topic delivery.

Mistake #3. Those Stinking “Sea of Words”:

Filling up your brand’s portal with garbage is probably the worst Content Marketing mistake you could do to scare your audience away. When not formatted properly, even the most insightful and informative content could fail to catch the attention of your readers and mess with the desired goal. Commonly referred to as the “Sea of Words”, silly grammar, or spelling mistakes, long-tailed paragraphs or even poor readability of content could entirely transform your business speech.

Solution: Always take time to proofread your contents before they go online and create a disaster. A properly formatted content will be the best reflection of your products or services online. When readers find your words easy on the eye and digestible, they will easily convert to customers.

Extra Tip: Use headers and sub-headers with the correct spacing of paragraphs that are small and concise. Also, link one paragraph with the other so that your target audience finds it easy to continue reading. It’s also important to give a crisp introduction when you suddenly jump from one topic to another. A subheader can do the job better. You could compare the layout and format of your content with a few good contents on the internet. This will allow a critical look inside the hidden flaws.

Mistake #4. Lack of Promotional Campaigns:

Are you making a Silo marketing mistake? Advertising your content is the essence of any Content Marketing campaign. But if there is not enough promotion of your content, you can’t expect a good return from your marketing investment. When you expect to drive a gazillion of traffic to your site, you need to create awareness about “who you are” and “why you are here” with continuous quality and relevant contents.

Solution: No matter, you have time or not, you should always focus on publishing multiple pieces of contents on a weekly basis, if not daily. Also, limiting the content sharing to your own blog or a handful of social media sites will not yield you the desired revenue. Pay attention to using a whole slew of networks for a 360-degree promotion.

Extra Tip: A small learning curve is essential to search for extended platforms for your content promotion. Spend some extra time on a new social media to learn its viability and worth. This way you will learn to tap-hold of every high-key network that comes your way.

Mistake #5. Creating Drab and Boring Contents:

If your articles or posts lack variety in their content types, it’s probably time to experiment with your Content Marketing techniques. Relying solely on blogs, white papers, magazines or other stereotyped and conventional methods of marketing will not retain your customers for long. Guess what, all are not convenient reading long textual pieces, but rather more easily dragged towards visual impacts of a video or a graphical representation.

Solution: Stop stretching on one type of content as snagging a time-consuming reading interface can panic your visitors. Content options are many. So, change the type of material and publish content in different forms. It will keep your hookers entertained, engaged and coming back for more. You will also gain access to a wider base of consumers who will now consume your contents even better and this will automatically add to your conversion ratio.

Extra Tip: Videos, infographics are all great to turn the heads of the readers of all sizes. Always make them short and tell-tale of the most important facts and stats. Even if you are sharing a long-tailed content, make sure to embed links and buttons that can take the readers to an interesting video or graphical representation of your niche content one-click.

In essence, following the correct methods of content marketing will automatically extend your brand reach. improve WOM, increase brand trust and boost sales. Just keep the above-mentioned points in mind and always pay attention to keep your contents “skimmable” with optimum quality and versatility. Casting a wide net in terms of the audience has never been easier.