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Dear Electrician,

How often do you look in the maps app on your phone to search for businesses?

I know I do!

I do it to ensure that the businesses I’m looking for are indeed local but also to see their reviews and I’m able to have the info I need at my fingertips.

If you do it and I do it, chances are there are many other people doing it too. In fact, we don’t really have to guess or wander about those statistics they are already provided.

“64% Of Consumers Have Used Google Maps To Find Contact Details For A Local Business.”

So the fact is, your ideal customers ARE searching for businesses like yours on Google Maps.

Are you anywhere to be found?

If it’s not an astounding “YES!”…. you are in desperate need of this GBP Booster Checklist!

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This Google Maps Checklist will help guide you to get your maps optimized better than almost all your competitors. Which will in turn get your ranked higher and get found by more people which in return gets you more calls than ever before.

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