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What is "Explode Your Roofing Business" Book?

It is NOT just another “marketing” book.

though it will teach you how to market better than most 'marketing' books.

It is NOT a book about lead generation

though it will help you get a lot more leads and sales from the traffic you currently get (even if it’s not that much right now).

This is NOT a sales book

though it will help you sell more services more often at a higher price.

It is NOT a customer service book

though it will help you provide greater customer service that results in higher referral rates and repeat business.

"Explode Your Roofing Business" is a GROWTH HACK!

This is not a book about “how to get rich”… but, if you do what it says, you will definitely make more money than you’re making right now in your existing roofing business.

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If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of leads, lack of direction, lack of sales… Always busy but never making the profit you deserve.

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Who Is Eric Keith?

Eric Keith grew up as a plumber’s son, and from knee-high, that’s all he did. When he was in his mid 20’s, he realized that his father’s business was struggling, and he wanted to help. He started researching, reading, and took courses on business and marketing.

In a short time, he was able to turn his father’s failing business around. To the point that others were begging to acquire it, which his father was able to sell it for a healthy seven-figure income.

He enjoyed what he did growing his father’s company more than being a plumber. So, with Eric’s unique background and ability, he was able to help many other home service businesses the same way.

Fast forward a dozen years later… today, Eric continues to help local home service companies with a specialty in the Roofing niche.

From: Eric Keith
Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Roofing Business Owner,

Over the past several years, I’ve had the privilege to work with dozens of roofing companies. I’ve heard a lot of misinformation about growing a roofing business. It is a passion of mine to help roofing business owners increase their sales and profits. So, I decided to write a book with the goal of making, unlike any other business or marketing book.

In this book, there is no fluff or filler text – Just real-world strategies that are working right now to grow several roofing companies rapidly.

This book is easy to read and wastes no time in going straight to the point. You get actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to grow sales for your roofing business dramatically…in most cases, without spending a cent more on advertising…

Dramatically Increase Your Profits in 90 Days or Less…

But Your Business Is Different, and This Won’t Work for You… 

That’s what you might be saying to yourself… 

The little voice in your head is probably muttering things like… 

“This all sounds great”…. “But my business is different, and this won’t work on my type of customers”….

However, I will personally GUARANTEE you it will. 

You see, if for some strange reason you try the strategies outlined in this book and they don’t EXPONENTIALLY grow revenue for your roofing business in 90 days or less, I’ll refund you the cost of shipping plus you can keep the book just for the inconvenience.

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Risk Free Guarantee

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I’ll even take it one step further… 

If you try the strategies outlined in this book and they don’t EXPONENTIALLY grow your business, let me know, and I’ll refund you the cost of shipping, plus you can keep the book just for the inconvenience. 

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me, and I’ll give you back your shipping fee with no questions asked. 

Is that fair enough?

There Is Absolutely No Catch, Whatsoever! 

I realize this all might seem too good to be true… so you might be wondering what the “catch” is.

And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something, but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This isn’t one of them.

There’s NO hidden “continuity program,” hooks, gimmicks, or shenanigans of any type.

I’m literally giving you this entire book free, all I’m asking is you help me out with the shipping and handling cost.

It's Easy to Order, Here's What To Do Next

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Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I’ll pay for the book, and all I ask is that you help me cover the $4.95 shipping and handling cost, and we’ll send it anywhere in the United States!

Your Life is About to Change!

You are at a crossroads. You can remain in your current situation that is filled with constant ups and downs with feasts or famine — working all hours of the day just trying to keep the business afloat. Constantly putting out fires and managing the chaos and still not having the profit that you need to live the life you want.


You could get some clarity on what you should be doing to work on your business instead of constantly in it — building systems in your business that will provide you with more time but also increase your productivity. And by doing so will bring you more profits than you ever thought imaginable. And you could finally have the time and means to treat your family like you’ve meant to for some time now… 


Your life will only change if you decide to do something different. Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Do you think things are magically going to change if you continue to do what you’ve always done?

You need to make a change if you want to get the result that you want better profits. If you want a more successful business/life you can start by doing the strategies laid out in

this FREE Book, “Explode Your Roofing Business.”

I Guarantee You It Will Make A Huge Difference In Your Business… Fast!

Thanks for taking the time to read this page, and I look forward to soon hearing about your success stories!

Eric Keith

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