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If you own any kind of business that uses a website to sell your product, there is no way to avoid one blaring fact – getting found on the web will simply NOT happen without Search Engine Optimization. So, if you run a business in the Nashville area, it’s time to take advantage of SEO services.
There are many tools in the SEO arsenal that will drive traffic to your website where visitors see your products and buy, therefore increasing your profits. After all, that is why you’re in business, right?

Let’s start with the basics … What is Search Engine Optimization?

If you’re just getting started in the online business world, you may not be familiar with this crucial term, but you need to understand it for the health of your business’s bottom line.
According to Webopedia, Search Engine Optimization is “a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP).” The most well-known search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, the most prominent search engine is clearly Google. People haven’t adopted the habit of using the word “Google” as a verb for no reason.
Now that you are familiar SEO, there is lots to learn about it.
So, what do you need for excellent SEO Services in Nashville?

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Keyword research is essential to successful SEO. A Forbes article asserts that when researching keywords, it is very important to make sure that your competition is not too stiff. You want your keywords to land you in the Top Ten Google search results. That is the magnet with the potential to drive prospective customers to your website.
The best way to rank that high in search page results is using keyword phrases (also known as “long-tail” keywords composed of 2-5 words). These tend to be more effective for that coveted high ranking.


The presence of your keyword (preferably keyword phrase) in your page title powers your presence in search page results. Google looks at the relevance of your keyword phrase as it is reflected in your page title. Additionally, that search engine looks for your keyword phrase in the page description (meta-description).


Even though the phrase “Content is king,” is a SEO cliché, it is a very important cliché because it holds true. Not only does excellent content give a website a leg up in search results, but it offers a positive experience for customers when they click on your website. Educating your prospective customers with authoritative information on your website goes a long way to win loyal customers after the first time they click on your website.

Technical SEO

All your most valiant efforts to ensure that you have highly competitive keyword phrases, informative content, relevant meta-tags and meta-descriptions could be futile without the technical SEO services available in Nashville. Technical SEO basically analyzes how search engine spiders are able to crawl your website and index your content. According to an article on Search Engine Land, If Google or Bing cannot “read” your content, there is no way they can rank your website. So, you definitely want to take care of this aspect of your SEO.

Product Images

It boils down to this: you want the products displayed on your website to look great, to be inviting. Not only that, file names for enticing images on your website should definitely be keyword-related. Such images rank well for SEO, which results in driving potential customer traffic to your site. This aspect of SEO simply should not be ignored.

SEO Services Available in Nashville

On-Page SEO

This aspect of SEO focuses on optimizing websites to get search engine results based on great site content such as the use of keywords phrases. Not only that, on-page SEO efforts work to enhance all aspects of websites (attractiveness, easy navigation, etc.) so that users have a satisfying experience when they arrive at your website.

Off-Page SEO

This is the business of getting those coveted backlinks to your website. Web hosting and marketing wonks constantly emphasize the power of this SEO tool. You want to build a reputation as a website demonstrating you know your business inside out while offering high-quality products and service to your customers. Really, it’s all a matter of online networking. So, one of your SEO goals should be reaching out to website owners and bloggers in your business niche with press releases or blog posts relevant to your business. Then try to arrange agreements in which they will link to your website.

How do you achieve great SEO?

Some people try to manage SEO themselves. However, when business owners are just starting out with a web business, they may not know everything there is to know about marketing, and that is basically the point of SEO. You want people to find your website easily, and when they find it, to buy from it.
BlackStorm Design + Marketing provides your business with the know-how you need to get reliable SEO services in Nashville, TN. You found this website, didn’t you? So, if you found us in the web jungle, we can draw many people to your website as well. Contact us by email today or call us at (866) 252-2519 to send your website on the most profitable path possible.

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