A List of Power Words To Make Powerful Headlines

The Secret Ingredient to Powerful Headlines: Power Words

You made it! Your website now appears on Google search results. Terrific! Now, how can you optimize your title so that people click and read your content?
Competition is stiff!
Your website is one of many that appear on a search result. You and other websites are competing for the searchers’ attention. There are many ways of getting a click—some not so great. Thanks to research and analytics, researchers set out to improve their brand visibility and they wanted to understand if there is a word formula that attracted clicks. The answer they came up with was—yes, there are words that can be used to increase a website’s CTR (Click Through Rate).
Power words are exactly that, words that have been shown to increase more traffic to blog posts and articles. As a writer, you want to make the best first impression to your readers—and that’s with titles. Crafting a magnetic title is something of a science—requiring a delicate balance between engaging and revealing just enough to pull the reader in to read more. Using power words into titles optimizes a good title, to an effective one.
The secret is to seamlessly integrate power words is to match it well with the content behind it, depending on your website niche. For instance, you’re an expert freelance writer, sell that through your title with words such as “expert,” “guaranteed,” “exclusive,” and any other that creates interest. If you’re giving out free advice, highlight that! People love free stuff, and it’s no surprise who doesn’t?
These words give your searcher a snapshot of your content, create a sense of intrigue, and draws them in to find out more. It’s about the first impression and sustaining quality content to generate more leads in the future.
To help you become a master title creator, we’ve put together a list of 170+ words you can integrate to your titles to increase your CTR and convert those scrolling searchers to clicks, visits, and email subscribers. Enjoy the list below:

170+ Power Words:

  1. Absolutely
  2. Adorable
  3. Advice
  4. Alert
  5. Amazing
  6. Announcing
  7. Approved
  8. Astonishing
  9. Attractive
  10. Authentic
  11. Bargain
  12. Beautiful
  13. Better
  14. Big
  15. Bonanza
  16. Bottom Line
  17. Breakthrough
  18. Challenge
  19. Colorful
  20. Colossal
  21. Compare
  22. Competitive
  23. Complete
  24. Compromise
  25. Confidential
  26. Crammed
  27. Daring
  28. Delighted
  29. Delivered
  30. Destiny
  31. Direct
  32. Discount
  33. Download
  34. Easily
  35. Easy
  36. Edge
  37. Emerging
  38. Endorsed
  39. Energetic
  40. Enormous
  41. Excellent
  42. Exciting
  43. Exclusive
  44. Expert
  45. Exploit
  46. Famous
  47. Fascinating
  48. Focus
  49. Fortune
  50. Free
  51. Full
  52. Fundamentals
  53. Genuine
  54. Gift
  55. Gigantic
  56. Greatest
  57. Growth
  58. Guaranteed
  59. Helpful
  60. High-Tech
  61. Highest
  62. How To
  63. Huge
  64. Hurry
  65. Imagination
  66. Immediately
  67. Important
  68. Improved
  69. Informative
  70. Innovative
  71. Insider
  72. Instructive
  73. Interesting
  74. Introducing
  75. It’s Here
  76. Just Arrived
  77. Largest
  78. Last Chance
  79. Last Minute
  80. Latest
  81. Launching
  82. Lavishly
  83. Liberal
  84. Lifetime
  85. Limited
  86. Love
  87. Lowest
  88. Luxury
  89. Magic
  90. Mainstream
  91. Mammoth
  92. Miracle
  93. Monumental
  94. New
  95. Noted
  96. Now
  97. Obsession
  98. Odd
  99. Opportunities
  100. Outstanding
  101. Perspective
  102. Pioneering
  103. Popular
  104. Portfolio
  105. Powerful
  106. Practical
  107. Professional
  108. Profitable
  109. Promising
  110. Proven
  111. Quality
  112. Quick
  113. Quickly
  114. Rare
  115. Reduced
  116. Refundable
  117. Reliable
  118. Remarkable
  119. Revealing
  120. Revisited
  121. Revolutionary
  122. Reward
  123. Sale
  124. Sampler
  125. Scarce
  126. Secrets
  127. Security
  128. Selected
  129. Sensational
  130. Shrewd
  131. Simple
  132. Simplified
  133. Simplistic
  134. Sizable
  135. Skill
  136. Soar
  137. Special
  138. Special Offer
  139. Spotlight
  140. Startling
  141. Strange
  142. Strong
  143. Sturdy
  144. Successful
  145. Suddenly
  146. Superior
  147. Sure Fire
  148. Surging
  149. Surprise
  150. Survival
  151. Technology
  152. Terrific
  153. Tested
  154. The Truth About
  155. Timely
  156. Tremendous
  157. Ultimate
  158. Unconditional
  159. Underpriced
  160. Unique
  161. Unlimited
  162. Unlock
  163. Unparalleled
  164. Unsurpassed
  165. Unusual
  166. Urgent
  167. Useful
  168. Valuable
  169. Value
  170. Wanted
  171. Wealth
  172. Weird
  173. Willpower
  174. Wonderful
  175. Zinger

What plugins I use to run a multi-location wordpress site for lead generation. 

Multi-Location WordPress Websites

When I first started getting into marketing to several locations I started by using the multisite function WordPress has. I loved it at first because I was able to create/duplicate sites that I built for smaller cities effortlessly. But I began to notice a couple flaws. Some of the plugins I was used to using didn’t work well with the multi site. Another thing was I found it was much harder to rank for each new city/site. After doing some more research I switched back to a WordPress single site.
By doing so I didn’t have the plugin conflicts like I had before, but I have a new problem. With just a single WordPress website, most plugins/themes are built for one site-one location. And the problem was that you could not customize things for the multiple locations you are trying to market to.
So below are the plugins I use to have  a single wordpress site function for multiple locations.

Mobile call button

For single location sites I like to use a free plugin called Call Now Button. This plugin allows a call button to automatically pop up when a reader is viewing your site on their mobile phone. The problem with this plugin is that it only has only one phone number settings. Because I’m in lead gen I have different tracking numbers for each specific location so I needed the ability to create multiple numbers and buttons. I couldn’t find a plugin that offered this so I hired a developer to custom design one for me. It’s called Mobile Call Button you can get it here.

Changing Menus

For a single location you most likely have never needed to change the menu on a specific page. But for a multi location you want to change the menu to be specific to the location the reader is on. For example if you have a location for San Fransisco you want the menu on all of those pages to be specific for San Fransisco.
The way I am able to achieve this is with a plugin called Zen Menu Logic.

CTA Management

Every website should have a purpose that it is trying to achieve with its readers. Since I mostly deal with local service company niches most of my sites have two calls to actions; usually two buttons side by side one being a ‘call xxx-xxx-xxxx’ button and the other being a ‘get a quote’ or ‘get an inspection’ or ‘schedule appointment’ type button.
For a single location to accomplish this is easy. I use a free plugin called Advertisement Management and it has empty blocks that I’m able to insert code and it will automatically put it in that section go Tempe website. For example I would paste the code to the ctas I mentioned earlier in the below page/post content section. So my CTA would show up under the text of each page or post. It works great, unless you want different CTA to show up on different pages. You don’t want just one phone number to show up for every location. So I had my developer design a custom plugin that allows you to create multiple CTA and choose what pages it shows on. This plugin is called CTA Management and you can get it here.

Bad Review Filter

I did some client work for service company’s that already had an account with Review Buzz to manage their reviews. It’s a pretty good system but they do charge some thing like $150 a month. I saw some of the things that they did and the biggest feature that they offered was something like a review filter. What they did was have a customer rate the service company on a scale from 1-10. And if it was like 6 or below they would automatically redirect the customer to a survey and if it was 7 or above it would redirect the customer to a list of the service company’s major review sites.
I wanted to implement this same feature on all my lead gen sites so I can try and keep a handle on the reviews on auto pilot.
Instead of a 1-10 numbering system I wanted a 5 star system. So I searched for plugins and code to do this simple task for me. I tried to add some code myself because I saw one on GitHub. I couldn’t make it work so I had my developer design one that your able to choose the colors and direct even a half star to a URL. And guess what you can create several for.. you guessed it multiple locations!
If you want more info on how to create a review funnel read this.
If you want the WP 5 Stars plugin you can get it here.


So there you have all the extra plugins that I use for a multi-location website. If you want a list of my regular go to plugins- contact me and I’ll send you a list. The custom plugins I had developed I am currently charging a nominal fee just so I can cover the cost of having them developed. Once the cost is covered I may lift the cost all together just to help my fellow marketers out.
If you have any other plugin suggestions for a multi-location website or just for wordpress in general please let me know.

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