6 Quick On-Page SEO Tips To Boost Your Website Rankings

6 Quick On-Page SEO Tips To Boost Your Website Rankings

Tips To Boost Your On-Page SEO Factors

Are you struggling to improve the SEO ranking of your website? If yes, then you may need to consider other factors other than the keywords alone.
Search engine algorithms don’t only evaluate the relevance of the keywords you use, but they also rate other details from your page. For instance, they evaluate how long visitors stay on your page, the bounce rate of your site, broken links, the pages viewed and so on.
Using keywords to attract visitors and increase traffic on your page is, therefore, just half of the story. In this write-up, we will look at the various practices that you can apply to boost your on-page SEO. Check them out:

1. Use outbound links

Make your content more relevant and useful to your users by linking out to different authority sites. Outbound links give your visitors in-depth information on what they need to see.
Links increase the relevancy of your content and send trust signals to Google. With time, the signs improve the ranking of your site. However, avoid using too many outbound links as many users may find them distracting.

2. Use visual content

Include attractive and relevant visuals to break the reading monotony for your readers. The visuals could include videos or pictures which pass the same message as the words. Since most visitors are always in a hurry, the infographics can help them to stay glued for an extended period as the content would look more interesting.
You should, however, make sure that the infographics are clear and large enough such that the users don’t strain to see or watch them.

3. Increase the speed of your website

As mentioned earlier, most visitors have limited time when using search engines. Even if they had all the time on their hands, a slow loading website would be the last option they would need. For this reason, ensure that your site loads as fast as possible.
If possible, it should take 5 seconds or less. You can achieve this by switching to the fast web hosts, using the content delivery network or even by compressing your images.

4. Improve readability

Your audience should not struggle to read or understand the content on your site even when they are well educated. Content which is difficult to digest is always a turn off to the readers, especially now that there are many options to switch to. They will just click away and visit the pages written in simple language, which is simple to understand.
Besides the visitors, some experts believe that Google evaluates the readability of your content when ranking your page. To improve this, use the readability score, the readability statistics in Ms. Word or the readability test tool.

5. Use short URL

Some social media platforms such as Twitter have a character limit. This means that you have to remain relevant and concise when posing your tweets. Using shorter URLs helps you to put quick but accurate information.
Moreover, shorter URLs are beneficial to users who use mobile phones to read the content. It also allows users to remember it with ease. However, no matter how short it is, always ensure that it contains the relevant keyword for optimal results.

6. Informative title tags

The title of your content should contain the main keyword. Your visitors should be certain that they will get the information they need by just reading the title.
If possible, make your title short enough for it to remain relevant. Although there is no character limit for titles in most sites, Google puts an ellipsis to longer ones.
All pages should also have an H1 tag heading as it improves the flow and continuity of your words while still giving it a professional appearance. The headline should brief the readers what the content is all about.


On-page SEO is among the top processes that you can use to run a successful SEO campaign and achieve higher rankings with ease. The survival chances of the website will be minimized if you don’t optimize it in the right way. Above all, make sure that your off – page SEO combines well with the on-page SEO and technical SEO. The interception of these three processes will give you the best possible outcome.


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