Retargeting Ads For Plumbers: 3 Unique Ways You Can Use Them To Grow Your Plumbing Business

When you advertise your plumbing services online, prospects/clients who have expressed interest in your website previously are the ones who are likely to respond positively to your advertising efforts.

However, if you want to advertise your plumbing business successfully and efficiently, it’s important to reach clients who have already visited your plumbing website.

That’s where retargeting ads for plumbers come in. Retargeting provides a fantastic way to reach browsers on the brink of scheduling a service appointment, thus boosting your income.

But what is plumber retargeting, and how can you utilize it to market your business online? Keep reading to find ways to use retargeting ads to grow your plumbing business.

What Are Retargeting Ads For Plumbers?

Retargeting is a plumber marketing strategy where your advertising targets prospects/clients who have already encountered your company online in the past, typically via visiting your plumbing website.

Retargeting ads for plumbing contractors are display ads shown to browsers who had visited your plumbing website and exited without taking action. This marketing tactic uses cookies and tracking pixels to retarget the browser as they continue surfing the web elsewhere. Plumbers can also use retargeting ads on Facebook.

The concept behind plumber retargeting is to reach prospects/clients who are likely to respond positively to your advertising. When a homeowner has visited your site, it shows they have expressed an interest in your plumbing services and can’t find themselves browsing your plumbing website on accident.

Plumber retargeting ads are essential when a browser is close to converting. Sometimes, they require one more push, typically in the form of an ad for your plumbing services, to return them and follow through.

Ways You Can Use Retargeting Ads For Plumbers To Grow Your Business

While the main idea behind plumber retargeting is pretty straightforward, its implementation can vary. You have several options for how to retarget your target market, and it could be beneficial to try more than one of these strategies.

Here are three plumbing retargeting strategies you can use!

1. Google Retargeting For Plumbers

One of the best platforms for remarketing (also known as retargeting) ads is Google Ads. Google Ads comes with a retargeting tool to display your plumbing service ads in front of Google users and even those who aren’t using Google.

The great benefit of using Google for plumber retargeting ads is that it helps you reach millions of partners. Even if your prospects aren’t searching on Google, they will probably visit a partner site because thousands or millions of sites partner with Google. Here’s how it works:

Outside Browsing: When a prospect has interacted with your plumbing business online in past ventures on Google or its partner sites, your ad will pop up somewhere on the site.

Searches: When a homeowner conducts a quick search on Google related to your plumbing service (s), your ad will pop up near the top of the Google search engine result pages.

The most famous remarketing strategy for plumbers is Remarketing Lists for search ads (RLSA). RLSA is a functionality available on Google Ads, and it operates via the Pay-Per-Click model in Google search results.

Essentially, you can instruct Google to monitor traffic to particular pages on your website and then direct your PPC ads to people who visit those pages. Therefore, a prospect may visit a page on your plumbing website and conduct a Google search afterward, whereby they will come across your ad in the search results.

2. Social Media Retargeting

Google isn’t the only platform where you can retarget homeowners who had previously visited your plumbing website.

Many social media networks offer the same feature. For example, Facebook helps you to target users who have interacted with your Facebook business page. That’s extremely crucial, especially knowing that an average user on the internet spends 28% of their time on social media.

Installing traffic-tracking software on your plumber’s website lets you know the prospects who visit your site and direct your ads to such people on social media. To mention just a few, Facebook has a unique tool known as a Facebook retargeting pixel.

3. Email Marketing

This is a less direct retargeting strategy for plumbers to use an email to reach their leads or prospects.

You can achieve this by developing an email list on your plumbing website. Email marketing aims to get homeowners or property owners to sign up for your emails voluntarily so that you are not a culprit of sending spam emails.

 To make this happen, ensure that you include Calls to Action around your plumbing website. These CTAs should prompt users to submit their emails in return for something such as special discounts or newsletters. Keep the submission forms as simple as possible. Once you have their email addresses, you should make an effort to follow up with them.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Retargeting Ads For Plumbers?

Plumber retargeting ads aren’t about closing more sales, which is a short-term benefit to these kinds of ads. Remarketing ads should be an integral part of your plumber marketing strategy for long-term conversion and sustained lead generation.

Besides Boosting Sales, Here Are Some Benefits You Can Enjoy By Running Plumber Retargeting Ads:

Customer Retention: Remarketing or retargeting ads is also advantageous for client retention. When a homeowner has hired you in the past, they are more likely to schedule another service appointment when reminded of your exceptional plumbing services. Plumber retargeting ads can serve as this friendly reminder.

Upselling Opportunities: This advantage goes hand in hand with the customer retention concept discussed above. Retargeting ads can help your business sell more expensive plumbing services to homeowners or property managers who have already booked jobs with you in the past. These clients are the ones who have a higher chance of spending more dollars on your premium plumbing services.

Improve Brand Awareness:  Many marketers say that retargeting helps improve their customers’ brand awareness. When homeowners see your ad in various places, they become more aware, which can make them trust your business more. Retargeting is a great technique for letting people understand who you are and the kind of plumbing services you offer.

Market Research: Most retargeting tools will help you know where the clients were when they navigated away from your plumbing website. This can give you crucial insight into what strategies are working and the ones that aren’t.

Partner With An HVAC + Plumbing Marketing Agency For Retargeting Ads

Plumbing retargeting ads is one of the many ways you can generate qualified leads in your local market. They will help with client retention, improve brand awareness, and provide a great ROI. Best of all, they aren’t as expensive as PPC ads which have benefits in their own right.

But to dominate other plumbers in your area, you need more than a massive retargeting ad campaign. That’s where we come in. We are a reputable HVAC plumber marketing agency. Over the years, we have helped many contractors like you increase client retention, win new clients and expand their business.

Want to begin using retargeting ads to reach the most valuable potential clients? Our marketing experts can help you do that! With our retargeting services, you can optimize your advertising campaigns using the formats mentioned above.

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