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Top 10 Common Mistakes That Plumbers Are Making With Google AdWords

Common Google AdWords For Plumbers Mistakes Exposed-Which One Are You Making? 

It’s no secret that Google Ads can be a great way to bring in new business for your plumbing company. However, if you’re not careful, you can waste a lot of money on ads that don’t generate leads.

These are some of the common blunders plumbing contractors make when they try to manage their Google Ads accounts independently. Poorly managed plumbing ad campaigns can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars than they are worth. That’s why it is crucial to ensure you don’t continue making costly mistakes that we will share in this post.

Mistake #1: Selecting The Wrong Keywords And Accumulating Them In An Ad Group

Your PPC campaign will be as effective as the keywords you choose. Thus, you must select keyword phrases that your target market frequently uses.

For example, you are running an ad for prospects/clients searching for plumbing equipment, but users looking for equipment aren’t interested in services, implying that such users aren’t your target.

An Ad group should contain all the related keywords. 

For instance:

Plumbing inspection, plumber near me, local plumber, drain cleaning, plumber (location), leaking gutter, and drain camera are all plumbing keywords.

Yet when put in the same Adgroup, and with an ad that doesn’t have a specific topic, chances of a prospect seeing it as relevant are slim.

If you have a blocked drain in your home, you are likely to click on an ad with an attention-grabbing headline like unblocking drain services. If you are searching for a pre-purchase plumbing inspection, you aren’t going to click on the ad.

Solution: Put all related keywords into one topic Adgroup and craft ads that are relevant to the topic.

Mistake #2: Failing To Include Negative Keywords

Adding negative keywords to your plumbing Google ads is crucial in ensuring that your campaign is relevant and streamlined, particularly if you utilize broad match terms. Most plumbers forget to add a negative keyword list yet end up paying for such terms more than once, thus wasting your marketing dollars.

Any term in a custom search that cannot lead to an inquiry should be added to the negative keyword bucket list immediately. For example, negative air conditioning keywords can include images, apprenticeships, jobs, handbooks, and suppliers. Since every click costs you money, having a substantial number of negative keywords will save you money in the long term.

Mistake #3: Using Your Marketing Dollars On Irrelevant Keywords

The #1 blunder we see plumbers making, again and again, is wasting their advertising dollars on completely irrelevant keywords. The key thing to always remember is that your bid keywords may not necessarily be the terms that prospects type in when searching for your plumbing services online.

For instance, your business may be offering plumbing services in Murfreesboro, and thus you are focusing on keywords such as “plumbing services.” But you may be showing up to search for “plumbing services in London.”

Mistake #4: Not directing Users To A Landing Page

If your ad copy sends prospects to the website’s homepage, you may not achieve satisfactory results. Another great way of boosting your ad’s quality score is by crafting a relevant landing page.

Choosing a relevant landing page will go a long way in determining whether or not customers will book jobs with your plumbing service company. Each ad should concentrate primarily on the plumbing services or products you are trying to advertise, implying that your landing page should be relevant to this major focus.

Mistake #5: Not Spying On The Competition

To run a successful Google Ads campaign for your plumbing business, you need to stay abreast with what your competitors are doing. That affects your plumbing PPC to its core, and it can break or make your advertising campaign. Once the ad group is created, pick a keyword and quickly search on Google.

Note the kind of plumbing ads you see.

Based on your observations, focus on the keywords, asking yourself why they appear as search results.

Mistake #6: Not Having A Compelling CTA On Your Sale Pages

Plumbers normally have this misconception that their site visitors will know what to do after reading their posts. But they won’t -unless guide them. They may love your post but are stranded on whether they should call you and which email or phone number to use. Don’t leave them hanging. Instead, provide a phone number or contact form at the header and footer of every page. You will be shocked by how this simple hack can skyrocket your conversion rates.

Mistake #7: Using The Wrong Bidding Strategy

The most common blunder made by plumbers managing their campaigns is selecting the kind of bidding strategy to maximize conversions. Google’s AI completely fails if you choose this bidding option if you don’t have conversion tags on your plumbing website.

Mistake #8: Setting Google Ad Campaign On Autopilot

Another common Google Ad mistake we see plumbers making is setting the ad campaign on autopilot mode and not managing it. They think it is a set-and-forget thing. Static campaigns will show some results over time until a new competitor comes in and crashes down your campaigns mercilessly. Thus, you should keep an eye on your campaign and make necessary adjustments, either weekly or daily.

Mistake #9: Trying To Run The Google Ad Campaign Themselves

While to an inexperienced marketing professional (like you), Google’s online help, recommendations, and phone calls may sound like a brilliant idea, it is crucial to note that Google will always act in their best interests, not yours.

They aim to ensure that you spend every dollar on your advertising budget and when you comply, they request you increase your ad spend. Relying on their recommendation is not acting in your best interest.

That’s why it is highly recommended that you partner with experienced Google Ads professionals to help you make the most out of your campaigns.

If you need help with Google Ads management for your plumbing business, schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches to get started today.


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How To Maximize Your Lead Flow With Plumbing PPC Campaigns?

Get Your Phone Ringing, Business Booming, And Trucks Running With Plumbing PPC Ads

Do you want to book more service appointments and get more leads for your plumbing company? You may be missing out if you have not invested in Pay-Per-Click advertising. Plumbing companies and savvy plumbers understand that the key to booking more jobs and obtaining more leads is maximizing their presence on the first page of the search engine results like Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

If you research on Google and find plumbing company ads that aren’t yours, it implies that you are considering sending potential clients to other competing plumbers. Whether you want to start a new plumbing PPC advertising campaign or revamp an existing one, our specialists are always ready to help. This post will provide everything you need to maximize your plumbing PPC performance and generate more leads for your business. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What Is A Plumbing PPC Campaign, And How Does It Work?

Plumbing PPC is an internet marketing strategy that focuses on improving the visibility of your services across social media platforms, search engines, and other online directories. Plumber PPC campaigns help you bid on search terms (keywords) that prospect online users to find your services. Your ad will appear in the search results list when potential clients search these specific keywords.

Unlike conventional online ads, plumbers only pay when their advert gets clicked on. These ads are directly linked to the landing page that details your plumbing services.

There Are Different Types Of PPC Ads For Plumbing Companies. But We are going to focus primarily on the major two:

  • Search Ads: Yahoo, Bing, and Google are among the most famous search engines where plumbers place PPC ads. Such ads are at the top of the search results, just above organic listings.
  • Display Ads: These pay-per-click ads appear as images, text, or banners on Google partner sites.

To better illustrate how plumber PPC ads work, let’s look at this example:

A plumber in Murfreesboro, TN, may bid on the keyword “emergency plumbing services in Murfreesboro.” When a potential client searches for this term, Google will start an auction to determine which plumbing ads will appear and how they will be ranked.

The auction process will consider the bid amount placed by the plumber and the quality score of every ad. Any plumbing PPC agency will tell you that various factors, including determining the quality of the ad

  • Relevance to the search
  • The expected click-through rate
  • Landing page experience

Let’s assume that you chose to run a PPC ad on Google:

You can choose which search terms to base your results, like emergency plumbing services in Georgia

In this scenario, Google may act as a virtual auctioneer. Therefore, if your ad has the highest bid amount and possesses other qualities we discussed earlier, it will rank high in the search results.

Ready to skyrocket your plumbing sales through PPC ads? Schedule a free PPC audit with one of our Growth Coaches today.

What Are The Advantages Of Plumbing PPC Ads?

Why should PPC be a part of your plumbing internet marketing strategy? As an expert plumbing PPC agency, we can attest that there are countless benefits that plumbers who use PPC ads enjoy more than those who don’t. Here are some of the top benefits that PPC offers to plumbers:


PPC helps plumbers to determine how much they want to spend on their plumbing services ads. This implies that you don’t have to worry about paying more than anticipated. Besides, you only pay when a prospect clicks on your ad, implying that you don’t have to pay for your ad to appear in the search results. Best of all, you can efficiently target your ads to homeowners searching for your plumbing services online.

This is a crucial distinction from conventional ads, which request upfront payment for ads to appear in the search engine results, with no assurance that prospects/ browsers will click on them. With plumber PPC, you spend money on leads interested in your plumbing services and have a higher chance of becoming paying clients.

Faster Results

While social media marketing and plumbing SEO are awesome ways of getting your plumbing business out there, it takes s time and effort to see real results. However, Plumber PPC gets your ad in front of prospects as soon as you begin your campaign, implying you obtain instant results to know how well your plumbing ad campaigns perform.

Long-term tactics are essential for building brand authority and awareness online. PPC is a good strategy for getting plumbing leads quickly. It can also offer insight into the effectiveness of your campaign, thus helping you to improve other strategies like plumbing SEO.

Precise Targeting

PPC ads can be beneficial if you want to get the most out of your investment. This is because the right people see such ads. At the time, they require your plumbing services.

You can select any of the following options to target your potential clients using plumber PPC services;

  • Target based on Demographics: This option will help you to target specific people based on their gender, age, location, and other demographic characteristics. For instance, a PPC strategy for plumbing contractors may target homeowners in a specific neighborhood.
  • Remarketing: This helps you identify prospects who previously clicked on your plumbing website or ad but never took action.
  • In-Marketing: In-marketing targets users who previously searched for plumbing services and products.

Accurate Results Tracking

Another advantage of plumbing PPC is that it offers a detailed overview of your ad performance. Accessing such data allows you to make adjustments or tweak your campaigns. You can also run A/B tests to determine which version is performing better and how you can optimize it further.

Qualified Plumbing Leads

Prospects who click on your plumber’s PPC ad campaigns are generally near to making a purchasing decision. Homeowners who come to your site through such ads are 50% more likely to schedule a service appointment than those who found your plumbing business through an organic search.

Why Do Plumbing PPC Campaigns Fail?

Many plumbers complain that they fail when they try a PPC campaign, which is normally due to their failure to understand the Google AdWords auction process. A good PPC strategy for plumbers isn’t about selecting plumbing keywords and bidding higher than your competition. And there is an entire process of determining quality scores.

Google wants to display relevant results to its users. So, if you don’t craft your campaign in a way that corresponds to what homeowner types in and relevancy and quality scores are low, then you will not obtain many benefits on the cost per click.

Top 10 Tips To Supercharge Your Plumbing PPC Performance

To help you make the most out of your plumber PPC by ensuring that prospects who click on your ad convert, here are a few things you can implement today to supercharge your next plumbing ad campaign:

  1. Define Your Goal Properly

Unless you have a measurable and clear goal, you can’t optimize your plumber PPC campaign properly. Know that your goal is the basis of the optimization process. If you don’t have a clear roadmap, you won’t achieve anything worthwhile.

First, you want to determine what you want to attain from your paid search ad campaigns. Depending on your plumbing business needs, your objective/goal could be:

  • Driving traffic to your plumbing website
  • Getting subscribers or downloads
  • Increasing plumbing leads or sales

Always set realistic and clear objectives, inspiring your team to work harder to realize your company goals.

    2. Research Your Plumbing Keywords

In any PPC campaign, you should carefully research phrases and keywords relevant to the plumbing industry to help you target the right prospects when you launch your campaign. Choosing the right long-tail keywords is one of the simple tasks you can do to maximize your PPC performance.

      3. Optimize Your Keyword Score

One of the major reasons most plumber PPC ad campaigns fail to attain desired results is that they have too many keywords. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, an average PPC campaign generates results only from 12% of all keywords. So, avoid overloading your ads with keywords. Besides, you should focus on boosting your keyword quality score. Some factors that can determine your keyword score include; click-through rate, landing page experience, and the relevance of your ad to the ad copy.

      4. Pay Attention to Negative Keywords

If you are paying to display ads on specific keywords, it should not be diluted by being shown on similar search terms that aren’t relevant to your plumbing business. Use the negative keyword option, which helps you to tell Google which keywords you don’t want your site to be ranked on.

Negative keywords can save your plumbing marketing budget by preventing your ads from being triggered by unnecessary searches. Such keywords assist you in avoiding irrelevant traffic hitting your plumbing website.

      5. Write a Bold Ad Copy

Ad copy plays an important role in determining the success of your plumbing PPC campaign. So, invest your time and efforts in creating an engaging ad copy.

Here Are Some Tips For Writing Great PPC Ads For Your Plumbing Company:

  • Since you are given the number of characters to include in your ad, you must write a persuasive ad copy while remaining within the desired character limit.
  • Make your ads as relevant as possible.
  • Develop attention-grabbing headlines
  • Remember to include a compelling call-to-action
  • Use power words such as exclusive, hurry, today only, instant, and more.
  1. Utilize Sitelink Extensions

Create site link extensions to include more links to your ad in the plumbing PPC campaign. Such extensions can take prospects to a particular page on your plumbing website and help visitors directly reach your plumbing services.

    2. Use Remarketing Ads

If a prospect comes to your plumbing website and clicks an ad but does not book a service appointment, you can reach out to them via retargeting or remarketing ads. Here is the need for remarketing your plumbing services to attract prospects again. You can do it by displaying ads on a site frequently visited by the prospect. You can close a sale by reminding them of the quality of your services.

   3. Create A Relevant Landing Page

A well-designed landing page is an essential tool for effective plumbing PPC campaigns. But most plumbers tend to ignore it. One of the most crucial areas to focus on when running a PPC ad campaign is to develop a relevant landing page. 

If a prospect or lead clicks on your ad but feels unimpressed or disconnected by your landing page, they will navigate away to your competitors. By developing a relevant landing page that showcases your plumbing business as an expert and grabs the attention of your target market, you will be helping to improve your conversion rates.

   4. Optimize Your Plumbing PPC for Mobile Users

 With over 40% of the global population using smartphones, you can’t ignore mobile users when creating a plumber PPC ad campaign. So, ensure that your pages or websites are optimized for mobile devices to make the most of your Google Ads campaign. Pay attention to short-tail keywords since mobile users don’t always type long queries.

   5. Adjust Your Bids for Geo-Targeting

You can increase conversions and lead flow in your plumbing business by narrowing down on specific locations. Focus on your statistics and use the geographical data that you learn. For instance, if you realize that most of your engagement comes from a particular region, you can maximize your ad spending in such areas to boost conversion rates.

   6. Track the Results of Your Campaign

To ensure your campaign succeeds, monitor the results you obtain regularly. Some plumbers don’t spend enough time tracing their campaigns, which is another reason their ad campaigns fail.

Don’t ignore the essence of constant monitoring, as it will give you valuable insights into how your campaign performs against set objectives. Google Analytics can be a valuable tool if you are running Google Ads.

Why Hire A Professional Plumbing PPC Agency To Manage Your Campaigns?

When launching a PPC strategy for your plumbing business, you must decide when to manage it on your own or partner with a reputable plumbing marketing agency.

Below are reasons why you should opt to partner with experts who offer PPC management services for plumbers:

  • A PPC Management Agency Will Give You Better Results

Partnering with a plumbing PPC agency like Blackstorm + Design will assist you in getting great results without breaking your bank account. When looking for an agency, choose one with tons of experience, testimonials, and evidence of giving awesome results.

  • Save Time

Working with a reputable plumber marketing agency will save you a lot of time on campaign setup, creating assets, and managing your ads. This will save you time, particularly if you have never run an ad campaign.

  • Detailed, Transparent Reporting

A plumbing PPC agency has the technologies and tools to monitor your results accurately and furnish you with progress reports.

Improve Your Online Presence with PPC Management For Plumbers Today

With so many strategies listed above, choosing one that will work for your plumbing business can be overwhelming. If you want to understand better how our PPC management services can help you get more qualified leads and skyrocket your business growth, schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches to get started today.


Plumbing SEO

14 Actionable Tips Your Plumbing Website Needs To Generate More Qualified Leads

Proven Hacks To Increase Your Plumbing Leads And Sales And Dominate Your Competition

Are you looking for ways to generate more leads from your plumbing website? If so, you’re not alone. Many plumbers are looking for creative ways to drive website traffic and convert those visitors into customers.

Let’s face it: attracting meaningful traffic from your plumbing website can be hard work, and converting that traffic into sales can prove even to be a little more complicated.

And what’s the essence of having it if you aren’t making any sales or getting prospects to sign up for your mailing list on your plumbing website?

Why invest your energy and time chasing visitors who won’t convert? This is like having many people window-shopping at a physical store – with none or even a few closing a sale.

No business owner would want that. It is a bad business!

Are you having challenges converting your plumbing website traffic into leads and later to sales?

Well, you can reverse engineer the process and begin winning by doing a few things today.

This blog post will share some actionable tips your plumbing site needs to generate more qualified leads. Keep reading to learn more!

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Or Property Managers Are Coming To Your Plumbing Website But Not Converting

Suppose you have a car that instantly breaks down while driving. What would be your first thing to do?

Stop and find out where the problem is coming from.

That’s how things work out, even when running your plumbing company.

Therefore, until you first know the possible reasons why prospects/clients are coming to your plumbing website but not scheduling service appointments, finding the right solution will be hard.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Reason #1: Your Plumbing Website is Attracting The Wrong People

How would things turn out to be if you went about marketing baby care products to men?

You will make sales but not sufficient to buy you a burger!

So, if your plumbing website has low conversion rates, there is a likelihood that you are probably attracting the wrong kind of people.

How do you solve that problem?

Stick around: we are going to give a remedy shortly.

Reason #2: Browsers Don’t Find What They Are Looking For Instantly

Do you know that the average attention span of a web visitor nowadays is approximately 15 seconds?

This implies that you only have 15 seconds to persuade a visitor to stay on your plumbing website or move to your competitors.

You are the only one who can answer this question. Use the right plumbing website design practices, and you won’t have to worry about losing prospects/clients to your competition.

One of the things you can do is to direct visitors to the right page that suits their needs and is not on your homepage.

More details on that to follow shortly.

Reason #3: Too Many Pop-Ups Are Showing Up On Your Plumbing Website

Pops can annoy your visitors. But if done right, they won’t distract them.

That said, one blunder that most plumbers see is showing too many pop-ups at a time on their plumbing website.

Or it is maybe showing them on every page of their site. That, too, is a huge blunder.

If you are attracting huge traffic on your plumbing website but no meaningful conversion and service appointments, you may get it all wrong with your pop-ups.

It’s time you do something about them now, or you direct all your prospects to the competition.

Reason #4: Your Plumbing Website Is Hard To Navigate

Poor website user experience (UX) can adversely affect your conversion rates. It comes in multiple forms, including:

  • Bad or outdated plumbing website design
  • Illegible text
  • Slow loading
  • Images and text slammed all over the page in a wrongful way

As a plumber, you don’t want any of the above elements to appear on your plumbing website. But, if they do, it is high time you give your plumbing website a facelift.

Reason # 5: Your Plumbing Sales Funnel Is Leaking

The hard truth is that not every visitor who visits your plumbing website will convert. Only 2% of people who visit your plumbing website will eventually become subscribers or buyers.

So, how do you turn casual visitors into paying clients?

Simply by creating a good conversion or sales funnel.

But if your conversion funnel isn’t optimized properly or has some leaking holes, you won’t realize your desired results.

14 Hacks To Help Your Plumbing Website Generate More Qualified Leads And Sales 24/7

Now that you already know what is preventing your plumbing website from attracting the volume of leads and sales, it should. It’s time to take action!

Start Attracting The Right Traffic

As we discussed earlier, one of the major reasons why your site has low conversion rates is that you are simply focusing on the wrong audience. Attracting the right traffic will help remedy the problem.

You can use various techniques to know why you aren’t attracting the right traffic.

The first one involves auditing your plumbing SEO strategy. This will be very important, especially if most of your visitors come from organic searches.

While auditing your plumbing website, you can check to see the wrong types of plumbing keywords.

But what are the wrong keywords? Simply put, these are keywords that don’t relate to your plumbing website or keywords that are too generic, or ones that don’t have any purchasing intent.

So, check your plumbing website for these keywords and fix them ASAP.

Keep Your Plumbing Website Design Simple

Generally, most people find it hard to keep things simple in life (and plumbers are not an exception). That’s why you will come across multiple colorful plumbing websites that are hard to use.

Keeping your plumbing website’s design simple will help enhance the user experience.

And the higher your user experience, the more conversions you will obtain. That’s a brainer.

Of course, your plumbing website doesn’t have to be boring to stick to the rule of keeping things simple. The key here is to blend elegance with simplicity.

Manage Your Online Reputation To Get More Plumbing Leads

When homeowners require a plumber, they may check their phone book or ask neighbors for recommendations. They head to Google to search for nearby and trusted plumbing contractors with lots of positive reviews.

Positive customer feedback on platforms like Facebook, Google, and other business review websites can help your plumbing business get more leads and sales. According to a Consumer Review Survey, over 90% of clients said positive reviews would likely motivate them to hire a plumber.

Homeowners who leave awesome reviews help to build trust in your plumbing business – offering a great avenue for obtaining free leads for your plumbing business. On average, potential clients read about ten reviews before trusting a business, and 89% of them trust online reviews as with personal recommendations.

If you need help managing how prospects perceive your plumbing business online, schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches for assistance today!

Use Competitive Differentiators

How many tabs do you open when searching on the web? Probably 5 or 6, if you are like most average users.

Visitors coming to your plumbing website will have four or more plumber websites before coming to yours.

That implies they must have looked at your competitors and are probably searching for a better offer. As such, your unique selling proposition needs to stand out.

Visitors should see what makes you different from other plumbing contractors as quickly as possible.

If it’s better priced, let them know without having to scroll far down on your webpage. Doing so won’t lose any prospects or visitors to the competition.

Tell homeowners why you think you are the best plumber in town to stand out from other plumbers and differentiate your company from the competition! It’s that simple.

Use a Professional Plumbing Company Logo

A Professional logo serves multiple roles in your plumbing business. First, it makes your business look legit. Homeowners compare an ugly, outdated website with no logo to a well-designed site with a clear logo and associate such designs and logos with a more quality plumbing company, regardless of whether it is true or not. Consider investing in a professional plumbing brand design and brand-new logo to launch the web design process of your plumbing company.

Need a professionally designed plumbing business logo? Schedule a free strategy session with one of our experienced logo designers for assistance.

Stop Sending Visitors To Your Homepage And Instead Create Landing Pages

According to plumbing lead generation specialists, quality landing pages can help to increase your pleads significantly. The more landing pages you create, the higher your ROI and conversion rates. Landing pages are designed to convert web browsers into plumbing leads instantly. If you don’t have these pages designed already, you miss out on a chance to boost your plumbing sales or leads.

You can also include landing pages on your plumbing company website and build them according to the plumbing service or offer that you want prospects to focus on. So, you can direct them towards relevant content instead of sending them to your homepage and leaving them to identify their path.

Train Your Plumbing Technicians On Customer Service

Do your plumbing technicians grumble about asking clients for reviews? It is a common problem among most home service contractors, not just plumbers.

Stop the problem by explaining to your staff how good and bad reviews directly affect your company’s profits and paychecks.

Give incentives to your technicians by encouraging them to give star reviews after completing projects with clients. You can also offer such incentives to customers to leave an awesome review in exchange for cash in return, a gift, or a free estimate.

Have An Easy But Compelling Call To Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is verbiage, graphics, or any other type of content that guides visitors on what action to take after visiting your plumbing website.

On your plumbing website, the call to action may fall into two major categories;

  • Complete and submit an online form
  • Make a phone call

Along with putting your CTA buttons on your site’s header, consider linking it to high-quality content to improve customer experience, persuade visitors to engage with your plumbing business, and give out your contact information. Furthermore, high-value CTAs attract visitors to your plumbing services on the web.

Make It Easy For Prospects To Request Your Plumbing Services Online

As a plumber, you want to make it possible for prospects/clients to contact your business after reading your call to action. The main website navigation bar can include your company’s phone numbers or emails. This technique is effective since your contact details are the first things visitors will see when they land on your plumbing website.

Have A Mobile-Friendly And Responsive Plumbing Website Design

According to Adobe, 80% of customers will stop engaging with your website content that doesn’t display well on their mobile and desktop devices.

Why is this crucial? If your plumbing website doesn’t display well on both tablets and smartphones, 8 out of 10 homeowners will also leave your website and go to a competitor’s website. To resolve this problem, ensure you build your website on a responsive framework.

A responsive plumbing website design will typically resize based on the device it is being viewed from, thus giving users a beautiful display across laptop computers and desktops. Google also favors responsive plumbing websites with higher organic search rankings.

Display Accreditations And Awards On Your Plumbing Website

Every homeowner wants to hire a plumber that is well-respected in the plumbing industry and the local community. Industry recognitions, accreditations, and awards are excellent ways of generating qualified leads online from your plumbing company website.

Here Are Some Of The Accreditations And Their Logos That You Can Use On Your Plumbing Website:

  • State plumbing licenses
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Houzz
  •  HomeAdvisor
  • Other award logos and their corresponding badges.

Show Images Of Real Performing a Plumbing Task

One effective way to prove that your plumbing company is legit is by having photos of your team, truck, and logos on the plumbing company website. Such photos will go a long way in helping your plumbing business generate more leads. Also, think of creating introductory videos of your staff and including them on your homepage.

Master Local SEO To Generate More Plumbing Leads

Search Engine Optimization is the process that ensures your plumbing website is on top of the search engine results page for relevant business keywords. Homeowners with a plumbing emergency must be able to find you fast and want to partner with a plumber who lives near them.

To keep a consistent stream of plumbing leads, include top-ranking keywords on all website pages, business directories, and newsletters, amongst other online properties. To achieve traction in your local clients, ensure you incorporate your neighborhood or city within your keyword. For example, “clogged toilet in Murfreesboro, TN.”

When a homeowner searches “plumber near Murfreesboro” or “leak repair” in Google, the Google algorithm will display the most topical or geographically relevant results. Because they are based on location, authority, and relevance, among other factors, this gives equal chances to small plumbing companies to feature as big plumbers in the organic search results.

Do you need help optimizing your plumbing website for local search results? Schedule a free strategy session with one of the plumber SEO specialists for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great plumber website design?

A good plumbing website performs these three roles:

  1. It helps your plumbing company be found when homeowners search for your services online.
  2. It legitimizes your plumbing company, showing prospects/clients what services you provide and why they should trust or hire your company over other plumbers.
  3. It makes contacting you and booking service appointments easy.
How do I obtain more leads for my plumbing company?

There are various proven ways of increasing plumbing leads in your business, including creating quality content, request for honest reviews after each project, designing a conversion-focused plumbing website, and doing PPC ad campaigns, amongst others.

Do You Need a New Plumbing Website? Blackstorm Design + Marketing Team Can Help.

Does your plumber website need some little love? Here at Blackstorm Design +Marketing, we can make your phone ring, and our internet marketing experts can help you generate more revenue, sales, and plumbing leads from the web.

And it doesn’t have to break your bank account or hurt your wallet. We offer affordable plumbing SEOReputation management, social media advertising, and plumbing web design services to plumbers like you.

Want to grow your plumbing business? 

Schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches to learn how we can help you design or redesign your plumbing website to generate more leads today.


Marketing Plumbing

Plumber Retargeting Ads: A Powerful Marketing Strategy, Each Local Plumbing Business, Should Use

A Guide To Creating A Successful Retargeting Ad For Plumbers In 2021 & Beyond


For plumbers, there may be no shocking statistics than this:


96% of prospects who visit your plumbing website for the first time leave without taking action, and they are gone forever unless you lure them into coming back.

Have you ever realized when browsing the web that you begin seeing the ads for websites you had visited? Have you ever thought about how they target you and how you can use that for your prospects or clients?

This marketing method is referred to as “remarketing or retargeting.” This guide will discuss how you can leverage retargeting ads in your plumbing company to generate more ROI and schedule more service appointments. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Are Plumber Retargeting Ads?

Plumbing retargeting is a form of internet marketing ads shown to prospects who visited your website and then left without completing any desired action. For most plumbing websites, only 2% of organic traffic converts on the initial visit. 

Retargeting ads help plumbers like you reach 98% of prospects who didn’t convert straight away.

How Does Plumber Retargeting Ads Process Work?

Retargeting is an online advertising technique that uses browser tracking pixels and cookies for retargeting prospects who have visited your plumbing website without taking action. 

The plumber marketing agency/department can then use this cookie information to serve prospects again. This plumber marketing technique is not new, and it’s been around for almost a decade. And since numbers don’t lie, recent statistics show that retargeting ads work!


By showing relevant ads to prospects interested in your plumbing services, you can enhance your brand awareness and increase the overall conversion rates. 


Why Should Plumbers Use Retargeting Ads? 

One of the fundamental things a plumbing contractor should consider is their advertising or marketing strategy. Marketing is essential for your plumbing company’s growth. The more prospects know about your plumbing business, your chances of getting new business are higher.

Advertising is crucial if you want your plumbing business to remain relevant. 


There are other plumbers out there who provide the same services as you do. How are you going to stand above your competitors?


Retargeting ads can help you stand out. Here are other reasons why your plumbing company should use retargeting ad services from Blackstorm Design + Marketing: 


Retargeting Ads Helps Your Plumbing Business To Stay On Top Of Your Prospect’s Mind

You are marketing your plumbing business because you want prospects to know more about it. Retargeting is an effective way to advertise your plumbing services to prospects familiar with your business. 


Suppose such prospects don’t require your services now. In that case, they may do so tomorrow. Retargeting ads for plumbers is an efficient way to stay relevant with interested clients and a friendly reminder to schedule a service appointment with your company. 

Retargeting ads improve your plumbing company’s brand awareness and invite prospects to be part of your community. 


Drives Massive Traffic To Your Plumbing Website

One of the significant advantages of plumbing company retargeting ads is that you will obtain quality traffic to your site. The internet makes it easy for anyone to practically see your plumber’s website, but how much of that traffic is interested in scheduling service appointments with your company?


If you invest in retargeting ads, your plumbing business must have a well-designed website.


Improves Customer Retention Rate

Plumber retargeting ads are also advantageous for client retention. Property owners who have hired you will likely remember you when you remind them about your plumbing services through retargeting ads. Well-crafted plumbing retargeting ads can serve as a friendly reminder.


Cross-Selling/Upselling Opportunities

Most plumbing contractors in the US sell more than one service online. To market your plumbing business online and stimulate your sales growth, you might retarget your previous clients with ads for similar plumbing services they had scheduled. This advantage goes hand in hand with the client retention benefit. Retargeting ads can help your plumbing business sell more expensive services to people who have already used your company in the past. These clients are ready to spend more money on premium services.


Gain Insights

Another advantage of the retargeting ad is that it can let you understand where most of your retargeting conversations are being recaptured after leaving your plumber’s website. 

Most retargeting ad tools will help you see clients’ where they left your plumber website. This information can offer you marketing data on what works and doesn’t. 


Increase Conversion Rates (Leads) 

Clients who see retargeting ads are 70% more likely to convert on your plumber website versus those who don’t. The research found that the more a browser sees an ad, the higher the conversion rates.

How Do Plumber Retargeting Ads Campaigns Work? 

There are two major types of retargeting: list-based and pixel-based. Each operates differently, giving different benefits based on your plumbing marketing campaign goals.


List-based Retargeting 

List-based plumber retargeting works after you already have users’ contact details in your database. You can also list your existing clients for certain kinds of plumber retargeting ads. To achieve this, upload a list of email addresses to a retargeting campaign (usually on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook). The forum will help you know the users who have such addresses and show retargeting ads specifically to them.


Pixel-Based Retargeting 

Pixel-based retargeting is a way of using cookies to redisplay your ad to any anonymous site browser. This is the most common method of plumber retargeting. When a prospect comes to your plumbing website, a cookie in your browser takes note of that.  


When they leave your website to surf other things on the web, that cookie notifies the retargeting platform to serve particular ads on different sites they have visited. The advantage of pixel-based plumber retargeting is that it is timely( since they are shown instantly after leaving your website).


What Platforms Can You Run Plumber Retargeting Ads On? 

Suppose you want to try a plumber ad retargeting campaign. In that case, you must choose a marketing agency to manage the technical stuff like tracking cookies, pixels, user segmentation, reporting, and audience building. 


You can select from one of the following platforms. Some are fully managed, while others are self-service. It’s up to you, depending on the level of involvement needed.


If you are confident in running campaigns, you can utilize platforms like Google or Facebook. But if you don’t have the skills to do it, you will likely hire a plumbing retargeting agency or learn how to do it through trial and error.


Here are some great platforms to select from:


Google Ads Retargeting For Plumbers 

Google ads are one of the most effective advertising platforms for plumbers. They offer a retargeting tool to show your plumbing ads before Google users and even people who aren’t on Google. With a fast setup and a user-friendly dashboard, you can have plumber retargeting ads running within a few days. If you are already using Google Ads, setting up a plumber retargeting campaign is easy. Read more information on how to use Google AdWords for your plumbing company.

The great thing about Google for plumber retargeting ads is that they have millions of partners worldwide. Even if your prospect isn’t searching on Google, they will visit a parent site since millions of sites partner with Google.



Facebook has millions of users, thus attracting a huge advertising potential. But besides that, Facebook has some sophisticated tools in the world.


You can create new audiences from scratch, targeting any interest, demographic data, and behavior you can think of. Facebook allows you to target users who have interacted with your plumbing business Facebook page (we assume your company already has a Facebook.

As you already know, Facebook has acquired several other social media platforms. 

So, your ads won’t be shown on Facebook feeds alone; they will be seen on Messenger, mobile messaging apps, and Instagram.  


Tips For Running a Successful Plumber Retargeting Campaign

Running a plumber retargeting campaign effectively brings a strayed audience back to your plumbing website. While retargeting has proven effective several times, we warn plumbers that a poor setup retargeting ad campaign can hurt your advertising efforts.  


Here are some surefire tips that can make your plumber retargeting campaign successful: 


 1. Retarget High-Value Prospects

Part of a successful plumber retargeting campaign is understanding who to retarget. Some potential clients will be more valuable than others, so use your demographic data to those who prospects are. If most of your sales come from property owners who are between 30 to 40 years, craft your plumbing retargeting ad campaign message for them.


2. Craft Your Retargeting Campaign Around User Behavior

If you have potential clients who visited a blog on emergency plumbing repair, use the images and language revolving around that topic in your retargeting ads. Similarly, if a group of potential clients lingered on your “About” and “Home” pages, retarget them with additional information about the plumbing business and what you do. 


By segmenting your audience into different groups based on their behaviors and interests, you can create a retargeting campaign that resonates directly with their position in the buyer’s journey.


3. Use a Compelling Call to Action 

Like any plumber marketing strategy, your retargeting ad campaign requires a clear and compelling call to action. This will help break the walls and combat objections by showing what prospects need to do after visiting your website.


4. Bid Wisely

Bid for more clients likely to convert and less to all others. This will help you create additional opportunities for engagement, resell and upsell.

5. Run A/B Tests

The secret to practical A/B tests is to change one element between every option. This may be the photo you use in your ad, CTA, or the first line of copy in your web content. 


Frequently Asked Questions On Plumber Retargeting Ads

Is retargeting campaigns for plumbers worth it? 

Yes, retargeting ads are worth it for plumbers, especially if you hire a reputable marketing agency to run a successful campaign. You are targeting those who interacted with your plumbing business and came close to scheduling a service appointment to hear about your brand for the first time. Simply put, retargeting ads gives your business a chance to interact with leads later in the conversion funnel.


What are some of the top retargeting ad strategies to use in your plumbing business? 

Retargeting particular URL visits; retarget existing clients or retarget leads based on the level of engagement on your website. 


What is a real-world example of a plumber retargeting ad?

A simple example of a retargeting ad is displaying a Facebook ad to a prospect who previously visited your plumbing website.


How do I choose the proper plumbing retargeting agency? 

You should look out for various factors when you want to hire a retargeting ad agency for your plumbing company. This may include; experience, results generated for previous clients, and if their employees are qualified and certified to run a successful retargeting campaign.


Partner with Blackstorm Design + Marketing for all Your Plumber Retargeting Ads Needs

Retargeting is just one of the ways plumbers can target their local market. 


They help with client retention, improve brand awareness, and usually provide an excellent ROI. Plus, they aren’t as expensive as Pay Per Click ads.


You need an aggressive retargeting ad campaign to dominate the local plumbing market, and that’s where we come in. At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we have a proven track record of helping contractors like you boost their customer retention, win new clients, and expand their business.


We specialize in plumber SEO services that drive relevant traffic to your website and social media pages. We also provide complete web design, online reputation management, social media advertising, PPC, and more.


If you are ready to grow your plumbing business online, kindly schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches today.


Electrical Google Advertising HVAC Plumbing Roofing

Home Service Advertising Concept Copy


Dear home service contractor,
Would you like to know a simple, guaranteed, and fast way to skyrocket your sales with Google or Facebook Ads beyond all imagination?

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And since we have spent that kind of money on Ads, it goes without saying that our experts have learned a lot.

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We are talking about battle-tested, No BS strategies from front liners which can convert your advertising into revenue or profit.

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And if you have been doing Google or Facebook Ads, this may sound familiar.


ROAS hits the floor

Your once-successful ad campaigns typically shit the bed.

And your bank account or wallet is left begging for mercy.

While you are left yelling like a hungry man,

“How is that possible?”!

Since your agency convinced you to increase ad spending?

But now you are doubting……

So you hired a new business growth coach.

You found them on Craigslist or TheGumTree, next to used exercise equipment and the iguanas.

They are entirely legit.

And they can’t seem to make sense of all this.

So they persuade you to invest in a new business logo and begin to create a ‘personal brand.’


All this makes you want to throw your laptop out of the window.

So, you cut down on your ad budget since your ROI is non-existent and your bank account is on its knees.

This all implies that


Instead of the level you want to be.

You shelve it in the “too-hard basket. ”

It is a deadly and vicious cycle that drives you down the path of creating a mediocre contracting business.

Well, we have great news for you……

We will unearth the simplest, fastest, and most effective way for you to obtain as many clients as possible using Google or Facebook Ads.

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Stories like these make our heads sweat.

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  • Lower cost per click /lower CPLs /CPAs
  • And generate a significant ROI
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Alright, ready?

Listen close.

Let us show you how we do it.

More specifically, how we apply this hack to level up your ad and make campaigns more profitable magically.

So, you can make extra dollars.

So, you can buy more protein shakes, tissue massages, and pistachios.

Okay, saddle up.

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First step………

Step One


The initial thing they do is;

Choose a bunch of keywords and bombard them into an ad group.

Roofing Contractors Murfreesboro“…. I will add that.
Roofers Murfreesboro,” yes, I include that in my ad.
Roof installation Tennessee” yep, why not? Let us drop that here too!

This may seem innocent, but listen when we say this….

This is the most specific and fastest way to become the next pauper in town!

Terrible concept….1-star. Total crap. It is not recommended.

So, what precisely should you be doing? What is this “noble idea”?

Don’t fret, you a little greedy truth seeker.

Here it is, and it’s known as SKAG

Single Keyword Ad Group

And it’s where you put one keyword in an ad group.

Then craft a super-targeted ad for that particular keyword.

It’s a bunch of work, but such puppies can drive Google insane!

And make them hotter than a hotel room.


Well, this is what Google is optimizing for

They offer their browsers (your potential clients) the best experience.

Since they…..


They convert better and are laser-targeted.

It gives you a higher quality score on your adverts.

Google then (effortlessly) hands over.

Cheaper clicks, high intent traffic, and excellent ad placement.

Which = more $$$ in your bank account.

More rainbows, fun coupons, baby giggles, and sunshine.


But there’s an issue. A huge one…..

Listen when we say this….

Many ad agencies are “okay” with their actions, and some are “good.” But a select few are… elite.
So that’s what the kind of job they do….. “Okay”

Their campaign structure is okay, keyword research is Okay, and the kind of bid is Okay.

And their ad copy is alright. You got it right.

But here is the deal.

“Okay,” I can’t cut it anymore as it used to when clicks were charged at $0.20 each.

But now, there is too much competition online.

You should be a stone-cold killer to make your ad campaigns profitable.

Which drives us to the next step

This is another area where all contractors get it wrong all the time.

They don’t understand how to craft an ad.

Most of them don’t even know the purpose of an ad.


But it’s hard to do that ….

Property owners can’t schedule a service from the ad (yet)

So why do it in the first place?

You see, your ad has just one primary objective, that of getting people to CLICK.

Your Ads should demand attention.

That should be irresistible for your potential client to click (not schedule jobs)

And with most online searches conducted on smartphones.

Your prospects are now distracted more than ever…..

They are typically one click away from their Facebook newsfeed =half-naked slay queens on Instagram and dogs wearing hobnailed shoes.

Don’t be boring, because boring doesn’t solicit attention and stand out!

Boring Kills Your ROI

So that implies no more Ad copy that reads,

“Established in 1867.”

“We’ve got the best prices and biggest range.”

“Talk with our team of professionals or experts….”


That’s a snoozer.

And listen to us close when we say this…

Step Three


Simply put, Google Ads is a winner takes all rat race game.

And this drives us to the third step.

This is not about the Ads themselves.

But the relevant landing page you send property owners who click on them
Now listen close. Selling your home improvement services is like seducing a beautiful girl.

It is not about the method you use when you close the sale, and it’s about time you request it!

And most business owners go straight for it on their landing page or ads.

This is like approaching a stranger and requesting them to marry you.

And that strategy is about as effective as a shelter in a sandstorm.

But again, they wonder why they can’t get their Google or Facebook ads to work.


You see, just like in a romantic relationship.

You must take a potential client through some steps to persuade them to purchase.

But most home service contractors are more obsessed with attempting to close a sale and the entire “closing the deal” part.

They completely ignore the steps it takes to transform a stranger from a click into a paying customer.

“We’ve got the best service and biggest range.”

“Come and book our services.”

“Get a free quote,” “Talk with our professionals,” “BOOK, BOOK, BOOK NOW”!

Instead, you’ve got to begin with something that’s not threatening.

(Don’t trust us? Check your conversion rates *wink*)

Since you require a little romance

And from what we have observed (from spending millions of dollars on ads) is that the most reliable way to achieve that is by leveraging something known as

A High-Value Content Offer

This makes your potential client raise their hand in a sea of browsers to say they are interested in your offer.

Look, this page is getting too long.

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How to bid on specific keywords that result in not just conversions but sales

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The little-known Google Ad secret that can boost your conversions by over 400%

How to dominate your market share, even if you have a limited marketing budget

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Do you require a home service advertising agency to run your Google or Facebook ads? 
Blackstorm Design +Marketing is here to assist with our revolutionary advertising strategies if you want to maximize your ROI and boost your revenue.

Google or Facebook are great platforms to promote your home service business, and at Blackstorm, we specialize in crafting ads that drive insane profits and reach more of your valuable clients.

Facebook or Google Ads marketing can be extremely tough. Still, unlike other service contractors, we focus on crafting ads that expose your brand online and bring lifelong clients.

Our hacks have helped countless contractors double and even triple their revenue due to massive leads from their advertising campaigns.

When you sign up with our home service advertising agency, our growth coaches will share some fantastic tricks and tips that we have learned to maximize each dollar you spend on ads.

What is the benefit of Facebook or Google Ads for getting clients?
Google or Facebook ads are the fastest way to obtain new clients or sales for any home service company. You can target potential clients looking for an answer to their challenges and be laser-focused, only displaying ads to these wallets’ ready-to-purchase prospects.

Display your ads in times that matter, whenever your potential customers are looking for a solution to their challenges/problems or using content across YouTube, websites, Gmail, and Google.
Unlike contractor SEO which can take months or even years to see any noticeable results. Google ads can begin delivering traction for your home service business from the first day because they show organic results for your industry’s key search terms.

Google advertising is the perfect sales-generating machine with different campaigns to suit most home service businesses, from shopping, display, video, and search campaigns.
At BlackStorm Design + Marketing, we use direct response copywriting techniques and conversion-oriented landing pages to make these traffic channels work for your home service company daily to assist you in aggressively growing and scaling profitably.

How Can you Choose the Right Facebook or Google Ads Agency? 
Look for a home service advertising agency that guarantees results! It’s that easy….
Here at Blackstorm Design +Marketing, we guarantee we can outrank any other PPC agency, traffic expert, or marketer under the sun! We will boost your results by at least 30% over what existing paid traffic and web project are currently getting, or you don’t pay us a single cent!

Ask any home service Ads agency to match our guarantee; sit and watch them retreat.

Is Blackstorm Design +Marketing a qualified Google partner? 
Yes, BlackStorm Design +Marketing is a premier Google partner. We will help you obtain the highest level of support, and we have access to exclusive reporting and betas to help our customers succeed.

Is it advisable to outsource in-house or an agency for Google or Facebook advertising?  
This is how we perceive it:
When you hire in-house, you get one professional with one skill set to perform one of the most complex tasks; Google or Facebook advertising. Sure, you can micromanage everything you need, but you must begin from scratch when those professionals leave your business.

When you partner with an agency like BlackStorm Design +Marketing, you bring an entire team of professionals with several skills across the home service marketing niche, coupled with many years of experience running Google or Facebook ads. At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we are process-driven, implying that our systems can be used in any home service niche.

Google Advertising Plumbing

Google My Business Optimization Guide For Plumbers

If you operate a local home services company, like plumbing or HVAC, you already know how competition can be tough or challenging. Single-man operations, established plumbers, new start-ups, and national franchises are all eyeing to get in front of a property owner when they require assistance.

While investing in a paid advertisement, using local service ads, and building a conversion-focused plumber website are crucial elements of an internet marketing strategy, many plumbers overlook the importance of Google My Business listing. The sad reality is that plumbers that do not have a Google My Business profile risk losing tons of leads to your competition.

Plumbing contractors that offer their services in a specific location usually use Google My Business as one of the effective ways to establish a vibrant online presence and generate new business. Google My Business is about making your plumbing company visible to prospects looking for your services online. If you don’t know what Google My Business is, read on to know the essentials of Google My Business for plumbing contractors in 2021 and beyond. 


What Is Google My Business For Plumbers? 

Google My Business is a powerful, free tool for home service contractors like a plumber that promotes your company listing on Google Maps and search results. By claiming your GMB listing, you can showcase client reviews, post updates, and rank in the coveted local map3 for relevant plumbing keywords.


Why Is Google My Business So Important For Plumbers? 

A common question from the conventional plumber is, why should you take your plumbing business online? Not all plumbers know what Google My Business is and how crucial it is in the modern digital environment.


If you are one of these traditional plumbers, you miss out on many potential customers online. So, let’s dive into how Google My Business strategy can benefit your plumbing business. Here are the top benefits of having Google My Business for plumbers: 


1. Get Your Plumbing Business on Google’s Local 3-Pack.

If you have used Google local search results lately, you might have realized that only local listings to show the above organic search results in first-page reviews are in a simple 3-pack format. Most plumbers don’t know that by claiming a free Google My Business profile, you improve your local search rankings and boost the odds of being included in the coveted local-3 pack.


The benefits of being included in the local map 3-pack listing? Not only does such listing show your prospects where your company is situated on Google Maps, but they also show up higher in the search engine results pages, providing a significant impression share. 

To better understand how GMB is crucial from a business perspective, plumbers that appear on Google’s local 3-pack get over 700% improvement in clicks over those that don’t.

2. Google My Business Increases Traffic and Sales

 While a quick Google search can help narrow your options, particularly for clients on mobile devices, more than 80% of people use Google Maps to locate nearby plumbing contractors. When it is more appropriate for clients to come to your plumbing business, you are likely to make a sale if they realize you are close. 


Plus, homeowners who find a plumbing company through their Google My Business listing are up to 50% more likely to close a sale. Simply claiming a Google My Business listing and finishing the verification steps, your office location will also start to show up for local searches on maps.


3. Google My Business Listing Earns Trust From Clients

One of the hurdles clients face today is building sufficient trust with a plumbing business to make a purchase confidently. As a plumber, one of the steps you can take to assist in offering them your location on your Google My Business profile. 


Plumbers that appear on Google are almost three times deemed reputable by the client.

This is mainly because of the legitimacy of the Google My Business verification process. Since its known plumbers must go through specific steps to appear for a local search, Google is a trustworthy platform that users can depend on. 


4. Rank Higher in Organic Search Results

By listing your plumbing business on GMB, you increase your chances of showing up when homeowners search for keywords related to your company (e.g., Murfreesboro plumbers). Google wants to tell users (clients) about your company since it intends to offer valuable information to searchers. The more Google knows your plumbing company, the higher it will rank in the search engine results and maps. Your Google My Business listing is the best way to give Google information so that it can satisfy your user’s intent.


5. Reach and Engage With Your Target Audience for Free

There are various ways to promote your plumbing business and put it on the first page of Google. One method is to run a Google Ads campaign, but you should allocate a hefty budget. The other tactic is to enhance your plumber’s SEO, but it takes time to establish authority and improve your ranking. But, a GMB listing provides a cheaper and faster way to gain targeted exposure on the major search engines. Creating, verifying, and claiming your Google My Business listing doesn’t cost you even a dime and takes less time to optimize your listing.


Google My Business listing puts your company in front of many wallet-out clients and gives them quick access to your direction, operation hours, and website, all without paying a dime! So, having an essential resource without incurring any cost allows you to invest your resources in other aspects of your plumbing company.


6. Improve Your Appeal Among Potential Clients with Reviews

Online reviews are influential when homeowners want to make a purchasing decision. Over 90% of clients first read online reviews to evaluate the quality of a plumber, and most property owners always choose a plumber with the highest number of positive reviews.

Google My Business profile is handy as it allows clients to review your plumbing company and leave feedback. This improves your appeal to prospects and gives you an honest analysis of what you are doing right and where you need to improve. 


Reviews also establish confidence and trust among customers. According to a local client survey, over 80% of customers trust online reviews, and they carry the same weight as personal recommendations. Online reviews are also a ranking algorithm factor utilized by Google to know where to put your company on organic search results. According to a study by Moz on local organic search rankings, online reviews contribute up to 10% of how search engines determine their organic rankings. 


7. It Shares Appropriate Information With Your Potential Clients

Google My Business listing helps you share information about your plumbing business, including your contact information, operating hours, and contact details. It also lets you share updates, news, offers, and announcements. These posts appear on Google Maps and Search, helping you keep in touch with prospects and update them.


But, before posting anything, it’s crucial to consider what you want to achieve. Do you want to increase awareness about a new service or new company? This will help you to craft the post with that goal. Besides, add a call to action that compels prospects to take action, like calling your business for a quote.


How Does Google Determine Local Organic Rankings For Plumbers?       

For the large part, Google ranks local plumbers organically based on the following metrics; 


  • Relevance

Relevance refers to how well a local plumber matches what a homeowner is searching for. When you include detailed information to your GMB profile, you give Google more details to match your plumbing company to searches it may apply to.


  • Prominence

Prominence denotes how well-known your plumbing business is in the area. Sometimes, Google will consider some offline factors to evaluate your distinction. For example, famous museums, landmarks, or well-known plumbers are likely to appear in the local organic search results. 


  • Distance

Distance evaluates the distance of each prospect’s result from the location used in online searches. If a homeowner doesn’t specify a location, Google will utilize what they know about a potential client’s location to calculate the distance.

12 Ways To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing & Get More Plumbing Clients In 2021

Optimizing and claiming your Google My Business listing is one of the simple ways to get organic traffic and clients. To that end, there are several ways you should consider before diving into claiming and optimizing your plumbing contractor on Google.

Optimizing your Google My Business is one of the simple ways to reach new clients, but you should ensure that you follow the best practices to get the most out of your listing:

Google My Business For Plumbers Checklist

1. Ensure that You Qualify for a Google My Business Listing

The initial step in optimizing your GMB listing is to ensure that you qualify for a local plumber listing on Google. Not every plumber will qualify for such a listing. To clarify, you require a physical location to verify your plumbing business on Google.

Businesses or homeowners should be able to walk in or meet your representative. However, there are some exceptions, but primarily Google My Business is for an offline, conventional plumbing business.

2. Verify Your Plumbing Business’s Information

One of the fundamental steps when creating a profile is verifying your Google My Business listing.

Verification implies that you sign in with a Gmail account associated with your plumbing company. 

The various method of verifying your Google My Business include a phone number, email, or postcard. Furthermore, you can use the Google search console to prove this, particularly if you have a plumbing website already. Verification using a postcard is the most common method to verify your plumbing business, and you will require a physical location to which Google can send the postcard.

3. Select the Best Category to Describe Your Plumbing Business

 This is one of the most crucial steps toward optimizing your plumbing company’s Google My Business listing.

Google My Business allows you to select one primary and the other nine categories. The concept here is to state your plumbing business industry in simple terms, and you should pick the best primary category that accurately describes your plumbing business. 

For example, a plumber is the best category for a plumbing contractor, and a secondary category might be the drain service category. Avoid the temptation of stuffing your listing with irrelevant categories unrelated to your plumbing business.

Accurate details matter on your Google Business listing; relevance is undoubtedly everything.

 4. Complete Every Section

As a plumber, one of the most crucial things you can do is to fill out each section on your Google listing to ensure that Google knows more about your plumbing business and understands what is appropriate to display across the web. Such details include:

  • Business Category
  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Plumbing website
  • Operation hours
  • Question and answers
  • Photos 
  • Description
  • Address

The details displayed for your plumbing company must be accurate and match what is said across other platforms online. Be thorough with each detail, as Google will favor listings with more details and higher rankings on the search engine results pages.

5. Get More Online Reviews

Online reviews can break or do your plumbing business in the modern digital business landscape. They are like word-of-mouth recommendations to new property owners considering scheduling service appointments with your plumbing company. Furthermore, online reviews can help you make an excellent initial impression, but they can also help your website rank higher on the search engine result pages. The more positive online reviews you have, the more prospects will want to book plumbing jobs with you. That said, it is crucial to be generating online reviews daily to keep your plumbing business afloat.

Here are some surefire tips to help you obtain more online reviews:

  • Request for them

Asking for online reviews is the easiest way to obtain reviews daily. 

When one of your technicians is on the job site with a happy client, request that the customer give you an excellent review on your plumber’s website. Mostly, the homeowner will be willing to leave a review on the spot but would have forgotten once you left the site.

  • Follow-up with Emails

Develop a viable online review management strategy. Always reach out to clients and ask them to leave reviews or leverage tools that automatically make such requests to your customers. Use email campaigns that follow up with customers, politely requesting if they can give a review or send reminders to vendors and clients on the Google My Business listing. Include survey links in your listing and describe how they will support your plumbing business, and tell them it will take less than five minutes to finish the survey.

  • Monitor Reviews

Only go for the legit plumbing reviews, and this is because Google will detect fake reviews and spammers and penalize your website. Avoid trying to trick the system because Google only selects online reviews that are honest and unbiased. So, utilize natural tactics and offer exceptional client service to get glowing online reviews.

Besides, focus on quality as opposed to quantity. Also, remember to respond to all reviews. This shows clients that you listen to them and appreciate the effort and time they take to review your plumbing business. Plus, this lets the Google algorithm know that your plumbing company is engaged, responsive, and actively using the GMB platform. Focus on creating custom, meaningful responses that showcase your unique selling propositions.

6. State Your Plumbing Business Hours

You would assume that most plumbers would ace this crucial step. Unfortunately, most don’t.

The idea about Google search rankings is that they require regular attention. Some plumbing contractors start with ambitious plans and extend their operating hours. 

 However, your plumbing company can shorten operational hours for various reasons. Of course, no plumber would want a great client to show up when no one is around to serve them. Stating accurate business hours prevents that from occurring. 

7. A Thorough Description of Your Plumbing Business

The description section of the GMB listing can be utilized to introduce your plumbing company to a prospective client as the most effective solution to their problem. 

Your description should incorporate your plumbing services, experience in the plumbing industry, the advantages of hiring your company, and a compelling call to action. To optimize your plumbing company description, always include some hiring intent search terms for your plumbing specialties and services

Here is a simple formula you can use to describe your plumbing business in the Google My Business listing:

{Name of the business} provides professional {list your plumbing services}in your { Your City}. {Offer some background information about your plumbing company and why clients hire you} Call {phone number} now. Our technicians will be there in less than one hour!

 8. Add Relevant Videos and Photos to Your Google My Business Listing 

Did you know that including more than 100 photos on your listing increases the likelihood of getting found by prospects online? It’s true but doesn’t just go stuffing your profile yet. The videos or photos should be high definition and relevant to your plumbing business.

First impressions can make or break your plumbing business. Thus, uploading high-definition videos and photos shows search engines like Google or Bing that you care about your plumbing company and how to attract new clients. 

Pro tip: Ensure your plumbing company logo is prominent on your main cover photo.

Upload new photos or videos regularly. This will improve user engagement and skyrocket your organic rankings. Many plumbers forget about the GMB listing once it is finished, but you should periodically update the videos or images to make fresh materials available to users. Check your photo/video engagement statistics, and you will note the positive impact.

9. Include the Plumbing Website in Your GMB Profile 


Your plumbing website is essential for internet marketing; it is a platform where homeowners learn more about your business, meet your crew, and know if you provide the plumbing services they are searching for. Plus, your plumbing website and your GMB listing rank higher on search engines. 

According to recent studies, 60% of plumbers link to their websites via the GMB profile. But if you don’t have a plumbing website, you can still use your Facebook page or set up a free Google Business page.

10. Point Clients to Your Appointment URL

An appointment URL is another method of contacting your Google My Business profile. It is visible to your clients, who can use any appointment system or leave a message through the contact forms. 

11. Ask Questions & Provide Answers

Have you ever realized that on Amazon, besides giving customer reviews and product descriptions, there is a section for answers and questions? Google offers the same features in your Google My Business profile.

GMB allows clients to ask questions about your plumbing business. Answering such questions may be the impetus a client needs to schedule a service appointment with your plumbing company. 

Go to the “knowledge tab” of your GMB dashboard, and you will see a tab for questions and answers. Complete it with questions that clients might have about your plumbing business and provide detailed answers to ensure that property owners view the most accurate information possible.

12. Pinpoint Your Service Areas 

A service area denotes the distance you are willing to go to service a customer. Every plumbing business is unique, so you may only offer services at your client locations. 

Independent plumbing contractors commonly experience this problem. This is because they provide plumbing services in person but not necessarily in one location. 

In such a case, you should add a service area, not a direct physical address. Google doesn’t want property owners to show up where they can’t utilize your plumbing services. Service areas have a direct impact on your client’s experience.

Expert Google My Business Services For Plumbing Contractors

As a plumber, you want local businesses or homeowners to find your GMB profile when they quickly search online. Google’s new algorithm updates have put more emphasis on local search, which implies it is more crucial than ever to emphasize Google My Business optimization strategies. It has little-known features that allow plumbing contractors to boost their organic rankings and obtain more traffic.

Every plumber wants their business to get listed on the first page of Google to obtain more clients/leads for free. The problem comes when there are only ten listings on every page to claim the top spot on Google. But with a properly optimized Google My Business profile, it can be a potent advertising tool for your plumbing business. It helps your plumbing company appear greatly when property owners conduct local searches, boosting your conversion rates and landing more plumbing jobs. 

Blackstorm Design + Marketing has helped many home service contractors, including roofers, HVAC, and plumbers, get their companies to show up on Google for relevant business keywords by leveraging and optimizing their Google My Business profiles. 

Creating a Google My Business profile is the initial step in establishing a vibrant local SEO strategy for your plumbing business. This is because it allows plumbers to manage their online presence, which can significantly impact how well you run on Google or Bing. 

 Plumbers with a physical location, which draws local clients, can be found through a quick Google search, Mobile search, Google Maps, and Google Earth, respectively. By claiming or creating your GMB listing, you can include additional details about your business, including your phone number, business hours, address, and plumbing services.

Why Choose Us? 

At Blackstorm, we don’t just make empty promises; we deliver accurate results!

With our optimized Google My Business profile, your plumbing business will be able to:

Show Up On Google Maps

We create a particular location and keyword-optimized content for your Google My Business listing. We optimize videos and images and publish posts consistently.

We Get Your Plumbing Business More Google Reviews

Our experts will manage your online reputation by soliciting positive reviews and handling negative reviews like an expert, offering your business more success and exposure.

We Promote Your Plumbing Company Rightly

 We keep you updated and monitor your local ranking on the SERP results by measuring maps, organic and mobile rankings on Google maps, Google, and more. 

And the list continues……

As a plumber, you must follow our post to ensure these tips for claiming and optimizing the Google My Business profile. 

So, what next? 

Contact Us For Google My Business SEO Consultation 

Regardless of the current status of your Google My Business profile, Blackstorm + Design Marketing professionals are here to help. Our team of SEO professionals can help you achieve your plumber marketing goals.  

Schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches to help you create, claim and optimize your Google My Business profile today.


Plumbing SEO

PPC for Plumbers: A Game Plan To Scheduling More Plumbing Calls And Increasing Your Online Presence

Killer Google AdWords Tips To Create Ads That Property Owners Can’t Help But Click

Are you struggling to get quality leads for your plumbing business? Does your company use internet marketing? If so, read how to attract leads and schedule more service appointments for your business. 

Nowadays, if a homeowner requires any plumbing services, they probably conduct a quick search on Bing or Google to find the nearest plumber. So, it is highly recommended that your plumbing website rank high in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Your plumbing website is the key to your internet marketing success. One way to make your website appear higher in search engine results is to run effective PPC campaigns.

PPC is a short form for Pay Per Click and is regarded as one of the effective ways for plumbers to market their services online. Using particular plumbing keywords, PPC can help skyrocket plumbing sales, improve brand awareness and schedule more plumbing appointments in less than one month. Are you wondering how PPC for plumbers works? Read on to discover the best practices we use at Blackstorm Design + Marketing to deliver cost-effective qualified plumbing leads. 

Why Invest In PPC For Plumbers? 

Wondering how PPC for plumbers can be beneficial for your business? Here are some powerful reasons to use PPC ads to market your plumbing business: 

1. Fast Results

With some internet marketing tactics, like SEO, it takes time to see noticeable results. But PPC gets your ad in front of homeowners as soon as you start your campaign. 

This also implies that you can see results instantly.

While long-term strategies are crucial for creating lasting brand authority and awareness online, PPC is a good strategy for getting plumbing leads quickly. It can also assist you with insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, which can also help improve other online marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

2. Precise Targeting

PPC ads allow you to target locations, time, and demographics to reach your desired audiences. Once your PPC ads are running, you will get valuable data on your audience that’s segmented, showing location, gender, and the type of platform they used to reach your plumbing business. Tracking also helps you monitor where users go once they visit your site after viewing your ad. 

PPC ads give you various targeting options, including: 

  • Retargeting: This allows you to follow up with users who had previously clicked on your plumbing website or ad
  • In-market targeting: It helps your business target users who had previously searched for your plumbing services online.
  • Demographic targeting lets you target prospects based on location, age, and other demographic characteristics.

3.No Minimum Investment Needed

One of the benefits of using PPC ads is that plumbers aren’t needed to risk a lot of marketing dollars upfront to try it out. Besides, there’s no minimum amount required monthly to have a PPC ad campaign, which makes it financially risk-free compared to other internet marketing strategies. Further, you are in complete control of your marketing budget; you will be able to set the amount of money you are willing to spend daily. PPC ads for plumbers work on a bidding system; therefore, you will be able to control the amount you are ready to pay for a property owner to click on your ad.

4. Highly Measurable Marketing Method

When you are spending dollars on marketing, regardless of how large or little, you should be able to track the results and get a glimpse of the Return on Investment (ROI). 

PPC ads are one of the most measurable internet marketing techniques compared to conventional marketing methods.

PPC ad platforms provide detailed information about how your campaign is performing. Such information helps you enhance your campaigns as they run. This allows you to test various versions of your ads to know which performs better and optimize it further.

5. Increase Your Conversions & Sales

As a plumber, getting qualified leads and attaining a return on such investments is often stressful and complicated. Getting more clients is typically what plumbers are searching for, and PPC ads are an excellent tool for generating such leads online. When done right, PPC ads help you target homeowners searching for your plumbing services online. With PPC ads, you can create relevant ads for this market segment, targeting keywords and creating a sense of urgency through ad copy.

6. Your Competitors Are Using PPC Ads

If you are contemplating using PPC ads, other plumbers are already using them. 

We are not saying that you have become a copycat. But there are high chances that if your rivals use PPC ads, they could push your organic rankings beneath the top three search engine results pages, making you lose quality leads to them.

Property owners search on Google to find answers to their plumbing problems. 

Therefore, internet marketing is about showing up when prospects/clients search for information about your plumbing company online.

First, it is crucial to know the primary goal of PPC ads for plumbers. One of the objectives is to offer information to prospects when they search for keywords related to your plumbing business online. The main objective, of course, is to get more qualified plumbing leads for your business. 

 Don’t have time to run PPC ads for your plumbing business, schedule a free strategy session with our experts for help.


PPC For Plumbers Platforms

There are two major PPC platforms for search engines: Bing Ads and Google Ads. The two have their separate networks. But Google Ads is the most famous search engine, and thus it makes sense to use it over Bing Ads.

What Do You Need To Know Before Using PPC Ads For Plumbers For The First Time?

Every plumber needs to market their services, and today, regardless of the kind of business, that also implies marketing online. There are various methods of doing it, but one of the fast, effective ways is using Google Ads, which applies the Pay Per Click Model, in which you will only pay once a prospect/client clicks on your ad. It is one of the most effective ways to drive more relevant traffic to a plumber’s website, but it is also one of the fastest ways to do so.

 Many sad stories online of home service contractors who have used Google ads only to realize minimal results after spending their whole marketing budget. But in most instances, when done right, the advantages of running Google Ads greatly outweigh the costs.

Plumbers must know how to use and optimize PPC ads to advertise their services online and be armed with these crucial tips before using Google Ads for the first time.  

Here are some things that you need to know before you invest in your first PPC campaign:

  • Have a Strategy in Place to Get More Plumbing Leads

An excellent strategy is crucial for any plumber marketing campaign, and the same applies to Google AdWords. So, what does Google Ads for plumbers entail? It involves a lot of things you would include in any kind of internet marketing campaign.

A good advertising strategy should define your target market, the impact you want to have on prospects, and what you want them to do after clicking your ad. After your Google Ad campaign runs, you should know how to analyze and measure results to understand whether your ads are performing as anticipated.

  • Set an Appropriate Budget for Your Plumbing Company

One of the major benefits of Google Ads is that you can set the amount you want to spend on a specific campaign. And while Google will always persuade you to increase your advertising budget to get more plumbing leads. A higher marketing budget will imply that more property owners will likely click on your Google Ad, but you should set a realistic budget for your campaign. Before launching your Ads campaign, you must understand your budget to avoid breaking your bank account.

  • Know Which Plumbing Keywords to Use

Finding relevant search terms is essential for any Google Ads campaign. Keywords are simply the terms property owners will use when looking for a plumber, and they are typically the phrases you use within your plumbing company. For example, would you use terms like “emergency plumber” or 2″ 4hour plumber” for plumbing contractors?

There is a Keyword Planner tool within your Google Ads account to help you pinpoint the ones you want to use, but before you get started, you know the search terms you wish to use. 

  • Make a Landing Page for Each Plumbing Service Plus the Location 

A plumbing landing page is the page potential clients and visitors will be sent to after clicking your Google Ads. Many plumbers make a colossal blunder of using their website’s homepage as their landing page. The sad truth is that if your landing page doesn’t contain appropriate information, is hard to navigate, or is confusing, all the effort you have put into your Google Ads campaign will be wasted.

  • Google Ads is not a One-time Process.

With other marketing strategies, you can just set an ad campaign and let it run independently. But that’s not how Google Ads works. Even after your Google ad campaign is up and running, you should test various aspects of the campaign, monitor the results, and continuously tweak it to ensure you get the most out of marketing dollars. This may sound discouraging to plumbers who wrongly think qualified leads will start contacting your plumbing business for service once their campaign is up and running.


Best Plumbing PPC Practices To Help You Book More Jobs In 2021 & Beyond

1. Choose the Best Keyword for the Most Effective Plumber Marketing Campaign

Keywords are the backbone of any Google Ad campaign. Without such search terms, prospects will never see your ad, and you can’t bid (pay for Google Ads) since it is all based on the keywords. This implies that without keywords, Google Ads won’t even exist. This is how crucial they are, so plumbers should conduct in-depth research before launching their Google Ads campaign.

Keywords are the search terms that customers and users will use when looking for a plumber online. So, if a homeowner is searching for a plumber who repairs toilets, they may use terms like “Toilet repair contractor.” So, if you are a plumbing contractor that does drain cleaning, your keywords list may begin with words like drain cleaning or pipelining. Think like a client.

As a plumber, you need to master the skill of choosing the best keywords for positioning purposes.  

But how? 

i)Select General Plumbing Keywords

Include a list of keywords that resonate with the plumbing services you offer. Think like a homeowner; find out your competitors’ search terms. 

Choosing general keywords is exceptional since it will imply that the ad reaches as many property owners as possible. General keywords will also cost plumbers more since these will have a higher bid and be bid by most plumbers online. 

ii) Use Specific Keywords

Broad plumbing keywords are good, and not using them in your campaign may prevent your Google Ad from being seen by property owners. But when you want to create a seed keyword list, it is also good to be specific, and being specific helps you narrow down to look for homeowners searching for particular plumbing services. 

iii) Negative Keywords

Since keywords are the backbone of any Google Ads campaign, plumbers are often confused when we tell them about ‘negative keywords. But that doesn’t imply using negative words or bad ones. So, what are examples of negative keywords?

Let’s examine a local plumber for a while. An example of a negative keyword would be ‘cheap plumber’ if you want to stay away from cheap clients when you choose ‘cheap plumber’ as your negative keyword. 

Google will not show your advert when a prospect types in ‘cheap plumber’ into their search query. This is advantageous to the plumbers since without including that negative keyword if the ad is shown on property owners, you may end up disappointing them for not servicing them. 

iv) Utilize Keyword Grouping 

Keyword grouping is a crucial but overlooked part of running a Google Ads campaign. Chances are that you will have an exhaustive list of search terms you want to use after finalizing your keyword research. This can make your ad campaign look disorganized by focusing on various keywords that target broad topics. 

By grouping such plumbing keywords, you can target those search terms into similar words and separate them into mid-level, low, and high-level keywords.

Once you have created the subgroups and groups, you can craft an ad directly targeted to those search terms instead of an ad that targets multiple keywords. 

Keyword grouping helps your plumbing business reach more clients and give them precisely what they are searching for.

2. Check Out the Competition

With Google Ads, as with any marketing strategy, it is highly recommended that you don’t reinvent the wheel. You can save a lot of marketing dollars and time by spying on what other plumbers are doing in terms of PPC ads. They could have invested much into their campaigns and run various iterations and tests, and you can take advantage of everything they have learned along the way. 

Conduct quick searches on Google using the plumbing keywords you want to focus on. Read through the top PPC ads keenly and learn as much as possible from them. If your rivals are using specific keywords heavily, there is a likelihood they are obtaining great results. This tip alone could save you thousands of dollars!

3. Describe How You Help Your Clients

Saying how great your plumbing company is will not convince many clients to click your Ad. Any plumber can say how they are #1, and property owners are likely to be skeptical. You should focus your Ad on what plumbing problems you solve for homeowners or the benefits your plumbing services offer.

Think about how your plumbing company actually helps clients and discuss this clearly in your landing page copy.


4. Leverage a Powerful, Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A unique Selling Proposition differentiates your plumbing company from the competitors and gives your potential clients a compelling reason to schedule jobs with you.

Simply put, your USP answers this critical question, why should I, as a homeowner, opt to do business with your company versus any other plumber in the neighborhood?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should include a strong USP in your Ad copy:

  • A powerful USP drives more traffic from qualified prospects (encouraging people to click your ads)
  • A strong USP eliminates price comparison issues. If you give property owners a compelling reason to work with your company versus other plumbers, the cost of your services will become a secondary issue.
  • A powerful USP will increase your plumbing conversion rates. It will help to convert the increased traffic into paying clients.


5. Create an Irresistible Offer

Providing something that will be irresistible to your potential clients is an effective way to encourage them to click your Google Ad. “Save $100” or “Get a free quote” are all possible examples. 

What can you provide in your ad copy to compel a potential client to take the desired action? This can only be through creating an irresistible special offer. That offer should contain the following basic components:

  • Valuable

Your plumbing service must be more valuable than the overall price. This doesn’t imply your offer has to be cheap, and you just have to discuss all the value your plumbing services offer to your clients and ensure they outweigh the price.

  • Believable

When you create an offer that seems more good than realistic, your potential clients may be skeptical. Therefore, you must offer a plausible reason for your irresistible offer. 

  • Reverse or Reduce Risk

Everyone, including homeowners, is scared of getting scammed online. One of the best tactics to minimize your clients’ risk is a money-back guarantee. 

A money-back guarantee pulls all the risk on your plumbing business to deliver superior service, or else you will have to provide all the money back to the client. 

6. Leverage Ad Extensions

As a plumber, you want your prospects/clients to learn as much as possible from the Google Ad. Such ads provide multiple ad extensions to help you maximize the performance of your ad copy. That said, there are various ad extensions we highly recommend plumbing contractors to use:

Location Extension: This is the major extension that we usually use to crush Google Ads for our customers. You are connecting your Google My Business listing to your Ads account, and this helps display your location details on your ads but allows your plumbing business to be ranked #1 on Google Maps. 

Call Extension: Setting up a call extension helps your phone number to appear in your Google Ads. Besides, it also shows a tracking number in the Map Pack ad, which is essential to know how your ads perform. 

Callout Extensions: These are short phrases highlighting the benefits of your plumbing business. Our experts will use callout extensions like “Family Owned & Operated, % financing” to grab prospects’ attention and resonate with them.

Sitelink extension: This is the most common extension to make your Google ad appear larger than your competitors, giving you a significant competitive advantage.


7. Use Relevant Landing pages

At this stage, your prospect has looked for your plumbing service online. They found your ad copy persuading compared to all other options, clicked it to know more, and landed on your plumbing website.

What next?

 Well, if you are doing Google Ads for the first time, your potential client is scratching his head, wondering what he should do next. Your ad made an irresistible offer that the homepage couldn’t fulfill.

That’s because your homepage isn’t a landing page!

Your homepage typically discusses everything your plumbing company does, all your services, and all the kind of clients you serve. Simply put, your homepage may not be relevant for the ad your prospect clicked.

Therefore, you should create a high-quality landing page that matches the ad and the keyword. This page aims to make the sales process congruent to reassure the prospect that they are going down the conversion funnel.

Here are some components of a converting landing page:

• Headline: This is the first thing your prospect reads, so it should reiterate a special offer made in the ad, grab the attention and convince them to continue reading your page.

• Great Images: Converting landing pages have quality images to convince a prospect to take the desired action.

• Convey Your value Proposition: Give your prospect a reason for doing business with your company instead of other plumbers in the neighborhood.

• Clear Call-To-Action: This will tell your prospects what they need to do after visiting your page.

8. Create a Compelling Ad Copy 

With Google, you only pay when property owners click on your ads. So, your ads have two crucial roles: 

• Attract qualified leads so that they click on your ad instead of other plumbing contractors

• Repel unqualified prospects, so they don’t waste your marketing dollars when clicking on the ad.

That implies more sales, traffic, and less wasted budget on unqualified prospects, which leads to more revenue for your company.

A compelling ad copy also boosts your conversion rate and quality score; thus, you will spend less on your click for your ads. 

Here are four key elements of an excellent Google Ads copy:

• Headline

• Description line 1

• Description line 2

• Display URL


9. Call & Conversion Tracking

Tracking conversions is the last step in setting up your Google Ads campaign. If you don’t do it, it will be hard to know which ad and keywords generate more sales, plus those losing money. Simply put, you will not be able to improve or optimize your marketing campaigns. 

Conversion tracking helps to measure the sales achieved by your Google Ads campaign. 

It will help you to know which keywords are most profitable.  

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we can help you set up three types of conversion tracking, including: 

i)Form Submission: Put a conversion code on the thank you page after submitting a request.

ii) Phone Call Tracking: Prospects click on an ad and then contact you using the numbers on your landing pages. 

Use Google call tracking systems to know if they go down the conversion funnel.

iii) Ad Extension calls; This is where prospects call the phone number on your landing page without clicking your ad.

 If you are not monitoring all of these, you need to schedule a free strategy session with our experts for assistance now!


Creating a Google Ads Campaign

The initial setup of a Google Ad campaign is essential. When you create your first campaign, here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Campaign Objective 

Choose a campaign goal, and Google will ask you the objective of your campaign. Choose “leads” as your goal.

  • Campaign Title 

If your campaign is about plumbing, we recommend calling it that. We normally run separate Google Ad campaigns for various plumbing services, but our experts will only run one campaign if it’s associated with plumbing in general.

  • Type of Campaign

Let’s look at how to decide on the kind of campaign you want to run. We highly recommend that you start with a search campaign, which are primary ads found on the search engine result pages. 

  • Locations

 This is an essential step. Ensure that you include the information about your service areas and exclude those towns or cities that aren’t within your reach. 

  • Ad groups 

These are sets of related Ads that will appear in relevant organic searches. 

They contain headlines, descriptions, and URLs. For instance, your plumber services ad group may include toilet and faucet repair.

  • Descriptions

Google recommends that you have a minimum of two descriptions, which include words about your customers and experience. The objective here is to instantly establish trust with potential clients and ground your authority within the plumbing niche.

One great way to optimize your plumbing Search Engine Marketing Campaigns is through Pay Per Click adverts. At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we have developed a data-driven and comprehensive PPC ad strategy that will help your plumbing business generate more leads who are interested in your services. Our PPC experts will help your plumbing company grow. 

 Our Unique PPC Process For Plumbing Contractors

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we handle all aspects of plumbing Search Engine Marketing, mostly focusing on Pay Per Click ads. While each client has a different process based on their needs, desires, and budget, each campaign contains the following main components:

  • Assessing Your Markets: We will assist you in deciding whether to put your ads on Google, Facebook, or another platform. Our experts will look at your plumbing leads are coming from, where your Competition seems to be getting leads and where your focus lies. From there, they will develop platforms that data proves can serve you better.
  •  Craft Your Ads: When running plumber PPC campaigns, it is crucial to have well-designed ads with your target audience in mind. 
  • Targeting Your Ads: A secret to any paid search marketing campaign is ensuring you target the right audience. Our experts will help you choose demographics and keywords that fit the property owners looking for your plumbing services online.
  •  Ads Tracking: When it comes to paid search marketing, it is not just enough to create a compelling ad and leave it there. You need to check how the ads are working or the ones that are making you lose money. 
  • Tweaking Your Campaign: Once our experts get data on how your ads perform, they will start to tweak and optimize them to get the most out of your campaign. 

Why Hire Us To Manage Your Plumbing PPC Campaigns? 

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we take an in-house approach to advertising your plumbing company online. Establishing an open, continuous line of communication ensures that your plumbing Google Ads campaign is extensively researched, consistently tracked, and quickly executed to generate leads for your plumbing company. Our PPC experts will create compelling ad copy to help your business outrank the Competition and book more jobs. 

As a full-service plumbing marketing agency, we offer internet marketing services, including web design, online reputation management, SEO, retargeting and social media advertising. 

Do you want to start a new Google Ads campaign for your plumbing business but don’t know where to start? Is your current PPC campaign not generating desired results for your plumbing company? 

Schedule a free strategy session online with one of our Growth Coaches or call us at 1 (865) 205-8822 to find out how you can fix your Google Ads campaign today.

Plumbing Website Design

What Are the Benefits of a New Website for Your Plumbing Company

Discover ways a new website can help your plumbing company generate new clients and leads online.

Is your plumbing business struggling to grow? If so, it may be time to consider launching a new plumbing website. There are many advantages of having a brand new site for your plumbing company, such as driving insane amounts of traffic to your business from search engines, which can translate to increased revenue and sales. It also offers an easy-to-navigate platform for all your services and information while making it more hassle-free than ever to reach potential customers. With a new plumbing website design, you can convey everything about your plumbing business in one place so prospects can understand what they require without calling your business or searching elsewhere.

Why is a Great Web Design Important for Plumbers?

Plumbers landing page

Since many property owners turn to Google to find crucial services such as plumbing, your company’s digital presence is crucial. We can see plumbing web development and design making their way via the internet. So, you want to ensure your plumbing company is accessible, visible, and instantly found by those who want to hire plumbing contractors.

Furthermore, a plumbing website helps build the credibility of a plumbing business. A website will give prospects an instant overview of your business and give them reasons why they should hire your company. Before using your plumbing services, people nowadays search for credible details about them first. Customers can find all the information they require on a website without too much effort from you, and it is just a matter of responding to their questions.

Lastly, a plumbing website makes it easy for prospects to contact your business. Think of your website as a 24/7 sales representative.

Without further ado, let us dive into the reasons why you need a great website design for your plumbing business.

Make Great Impressions

Two businessmen shaking hands

Having a professional plumbing website is crucial if you wish to make a great memorable impression on your potential clients. A compelling website with all modern integrations tends to improve your business in the competitive plumbing marketplace.

You must know the quote, and the initial impression is the last. Thus making an impression via a website is important. All in all, a plumber website is a good idea for your plumbing business to generate the desired revenue.

Instant Connection

Plumbing websites have a tendency to create instant connections too fast!

Plumbing websites have a tendency to create instant connections too fast! Having a website for your plumbing company today is a must since it will lead you towards two-way communication. It is believed that if you can instantly connect with your target audience, this is a win-win situation.

Furthermore, instant connection building via the custom website will always allow more clients to connect with your plumbing services. And increased connections imply that your business is going to get more sales.

A New Plumbing Website Boosts Your Online Presence

Plumber using wrench

Nowadays, the initial place people go to when they require is the internet, including hiring a plumber for services. According to a recent study, one of the most common ways for gathering details before making a decision is by visiting a website. So, if you want homeowners to notice your plumbing services, a website designed for plumbers is important to establish a vibrant online presence where your plumbing company is more accessible to those searching for plumbing services online.

A great plumbing website should have web design features for plumbing contractors. Not only should it be visually appealing, but it should come with a responsive and user-friendly website design.

An Excellent Website Helps Your Plumbing Company Rank Well on Search Engines

Getting a new website is a good way to help your plumbing company rank higher on search engines.

Getting a new website is a good way to help your plumbing company rank higher on search engines. There are many ways to make your plumber website visible to your target audience online. One way to achieve this is by ensuring that your plumbing website contains all the right tags and keywords and crafting unique content that shows up in local search results. If done properly, you can attract a consistent stream of new leads and clients your business requires for continued success. When you are searching for a great web design for plumbers, it is crucial to use tools in making a good landing page that you can use for your paid ad campaigns.

Integrate Google Maps on Your Plumber Website So Prospects Can Find Your Business Easily

Google Maps

Many clients want to hire plumbers that are near their residences to make sure that they can hire plumbing contractors in the neighborhood at any given time. Having a great plumbing website helps your clients obtain the business address, which saves them time to find directions. On the flip side, this is also especially beneficial if you can only service-specific locations, and you don’t want prospects to have false expectations about your company’s location.

Convenience Comes First

In the modern business world, convenience generally comes as the first element. Every prospect seeks convenience, and that’s why they want to depend on online networking. A great plumbing website plays an important role in this regard, as they offer a convenient service. You can now obtain everything in the blink of an eye, which is an integral part of modern-day living.

Become Credible

Business hands joined together

In the modern marketing environment, your plumbing company will not be taken seriously by prospects or clients if you don’t have a professional website. If you want to be perceived as a trustworthy and helpful business with experience and credibility, it is important that you have a plumbing website that will make your company relevant online. Having a vibrant online presence will increase your bottom line immensely.

Become a Household Name

It is very easy for your plumbing business to get lost in the sea of other plumbers on the internet, but with a professional plumbing website, your company will no longer be unknown or invisible. It will help your prospects or clients find out about your plumbing services on the web. Research in plumbing marketing shows that more and more clients are using the internet to search for local service businesses. This implies that having a professional website will make sure that potential clients find your plumbing business. You don’t want to miss out on potential sales just because you failed to create a plumber website for your business.

Engage Your Prospects or Clients

Engaging your clients

A plumbing website can be a potent tool utilized to communicate directly with your clients and offer them access to the deals and information that they are searching for. You can now engage clients online with the help of a website and develop clear calls to action that can impact your company’s success.

Why Hire Blackstorm Design + Marketing for Plumber Website Design Services?

Plumber Website Design Services

Most plumbers think of their website as an online brochure. But in the real sense, your plumbing company’s website is a 24/7 online sales representative that can generate massive amounts of sales and leads, often at a lower cost than that of conventional advertising and marketing. So how does your plumbing website achieve all this?

Blackstorm Design + Marketing specializes in web design for plumbers’ services that are not only visually appealing but also rank high in search engine results and convert your prospects into clients.

Let our experienced web designers convert your plumber’s website into a seamless marketing tool for your business.

Our Plumbing Business Website Design Services

Plumbing service landing page

From SEO-optimized plumbing content to visually appealing plumber website, our team can do it all on your behalf. If you are operating on a shoestring budget, don’t worry, we have a vast collection of plumbing website layouts proven for converting browsers into qualified leads and effective for plumbing SEO. Searching for a fully-customized website for your plumbing business? We can do that as well!

When you hire Blackstorm Design + Marketing as your plumbing website design agency, you will get:

  • A team of professionals that understands the ins and outs of your plumbing company
  • A project manager who guides and coaches you throughout the process to make sure that your website goes “live” on budget and on time.
  • A visually appealing, professional plumber website that exceeds your expectation
  • A great improvement in your Google search rankings and visit-to-lead conversion

Ready for a new Plumbing Website?

Repairing sink drain

Every plumbing company should have a website where prospects can find all the details they need in a central place and stay competitive in the marketplace. A good website specifically built for plumbers will appeal to your target market and consequently encourage them to hire you for the plumbing services that you provide.

If you want to outrank your competitors with a professionally designed website, schedule a free discovery call with Blackstorm Design + Marketing to achieve your goals today.

You may also be interested in our other digital marketing services for plumbers including:

Marketing Plumbing

Plumber Marketing 101: The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Plumbing Company In 2021 & Beyond

Increase Sales, Booked Jobs, And Leads With Our Proven Offline And Online Plumber Marketing Strategies 

As a plumber, getting new business or leads can be an uphill assignment because of the stiff competition. This is because many plumbing contractors are out there, and it can be challenging to think of the best way to differentiate your business. Plus, the way property owners think about and look for home service contractors such as plumbers or roofers has changed over the last ten years, so plumbers must know how to capture the attention of modern customers.

Without a consistent stream of new plumbing leads or clients, your company will stagnate, wither or die. 

To grow your plumbing company, you need the right marketing strategy, people, and approach to advertising your business. To succeed in your plumbing company, you must bring healthy bank statements. To have a good cash flow, you should keep new leads or clients coming in. Customers are the lifeblood that keeps your company afloat, and if no phone calls or emails are coming in, there is no one to promote your plumbing services to.

Plumbing is one of those lucrative industries where you should find many clients if you target them appropriately. Plumbing is more than repairing clogged toilets or fixing holes. There is no denying that marketing is crucial for your plumbing company. But where do you start, or what plumbing marketing strategies should you use? Without further ado, let’s explore unique ways to20 market and grow your plumbing business.

What Is Plumbing Marketing?

Plumbing marketing is the business or action of promoting your services, including advertising and market research. It also refers to your actions to advertise your plumbing services and attract more clients to your company.

This can incorporate running internet marketing campaigns, conducting market research to know your company’s ideal client, and even collaborating with influencers or other plumbers to improve social search (simply put, increase your company’s pool of prospective clients).

Operating a plumbing company presents unique challenges. Unlike other industries that can focus on a specific target market or rely on seasonal events, you require to reach two essential groups of prospects all year round:

  • The panicked homeowners with a clogged bathroom or other emergencies require to contact a nearby plumber ASAP
  • The install client or routine maintenance researches and compares plumbing contractors to identify the best fit for their project.

Since plumber marketing is either a business or an action, revenue and result can only be measured. 

Because the art of marketing your plumbing company is wide-ranging, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy.

As a plumber, you didn’t start your company to stay behind your laptop all day and analyze ad impressions or traffic. That’s alright since plumbing marketing is more than that!

You know more about marketing your plumbing company than you think; developing your plumbing business logo and name, spreading the word to family and friends, and requesting existing clients for referrals are all vibrant marketing strategies.

To get the most out of your plumber marketing efforts; we recommend that from the very beginning; 

It would help if you built your brand.

Your brand is the promise you make to your prospects/clients, and it is what differentiates you from other plumbers and why clients will select you over other plumbers that appear when they Google “plumber near me.”

Advantages Of Plumber Marketing

While marketing your plumbing company may initially seem a huge investment, your business will get many benefits by getting its name out there. What can a well-designed plumber marketing campaign do for your business? Here are just a few advantages:

  • Improves customer perception and attracts new clients
  • Keeps your clients, both new and old, informed about your plumbing services
  • Boosts your company’s online credibility and presence.
  • It gives you a chance to increase your online reviews
  • Build authenticity and voice in your plumbing brand.


Steps To Launch Your Plumber Marketing Campaign

 1. Conduct Market Research

As with all business endeavors, the initial thing you need to do is study the current landscape. This would imply understanding the demand, the market, and the overall plumbing industry climate for plumbing contractors.

Begin by asking these crucial questions: What are close rivals doing? What demographic or market is your plumbing company targeting, and what does the ideal client want? What are the proven marketing strategies for the plumbing industry?

2. Know Your Ideal Customer

Before you kick off any plumber marketing campaign, you must understand your unique value proposition to prospective clients. Understanding the mindset of your ideal client is essential in building your plumbing company’s success.

Creating a good buyer persona will assist your business in retaining clients in the long run but can also help to refine its brand voice. Adopting such a persona will develop a defined vision of your plumbing company.

3. Be Branding Consistent

Ensure your company projects a consistent voice and image across each market you promote. As a plumber, you last want your client to get lost in finding your business because of inconsistent branding.

A good logo is essential when you want to brand your plumbing company. Your plumbing company logo can represent reliability, quality, and value for money. It is crucial because it will be plastered across all your marketing collateral. It will portray how a prospect identifies you, and thus it should represent you effectively. A professional company logo goes a long way to grow your plumbing business (both online and offline).

4. Build Great Client Experiences

The best publicity is usually free publicity! Your happy clients will do a lot of heavy lifting for your plumbing company if they have a superior experience. Satisfied clients can leave positive reviews and boost your company rankings in the search engines like Google or Bing for relevant industry keywords. One of the best free ways to market your plumbing company is to offer superior service.

How Do You Find Customers For Your Plumbing Company?

Many plumbing contractors operating for a while rely on offline advertisements and referrals to obtain more customers. But the client’s behavior keeps on changing. No property owner calls or visits neighbors to ask for a great plumber. Instead, they turn to search engines like Google or Bing. They look for plumbers near them, check online testimonials and reviews, and schedule service appointments. That increases the need for a vibrant online presence.

To tap out clients who are actively searching on the internet and searching for plumbing contractors, you should ensure that you are visible to these prospects.

Why Does A Plumber Need To Market Their Business Online?

Plumbing is a very competitive landscape, where your target market is limited to local property owners (usually 40 to 50 miles); thus, your business should be focused on obtaining more leads.

The conventional way of advertising, where plumbing contractors would put ads in local dairies, do TV ads and distribute flyers, doesn’t seem to work nowadays and can be expensive nowadays.

Besides that, modern customers always look up to search engines like Google or Bing to answer their daily challenges. This makes it worthwhile to invest in digital marketing and grow your company with it.

At Blackstorm Design +Marketing, we have helped many service contractors, including roofers or plumbers, improve their online presence and generate consistent leads. We know how hard it is to research stuff that isn’t your specialization as a company owner. If you are reading this post, it implies that you have been looking for plumbing marketing ideas and tips online.

Using internet marketing strategies for plumbers can help outrank the competition and obtain more customers. Securing qualified leads in your local area isn’t as hard as you think. With the right platform mix, including advertising and social media, your sales volume and your brand’s affinity will skyrocket.

From our experience, we can be able to show you killer strategies that can help you generate non-stop leads and make your company stand out from the competition.

Internet Marketing Strategies For Plumbers  

Nowadays, homeowners don’t have time to visit their neighbors, asking for recommendations from a great plumbing contractor they have always worked with. Instead, they prefer searching online for plumbing services they are interested in, which has increased the need for online plumbing marketing channels.


As the internet becomes a vital step in the buying journey, digital plumber marketing becomes a crucial investment. If you want to put your business in front of prospects searching for your services online, you require an effective internet marketing campaign.


If you are searching for plumber marketing ideas to grow your business, keep reading to learn about 16 lead generation strategies. Or schedule a free strategy session with one of our Growth Coaches if you need help creating a vibrant marketing campaign for your plumbing business.


As you go through our guide, note where you are succeeding or where you have room to grow or expand. By doing so, you will know where to invest your limited resources.

Without further ado, let us dive in!


1. Build a Professional Plumbing Website 

The first thing any plumber needs today is a functional site that can attract customers to your business. Your plumbing website is the heart of your online marketing campaign, and having a plumber website increases your online visibility and establishes trust in the minds of your prospects/clients.


Besides pipe wrenches and drain snakes, a well-designed website is one of the best tools at your disposal. Nowadays, homeowners do everything online:

  • Buy new faucets.
  • Watch DIY sink installation videos.
  • Look for the best local plumbing contractors when their toilets get blocked, or pipes start leaking.


Your plumbing website is what introduces you to the interested potential clients, so ensure your homepage has all the information that will inspire them to schedule a service call, a list of specialties, and multiple ways of contacting your company.


There are several factors you need to consider when building your plumbing website. Designing and planning your plumber website’s layout correctly is set to attract the right clients, and this implies that your plumbing website design needs to be:


  • Designed for mobile: This is an essential first step. Google now favors mobile-optimized plumbing websites with higher rankings. And since more than 60% of organic traffic comes from mobile devices, you could be missing many prospects from the competition because of the negative client experience.


  • Clearly describe your servicesPlumbers typically provide various services; therefore, the best plumbing website design should clearly define areas of specialization plus any other services you offer.


  • SEO-Friendly: You want your plumbing company website to be found by prospects online. Without optimizing SEO by including keywords, it will be hard or impossible to get found online.


  • Build trust with reviewsFinding an experienced plumber can be tricky. That’s why you need to include client reviews or testimonials on your plumbing website, provide social proof and showcase exceptional work.


  • Secure and loads faster:  if your plumbing website has a complicated design, it will take too long to load, turning away clients who don’t want to wait. Nowadays, people have short attention spans; thus, your website should load in less than three seconds. In addition, it should have a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to boost your organic rankings and prevent them from being hacked.


If creating a good website is something you cannot do on your own, partner with a reputable professional plumber website design agency to get your project done on time and on schedule.


2. Invest in Local SEO to Get More Plumbing Clients Online.

Once your plumber website is ready, you need to optimize it for search engines to find it when searching for online plumbing services. People are constantly conducting searches daily, looking for services/products, information, and companies. Businesses or homeowners are searching for plumbing companies like yours, so optimizing your website to appear in front of these wallets and potential clients is crucial.


According to the Home Improvement study, online searches are the top ways clients find service contractors, including plumbers. And, when searching for plumbers on search engines like Google or Bing, clients typically take a local approach.


Conducting searches with keywords like “plumber near me” is common. That’s why it is incredibly crucial for plumbing contractors to have a vibrant presence in the local search results.


This implies that your plumbing marketing strategy should incorporate a local SEO. This strategy helps you get found in the search engine results when prospects search for plumbing services in your area.


If conventional SEO for plumbing contractors makes your website indexed and ranked on search engines like Google or Bing, local SEO concentrates on your locality and region. 


Here’s how you can leverage local SEO to get more plumbing customers:

i)Online client reviews:  There are multiple directories where clients can express how unhappy (or satisfied) they are with your business. The more positive reviews you have, the simple it is to rank on search engines like Google or Bing.

ii)Name, Address, and Phone number {NAP} citations Make sure that all your online listings are 100% consistent across every platform to allow prospects/clients to contact your business when they need emergency plumbing services.

iii)Online Reputation Management: Sometimes, customers will leave negative reviews, but you can manage to change their experience in how you respond. Customers are waiting to see how promptly and professionally you respond to bad reviews. If you do it right, it might close a sale just like a positive review would.

iv)Ranking in the map listings (Local pack):  This will depend on the proximity of a property owner to your plumbing business. And it can help to ensure that your primary category matches your plumbing service and has lots of reviews across the web.

v)Use white hat SEO strategiesWhite hat” refers to the use of best practices to generate great results for their clients. On the flip side, “black hat” refers to any practices that violate search engine’s best practices and get your plumber website penalized.

3. Submit Your Plumbing Business to Major Online Directories

Plumbing is primarily a local business, so your prospects will find you through local business directories, and thus having your company published in online directories is essential. Listing your plumbing company in major online directories can boost your visibility online.

Adding your plumbing business to online directories will establish trust and improves your chances of getting found by potential customers.

Here are some of the major directories that you can use to list your plumbing company:

Google My Business Profile

When property owners search for local plumbers, Google compiles a list of plumbing contractors that satisfy user search. Such results appear in a box known as the local three-pack. Generally, the pack lists three major plumbers that satisfy the user search query based on proximity and their search for the business’s location.

As a plumber, you must register and claim your Google My Business listing to help more prospects find your plumbing company. Homeowners will find all the details they require in your listing, making them interact with your listing, and it can make them visit your plumbing

website if they want. Getting your Google My Business profile is one of the

best plumbing marketing ideas, particularly when you want to drive traffic to

your local plumbing business.


When searching for a plumbing company, homeowners no doubt look for reviews. And your clients do the same. Yelp is one of the famous online directories where customers can leave reviews. So how can you leverage Yelp for your plumbing company? Click here to know to make the most out of this platform.

Here are other online directories where you can list your plumbing company:

4. Get New Plumbing Clients Through Pay-Per-Click Ads

If you want to get qualified plumbing leads online, invest in Pay-Per-Click ads. PPC is an effective plumbing marketing idea since it helps you reach prospects likely to close and become paying clients.

To get started with PPC campaigns, choose the correct keywords. Like plumbing SEO, concentrate on the long-tail keywords, which will drive relevant traffic and keep your ad spend low.

Once you have discovered your keywords through tools like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, or Ahrefs, bid for the placing of your ad.

This plumbing marketing strategy is cost-effective because it allows you to control how much you want to spend per click.

Once you have set the PPC, you can begin to get more leads for your plumbing business. To make the most out of your paid search campaign, you can also run Google Local Service Ads

for plumbers.

Such ads show above PPC ads, and they offer all the details a homeowner would require to contact your business, so your marketing dollars are only spent when a browser converts than on clicks.

However, to run Google Local Service Ads, you must pass through a verification process to become Google Guaranteed. This simply implies that Google will verify your insurance and license information and tell prospects that a particular layer of protection and trust comes with partnering with your plumbing business.

Pro tip: If you want to target prospects likely to schedule service appointments, invest in Pay-Per-Click ads to drive such prospects to your plumbing business.

5. Connect With Your Potential Clients with Social Media Advertising

Social media provides a great platform to interact with your potential clients. Nowadays, no plumber marketing plan is complete without leveraging the benefits of social media marketing channels, and compelling platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Instagram is mainly a powerful platform for plumbers since its content is visual. You can utilize it to build a massive following, demonstrate past projects, share your vision, and portray your plumbing business as an authority. Ensure you engage with your prospects regularly, post content regularly, and keep your content varied and evergreen. Possible social media content for plumbers may include:

i) Interior design photoshoots

ii) After and before pictures of completed projects.

iii) How-to videos

To promote your social media posts across channels, include your account handles on business cards, brochures, and other marketing collateral, like at the footer of your plumber’s website or email signatures.

Using social media posts and paid ads, you will reach valuable leads for your plumbing company. This will help you connect better with your target audience and offer valuable insights that interest them.

6. Share Your Plumbing Knowledge with Some Compelling Content

Content marketing is an essential part of digital marketing for plumbers since it is integral to other strategies. It can help boost your plumber’s SEO efforts, give you content to post on social media and offer you something to use in your emails, for instance.

That’s why it is an essential strategy to help your plumbing company build its customer base. But when creating content, concentrate on the value it offers your readers, and it should provide answers to the questions your audience has. To drive relevant traffic to your company, focus on writing topics about the plumbing industry.

By writing informative, compelling content as a part of your plumber marketing strategy, you will attract more valuable traffic to your plumbing website.


7. Improve Your Online Reputation

Review management is an integral part of any successful plumbing business online. Property owners regularly read online reviews or testimonials to see how others perceive your business. You must manage your company’s online reviews to ensure that new prospects/leads select your business.

As a plumber, you will have both negative and positive reviews. However, negative reviews aren’t the end since prospects also expect them. The essential part is how you respond to such reviews.

Here is a good way of dealing with online reviews; thank clients for their positive compliments while addressing the negative ones. Acknowledging your customer’s problems or experiences is an excellent step toward showing clients that you truly care for their needs.


If you want to grow your plumbing company on the internet, invest in online reputation management services for your plumbing business.

Pamphlets, Business Cards, and Flyers

This plumber marketing technique is simple yet effective, particularly in service areas where word-of-mouth recommendations can be used to grow your business.


Business cards remain a powerful and effective weapon for plumbing contractors. They provide a personalized yet quick method of connecting existing and attracting new customers. Only place the vital details on your card, and avoid the temptation of sharing all your plumbing services on a single business card.


Flyers and pamphlets can offer any additional information about your plumbing business that cannot be traced on a business card at a glance.


8. Use Quality Videos to Engage Your Target Audience

Video marketing is no doubt one of the most effective ways of delivering messages within a short time. 

Plumbing videos provide a fun way for homeowners to get crucial information. It allows one to showcase past projects, build brand awareness and explain complex topics.


As a plumbing contractor, you want to create informative and helpful videos for your audience. Such videos can assist them in digesting huge amounts of information within a short span. You can create quality videos to showcase things like:

  • How to fix a leaky toilet?
  • How to fix a bathroom faucet?
  • Bathroom remodeling tips

So, suppose your business continues to post such videos. In that case, prospects/ clients will begin to associate with your brand with relevant and helpful videos and can contact your company in case of major plumbing emergencies.

9. Use Geofencing Advertising to Reach New Plumbing Clients 

Geofencing advertising is an effective plumber marketing technique that can help you reach new customers. Using this strategy, you set up an “invisible fence.” The fence, such as your plumbing business, encompasses a specific area surrounding a building.

Once property owners enter the fence, they get a notification about your business or a Google or Facebook ad about your company. This can cause them to come to your door or think about contacting your plumbing company.

As a plumber, you want to target conferences, trade shows, and other events that homeowners or business owners attend. It is an effective way to get attendees to consider your plumbing business at the first chance.

 10.  Add Branding Everywhere 

Suppose your plumbing company doesn’t have a unique branding strategy. Plumber services lend it well to branding on uniforms, vehicles, and more.

Let’s face it: if you have vans or technicians driving around your neighborhood, a branded vehicle wrap would be a simple way of marketing your plumbing company.

Pro tip: Ensure that your branding incorporates a link to your plumber’s website and your phone number, so it’s easy for prospects to find out about your company when they see your brand.

11. Retarget Your Potential Clients 


Not every visitor who lands on your plumbing website will schedule a plumbing service appointment or call you for their plumbing needs, and they might go to another plumber or come back later when ready to use your plumbing services.

But should you let go of these potential clients just because they are unsure or ready? Of course, not! You should retarget these prospects by utilizing smart marketing techniques.

One of the most effective ways to retarget such clients is to ensure they see your plumbing service ads even if they are not browsing your site. Such an ad will ensure that the idea of getting professional plumbing services doesn’t slip away from their mind so that they call you once they are ready.

Common Plumbing Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

The goal of any plumbing contractor is to get more revenue by driving new business. So how can you avoid the common pitfalls that most plumbers make?

To run an effective plumber marketing campaign, avoid these mistakes:

Mistake 1: Skipping the Research

Plumbing marketing decisions shouldn’t be based on emotions or feelings. As a plumber, you don’t have enough resources to analyze your market in-depth, and that doesn’t imply you should create promotions in a vacuum.

You have one significant advantage over larger plumbing companies, access to your clients. Speak to your clients about what they deem helpful. As a rule of thumb, don’t invest your marketing dollars in a campaign that won’t lead to plumbing service appointments. There has to be a demand for your services if you want to book more jobs.

Mistake 2: Trying to Create Your Plumbing Website

 Persuading a site visitor to contact your plumbing company is a science that most plumbers do incorrectly. Here are some plumbing website designs pitfalls that you need to avoid:

  • Not explaining what you want people to do after visiting your site( i.e., booking an appointment)


  • Not using a user and SEO-friendly web copy (i.e., brochure-style or cluttered website)


  • It is not satisfying the search intent (different groups, varying needs).


How can a plumber avoid this?


Resist the urge to utilize readymade website templates or hire your nephew to create your plumbing company website. Instead, use a reputable plumber marketing agency like Blackstorm Design+ Marketing to ensure that you are guiding as many property owners as possible toward contacting your company for services.


Mistake #2: Creating a plumbing website no one visits

A common misconception is that property owners will magically visit your newly built plumbing website. After all the money and time you have invested in creating the plumber’s website, you should make sure that property owners can see it.


How can you avoid this?


Fortunately, our search engine optimization experts can help you optimize your plumbing website for users and search engines like Google or Bing.


Mistake #3: Not Knowing if your plumber marketing campaigns are working

Maybe you sponsored a local event or gave out brochures. But do you know how many property owners visit your plumbing website or contact or email your business due to such online marketing tactics?


Your marketing dollars can easily be wasted if you don’t know the number of prospects and clients your advertising produces.


How can you avoid this?


The good thing with internet marketing is that everything is measurable. There are strategies to measure precisely the number of calls, emails, and clicks generated from one advertisement. This will encourage continuing with your marketing efforts.


Mistake # 4: Not Converting Browsers into Paying Clients

Generating interest in your plumbing company will help you succeed, but you and your staff need to take it to the next level.


Make sure you pick up every call. One missed call, and you lose your prospect to the competition.


How can you avoid this?


Improve your systems and control how prospects are contacting you. Level the playing field by investing in good CRM software, building your plumber website, and managing your leads on autopilot.


Plumbing Marketing Services FAQ


How can I market my plumbing company?

There are several strategies that you can use to advertise your plumbing business, including but not restricted to:

  • Creating a plumber website that converts browsers into paying clients
  • Get and manage online reviews
  • Optimize your website for search engines and users.
  • Claiming your listings in major online directories.


What is internet marketing for plumbers? 

Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, is a term used to denote marketing activities online. This can include Search Engine Optimization, web design, PayPerClick, online reputation management, retargeting, social media advertisement, and so much more!


Why should plumbing contractors invest in internet marketing?

Plumbing contractors should invest in online marketing because over 90% of property owners require a plumber, and the initial place to look is online. If your plumbing business doesn’t have a vibrant online presence, then you stand to lose leads to the competition.


What internet marketing services for plumbers do you offer? 

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we offer a full suite of online marketing services for plumbers. This includes everything from website design, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Retargeting, PPC, and Social Media advertising.


Stop Wasting Your Dollars on Plumber Marketing that doesn’t work, and Let Your Phone Ring off the Hook.


As a plumber, you have better things to worry about than what keywords search engines love these days. If you are tired of wasting your dollars on plumber marketing strategies that don’t generate desired results, our experts would love to help.  

Schedule a free strategy session online with one of our Growth Coaches or call us at 1 (865) 205-8822 to get an excellent plumber marketing plan today!


Plumbing SEO

Plumbing Ads: Game-Changing Strategies to Attract New Clients and Book More Service Jobs

Learn the fundamentals of plumbing ads that will help grow your business (both offline and online)

The plumbing industry is experiencing a boom in times with more than 70% of plumbers saying revenues are growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for plumbers is expected to grow by 16% between 2018 to 2027. Thanks to its growth, the plumbing industry is also competitive. In fact, there are more than 480, 600 plumbers in the United States.

With such cutthroat competition, how do you keep your plumbing business’s name in front of potential clients?

That’s why you are here: to learn about plumbing ad strategies to help your business stand out in the industry.

Clogged toilet

If you want to attract new clients, re-engage clients who booked a one-off service job and scale your plumbing company, ads are a great place to begin.

Digital ads for plumbers help you target a particular audience, make the most of your budget, and check what works and what doesn’t to develop a marketing plan for your plumbing business.

This post will help your master the fundamentals of plumbing advertising for search engines, social media, and more.

Without further ado, let us dive in!

What is Plumbing Advertising?

Plumbing service advertising

As a plumber, you provide an essential service. And your clients require that service.

Plumbing advertising or plumbing ads revolve around how you connect their demand with your supply (your plumbing services).

Go back five decades, and plumbing advertising was in print – whether it was a billboard, newspaper, or magazine. But nowadays, the majority of plumbing ads are conducted online since that’s where your clients spend most of their time.

The major types of plumbing ads are run in the form of:

Plumbing ads

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads

In this post, we are going to discuss the ad types listed above, showing you how to make the most out of your ads and tons of tips to manage your plumbing advertising campaigns and book more plumbing service jobs.

But first, let us first answer this most important question:

Do I require plumbing ads if I have work coming in?

With the plumbing industry booming, more and more plumbers are identifying the potential to make good money. And with the stiff competition, the ability to attract clients will break or make your plumbing business.

Benefits of Plumbing Ads

Online plumbing ads can bring your business a consistent stream of leads.

What if someone told you, you could advertise your plumbing services online to clients within 1 mile of your plumbing company? Or that your business can reach prospects or clients who look on Google for “plumbing business near me” when they are close by?

This is the power of digital advertising. Modern marketing tools help plumbing companies to reach clients at the right place and time. With advanced analytics, digital marketing for plumbers isn’t a game of guesswork but a correct strategy that helps you achieve high ROI.

Simply put, online plumbing ads can bring your business a consistent stream of leads, thus reducing your cost of acquiring new clients, greater engagement with current clients, and consequently help unprecedented growth of your plumbing company.

The four main types of online advertising are paid search, native, display, and social media advertising. All of them reach your target market in a measurable and cost-effective way while increasing client loyalty and increasing your sales online.

Without further ado, let’s dive into how Google, Instagram, and Facebook work for plumbing companies.

Google Ads for Plumbers

Google Ads are the most common kind of ads that plumbers use.

Modern customers turn to Google to find solutions to their plumbing problems. Therefore, internet marketing is all about being available whenever consumers look for information about your plumbing service business.

Google Ads are the most common kind of ads that plumbers use. It is a beneficial advertising platform for plumbing contractors. You can use Google Ads to drive traffic to your plumbing website and establish your reputation, which can help you book more service jobs.

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Google Ads is an efficient way to get your plumbing website seen in the top organic results on Google. This increases your chances that someone who requires a plumbing contractor will see your site first, which makes them more likely to call you about their plumbing needs.

But what are the actual advantages of Google Ads to plumbers? And is it worth it for your plumbing business? Here are some of the main advantages for your company:

  • Get more customers: When prospects see that Google ad is always among the prominent results, they will begin associating with your brand with reliability and quality.
  • Increased Visibility: With Google Ads, you can ensure that your plumbing website will be among the very first search results. This will significantly boost the chances of prospects finding you while they look for the plumbing services you provide. Additionally, when prospects come across your plumbing Google Ads repeatedly, they will remember your brand and become familiar with it.
  • Build Your Reputation: Online reputation management is really crucial for any type of home service business nowadays. Potential clients do not look at the quality of work or a professional portfolio.

Here are some strategies that will help you make the most out of Google Ads for plumbers:

Choose the Right Keywords

Search bar template

Google ads are one of the most potent tools in any plumbing marketing toolbox. Why? Since they place your ad right in front of your target client while they look for exactly what they require. But selecting the right Google ads keywords is always a daunting task. There are a lot of things that goes into it, and if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be a waste of money and time. With the right keywords, you can drive insane amounts of traffic who require specific plumbing help – and you will be the plumber to offer it to them. In order to choose the right keywords for your Google Ads campaign, you need to understand your target audience and their needs.

Competitors Bidding

Two men using laptop while running

A competitor bid is an ad that focuses on the search terms your rivals use to get new clients. It often appears identical to the original company website but with quality links going back to your website. This strategy has become more common as plumbing brands try their hand at paid search ads on Google.

Select the Ad types

Google provides numerous ad types, and it is incredibly crucial to select the right ones for your plumbing business. Here are some of the Google Ad types you may want to consider:

  • Responsive Ads: Responsive text ads instantly optimize themselves depending on what target market they are displayed to. They help you to include several descriptions and headlines, which can be combined in a manner that makes sense of every member’s search query. They are designed to make the most out of your screen space, so they are great for mobile users.Responsive Ads gif
  • Display ads: Google display ads utilize text and images to target prospects as they browse apps or websites in the Google Display Network. This network is comprised of more than 2 million websites, reaching more than 90% of all internet browsers all over the world. Display ads are particularly useful when it comes to reaching new clients but also work perfectly as part of your plumbing retargeting strategy.Google display ads gif

Use Negative Keywords to Avoid Wasting Your Advertising Dollars

Negative keywords are a great tool for plumbing Google Ads.

Negative keywords are a great tool for plumbing Google Ads. They can help to prevent your Google Ads from showing up for searches that are too narrow or too broad for the service you offer, phrases that people may search for when they are ready to book a service, or even searches for services that are similar but not identical to yours.

Create and Optimize Your Landing Pages

Plumbers landing page

For your business to succeed in Google Ads, you must place your ads on high-quality landing pages that can transform a prospect into a client. To make a quality landing page, you need to include relevant content, use high-quality images, use a compelling and clear call to action and make sure your site loads super-fast.

Setup Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

If you are running a plumbing Google Ads campaign and not monitoring, you are throwing away your advertising dollars. Conversion tracking is the only way to know whether your Google Ads campaign is working or not. There are different types of conversions that you can track including sales, phone calls, and more. You can monitor all these things with Google Ads and understand how well every ad campaign is performing for the type of conversion.

Google Local Service Ads for Plumbers

Business overview

Just like the conventional pay-per-click plumbing (PPC) ads, Google Local Service ads show up at the top of search engine result pages- above organic listings.

These ads assist more local prospects to find your plumbing company, learn more about your plumbing services, and call you to take the next desired step.

Local Service ads for plumbing contractors typically feature three businesses at the top of the organic search results.

Prospects can pick these three plumbers or select “more plumbing businesses” to see their other options.

After clicking on more plumbers prospects will see a whole page filed with local plumbing contractors. At the top of this page, they can filter plumbing businesses by selecting the service they require.

This filtering option makes it hassle-free for users to identify the right plumber that suits their needs. Once a prospect finds the appropriate plumber, they will click on the listing to obtain more information.

On this page, they can see your areas and the services you offer. Prospects or visitors will also see a bio section of your plumbing company with a bulleted list of essential company characteristics. You offer your target audience crucial information here; the number of years you have been in the plumbing industry or sharing that you offer free estimates.

If prospects love what they see on your business listing, they can call your plumbing company right from the advertisement, and you will only pay when people contact your company.

Investing in Google Local Service Ads for plumbers is a great way to:

  • Be found at the very top of Google search results on a tablet, computer, and mobile device
  • Increase online leads to your plumbing business
  • Generate more low-cost leads.

The other difference with these ads is that instead of targeting search terms or keywords, they focus on famous plumbing services like sewer line repair, fixture installation, drain cleaning, Garbage disposal installation, plumbing repair, refining, and more.

Does my plumbing business require local service ads?


One reason why Local Service Ads are the best type of plumbing ads is because you only pay after every lead who contacts you, as opposed to pay for every click, like under the pay-per-click advertising for plumbers.

Plumbing SEO services can take your website near the top of organic search results but you require Google’s Local Service ads to get to the coveted #1 spot on Google.

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads image

Google Display ads can help you promote your plumbing services when prospects are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, or using mobile apps and devices and more. Just like the conventional billboards along a highway, these ads are displayed to anyone who browses on the internet and gives your company greater online visibility.

Google Display ads for plumbers operate as your secret agent who goes out and tracks down your prospects, then displaying the ads that they think you are interested in viewing. You will better placed to persuade that client and drive them to your plumbing website.

Facebook Ads for Plumbers

Facebook Ads template

Social media for plumbers can be a great tool to advertise your plumbing business, and it helps you easily target your ideal clients and monitor your ad campaign results. Use social media to advertise specials or services, show off a perfectly done project or share positive testimonials or reviews.

There are numerous ways you can advertise your plumbing company on Facebook, including particular posts that are currently on your Facebook business page or developing catchy ads.

The best plumbing ads on Facebook are targeted to a particular audience, regularly optimized for numerous devices, and integrated with a larger internet marketing strategy.

Since prospects are not actively looking for services to book on Facebook (unless they are on a marketplace), the platform utilizes an interest-based marketing strategy. It helps you advertise to particular audiences depending on their online activities and interests.

Facebook’s sophisticated target audience selection tools allow plumbing ads to target the following:

  • Lookalike audiences: Reach new clients whose interests are the same as those of your best clients.
  • Custom audiences: Prospects who have already engaged with your plumbing company off or online.
  • Core audiences: Users grouped together by interests, geography, age, and income level among other things.

If you are not leveraging Facebook’s advanced targeting models, you are missing out on an important tool that can assist you to reduce your advertising dollars and skyrocketing your conversion rates.

Examples of Plumbing Facebook Ads

Photo Ads

Plumbing inspection and repair

You can utilize photo albums to advertise different plumbing services, as well as after-and-before images of successfully completed projects. Before and after images work especially well because they highlight your skills and show prospects what they can expect when they start working with your business.

Video Ads

Plumbing slide show

If you show your friend how to eliminate water from a flooded basement, then you will be the first person they will call if one of their water pipes bursts. Your friend will trust your company with their project because you have assisted them before. Video ads have emerged as one of the most efficient formats to promote your plumbing services or brand in multiple ways. With Facebook ads for plumbers, it’s possible to share a video from its Ad manager or boost a specific post that incorporates a video from your Facebook Page.

Story Ads

Facebook story

These full-screen experiences show up in between the stories prospects or clients regularly watch. Story ads provide more freedom than the typical image or video ads since you can experiment with different augmented reality and video effects.

And remember, simple posts on your Facebook page feed that display your expertise can be just as effective at reaching your plumbing ad campaign goals. If you follow an internet marketing strategy and create valuable content consistently that aligns with the needs of your target audience and inspires long-term relationships.

Instagram Ads for Plumbers

Instagram Ads

If you think that Instagram is only for brand influencers, think again!

Instagram has more than 1 Billion active users every month, and most of those users are in the market for plumbing repair, maintenance, replacements, or more. The primary benefit Instagram has over other advertising platforms is its visual nature. If you have a plumbing business that offers services having a visibly noticeable result (plumbing services), then Instagram is a good platform to advertise and showcase your plumbing business.

Visual appeal is a huge factor when prospects make a purchase or hire your plumbing services. In some cases, visual content generates more plumbing leads since it is easier and faster for the brain to process.

Moreover, Instagram Ads are fully integrated with Facebook Ads, so you can have some customization, targeting abilities, and diverse ad formatting. Instagram works perfectly when ads are designed to engage with your sales funnel and are simple.

Instagram is an image-based social media advertising platform for plumbing contractors. To outrank other posts from your competitors, you want to be sure that you use strong videos and images that tell a story of the projects you have completed for previous clients.

Just like Facebook, Instagram offers numerous plumbing ad types including:

  • Image ads
  • Stories ads
  • Collection ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads and more

Naturally, the kind of plumbing ad format will depend on your target audience and campaign ads.

Offline Plumbing Ads

As an internet marketing agency for plumbers, we always call for digital transformation and regularly underscore the value of internet marketing. But, we also understand that service-based businesses like plumbing contractors still benefit from conventional advertising techniques because their operations are mainly bound by their location or service area.

Ideally, your plumbing company should be doing both offline and online digital advertising to reach as many clients as possible. When it comes to offline plumbing ads, a few conventional strategies are still effective such as:

Sending postcards to homes or businesses in your service area

Postman putting a letter in a house mailbox

A postcard has the power to target your market with a concise and clear message. And it achieves by grabbing your potential client’s attention. A high-quality postcard cannot be ignored easily by prospects or clients.

Postcards are easier to create using the free templates from Mail chimp. They are also inexpensive to distribute because you can mail them in bulk quantities.

  • Putting Lawn Signs on the property of satisfied clients
  • Car van wraps
  • Business cards
  • And more

Plumbing Pay Per Lead Generation Sites for Plumbers

Lead generation websites normally connect clients in need of services (such as plumbing) with the right plumbers. These platforms help plumbing contractors to connect with prospects who are actively searching for their services online:


Thumbtack website

Thumbtack for plumbers operates in two ways:

  • Homeowners can look for plumbers who may be well-suited for their projects.
  • Plumbers can select the type of leads they wish to pay for by tweaking their target audience preferences.


Nextdoor website

Advertising your services on Nextdoor can assist your plumbing company to get found by local businesses or homeowners that require your services.

You can use Nextdoor to launch your business to your local community, establish your reputation, and post ads.

Plumbing Ad Ideas to Help You Get Started

Know Your Target Market

Target Market

Whether you use Google ads, Facebook ads, or postcards, you will need to first understand your target market.

List down every detail you know about your best and current plumbing clients, including:

  • What kind of neighborhood do they reside in?
  • What type of businesses or homes do they have?
  • How old are they? Do they have a family?
  • What are their income levels?
  • When do they frequent most during their leisure time? (Online? Instagram or Facebook? Or at a local community center or library?)
  • What type of plumbing services do they normally need?

The responses to these questions will assist you to create ads that resonate with your target audience.

Know What Makes Your Plumbing Company Unique

Plumber screwing nut of pipe in the heating system in the boiler room

Figure out why your current clients choose your company to solve their plumbing needs. What makes you outrank your competitors?

This is what is known as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Write down the USP in a few words and incorporate it into your plumbing ads.

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Define Your Plumbing Advertising Goals

Plumbing technician finishing kitchen sink pipeline installation

Knowing your plumbing marketing goals will assist you to craft an effective plumber advertising campaign and select the right platforms.

Here are a few examples of plumbing ad goals you may have:

  • You have a new service to promote
  • You have just launched your business and require plumbing leads urgently.
  • You have expanded your plumbing business in a new neighborhood and want to outrank well-established competitors.

Then figure out which plumber advertising channel will be most effective to achieve your goals. For instance, if you want to improve brand awareness, Google display ads will be a great option. If you need plumbing leads urgently, Google’s local Service Ads or search ads may be a great fit for you.

Develop Your Ads

Content ads creation

Make utilize these tips to design a professional ad for your plumbing company:

  • Keep your ad design simple by concentrating on one message (e.g., testimonial, service, or before and after photos).
  • Add a compelling and clear call to action that encourage clients to visit your plumbing website or contact you to book your plumbing services.
  • Select your brand colors and utilize them for all your ads to remain memorable and consistent.
  • Use professional templates to design great plumbing ads to reach more clients.

Allocate Your Advertising Budget

Financial planning for your advertising

To set your advertising budget, you should be able to know the amount you are likely to spend in acquiring a new lead.

Next, figure out the number of clients you require consistently every month.

Do this to know your monthly advertisement budget:

Client acquisition cost X the number of customers per month = Monthly ad spend.

Remember to stick to your budget once you have set it. Internet advertising can be very expensive and you don’t want to spend more dollars than you can afford.

Monitor Your Ad Campaigns

Track your ad’s results and performance

To make the most out of your plumbing advertising strategy, you need to track your ad’s results and performance. This will help you know if you are attaining your goals and what advertising channels or platforms generate more results for your plumbing company.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing Ads

question marks gif

What is the best platform to advertise your plumbing company?

Facebook remains the most famous social media around the world. It is a great start for plumbing advertising, as the platform recommends local plumbing businesses in the neighborhood to clients seeking out plumbing services.

How can I market my small plumbing business?

Here are our best ways to begin some marketing in ways that you have never imagined before including:

  • Creating a professional plumbing website
  • Conduct SEO to make your website get found by prospects online
  • Use paid search engine marketing to make your website get found on the first page of Google search results
  • Foster online reviews
  • Start a customer referral program

How do you get more clients to your plumbing business?

Here are some marketing strategies that you can use to attract new clients to your plumbing services business:

  • Optimize your Google Business Profile
  • Use Google Ads
  • Try Google Local Service Ads
  • Create helpful and informative content
  • Submit your plumbing website to online business directories.

Plumbing Ad Services from Blackstorm Design + Marketing

Plumber with laptop

Blackstorm Design +Marketing is home to plumbing ad experts. We have many years of proven experience advertising plumbing businesses like yours.

We often realize that plumbers that we have worked with are not experts in generating leads and sales online, a skill their rivals have easily honed.

We understand that you are dealing with real and urgent issues such as unblocking a clogged sink in your client’s homes. Let us deal with all the crap online so that you can focus on what matters most-serving your clients.

Schedule a free discovery call with Blackstorm Design + Marketing to learn how digital advertising for plumbers can improve your marketing strategy or read on to know more about our digital marketing services for plumbers

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