Plumber Website Design Guide

Plumber Website Design: The Definitive Guide to Creating a High-Performance Website


Attract More Customers, Crush Your Competition And Earn More Profits With A Customized Plumber Website From Our Digital Marketing Experts.


Not too long ago, a plumbing contractor only required radio ads, word-of-mouth referrals, and regular printed ads to keep clients scheduling service appointments. But, today, you cannot push your brand in front of prospects that aren’t actively searching for your plumbing services. Nowadays, the internet can help you put your plumbing services in the right places and have prospects find you online.


Latest customer statistics show that more than 80% of searches for services and products start online. Plumbing services are no different. However, publishing a few social media posts cannot harness this market potential. You require a user-friendly, interactive plumber website that captures high search intent traffic and transforms browsers into paying clients.


A conversion-focused plumber website is more than your online brochure. It acts as a 24/7/365 lead-generating machine that provides potential customers with the information they need and is a great way of interacting with your plumbing company. As such, we cannot overemphasize the need to develop a client-centered website design for plumbers.

Why Is A Good Web Design For Plumbers Crucial? 

Since more than 70% of prospects conduct research online before contacting your business, having a professional plumber website is essential to put your business in front of these potential clients.


Besides, having an optimized, well-designed plumber website helps you rank on the coveted top position in the search engines like Google or Bing. So, if a prospect looks for keywords like “Plumber in Nashville, TN,” your optimized site is what will pop up in the search results.


Your plumbing company website also forms the initial impression of your business, and more than 90% of factors that affect the initial appearance are closely related to your website design.

If a prospect loves your plumbing website’s functionality and design, they will likely hang in more prolonged and become clients. On the flip side, if your site creates a wrong initial impression, they go to another plumber’s website instead.


Your website design could also impact the number of customers and leads you to obtain from your plumbing company website. A good plumber website design makes it easy for prospects to find your contact details, and utilizing the online appointment booking features will produce great results for your company.


Having a responsive plumber website is typically the first thing you want to do if you wish to create a professional web presence for your plumbing company.


The benefits discussed above can only be attained when you hire a reputable plumbing web design agency for your site. But what are the common features of well-designed plumber websites? Let’s explore the top tips to help you build an excellent plumbing company website.

How To Create A Plumber Website That Drives Service Appointments On Autopilot

So, how do you build a plumber website that generates consistent leads? Here are some simple steps that you should follow:

  • Set the Objectives/goals of Your Plumbing Website

Before you embark on a journey to building a website for your plumbing company, set goals, and figure out what you want to achieve with your site.

You can set many goals for your plumbing website, including but not restricted to:

  • Increasing leads
  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Increasing conversions
  • And more. 

Setting goals before you begin creating will assist you in building a plumbing company website to help you achieve those goals.

  • Select a Domain Name

You will also be required to choose a web hosting service provider who will store all your data.

You can select a shared web host or a dedicated server for your plumbing website. A shared web host will be the most cost-effective option if your plumber’s website is relatively small.

Some web hosts also provide cloud hosting, using several cloud-based servers to host your plumbing website. This option enhances reliability while reducing the overall cost. If one server fails, the others will continue functioning.


  • Decide on Design and Functionality Style

Know your plumbing website’s features and what design style would work for your company.

At your website’s core, you require functional navigation and clean design. Such elements will help you build a user-friendly website that engages your prospects.

Some of the additional elements you may want to incorporate are:

  • Online appointment booking
  • Social media integration
  • A Content Management system for blog
  • Ability to receive or send payments online.

You should also select a design that reflects your brand and assists you in standing out from the crowd.


  • Create Your Pages

Now you can start building your pages. The pages you require will depend on your plumbing company goals, but the primary pages to create are:

i) A home page

ii) About us page

iii) A service page

ix) Contact page

Plus, ensure that every page has a particular purpose and assists you in achieving your objectives somehow. You can also add other pages as per your plumbing marketing needs.


  • Test and Launch Your Plumber Website

Before you publish your website, test it thoroughly.

Try it on all leading browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and test it on various devices, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Make sure you try all of your links and features. Once you have confirmed your plumbing website works, it is time to launch it!

16 Best Plumbing Website Design Practices For 2021 And Beyond

The first step in marketing your plumbing company is to build a website that works twice as hard as you do. There is a common misconception that you don’t need to do much to market or promote your plumbing business because you offer an essential service and are always in demand. The only way to differentiate yourself and grow your brand in a competitive market, such as plumbing, is to have a professional plumbing services website.

So, how do you build a plumbing company website that generates desired results? Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Seamless Navigation

When prospects visit your plumbing website searching for particular information or service, they should find it without hassle. This needs the site to build to quickly discover every info and page from the home page to the last page on your site.


Sometimes, too much intricate design and creativity can make navigating your site difficult. 


Nothing increases your site’s bounce rate more than poorly built navigation. The sad reality is that visitors will leave your plumber website if it is hard to navigate.

 As expectations hit the roof and attention spans become shorter, seamless navigation is necessary for all business websites. Plumbers, in particular, should strive to make their sites easily navigable, as this can mean the difference between a lost cause and a qualified plumbing lead.


2. User-Friendly Design

 The first requirement of any plumber’s website design is its user-friendliness. Browsers will judge your site within a few seconds, particularly if they require emergency plumbing services. So, don’t clutter your site design with overwhelming images, many contrast fonts, or loads of stuff.

A user-friendly website design is simple to navigate, loads in less than three seconds and doesn’t interrupt the user experience via unnecessary redirects or pop-ups. You should ensure that all the crucial information should appear on top of the web page so that visitors will not have to scroll through various pages to get what they are searching for.


Instead, give browsers the information they are actively looking for once they land on your site:

  • Who are you?
  • What kind of plumbing services do you offer?
  • How can they contact your company?

Once you have answered these questions, it is time to hire a reputable plumbing web design agency to build your site!


3. A Professional Plumbing Company Logo

A professional and unique company logo can help legitimize your business and create a memorable brand. Investing in a professional logo is as crucial as a plumber’s website design.

A well-designed logo differentiates your company from other plumbers and helps prospects easily recognize your business. It allows you to showcase your company’s vision, mission, and core values.


A professional plumbing company logo creates an impression on your prospect’s mind showing your seriousness towards your company, enhances trust, and can help in branding activities. Therefore, invest your marketing dollars and time to build a killer plumber website design.


4. Easy to Find Contact Information

When customers have a clogged toilet or any other plumbing emergency, they want to contact you promptly. 


Thus making it easy to find you will make you win new clients and get more leads.

Put your phone number on the main page of your site using high-contrast colors. We highly recommend including an online form for booking plumbing services because not all customers want to call your company.

You are a plumber, and your professional services are like family doctors.

My kid refers to anyone visiting our home for repair tasks as a “Doctor.” So a plumbing contractor is a “pipe doctor.” The guy who helped with the kitchen was a “kitchen doctor” and so on.

I usually save the numbers of such contractors as emergency numbers in my phone numbers. So your contact information on your plumber website should promote your phone number prominently at all places in case your plumbing company caters to any of such “doctor-like “emergency services.

Your plumber’s website should provide multiple ways to connect with your company. For example, a contact number and address with a map, email, and a contact form where prospects/ clients can leave their information plus any comments/ queries they might have.

Giving out your email and phone numbers makes your plumbing business appear more credible and trustworthy.

Even if a prospect doesn’t contact you, you can be confident that it can leave them with a feeling that you are just one phone call away.

The top left or right corner of your plumber website’s Homepage is a prominent place to display your contact details. It can also be showcased as a contact tab or form and a pop-up causing it to be added with all the essential details on all web pages.


5. A Responsive Website Design

Responsive plumber website design will ensure a seamless user experience and keep clients returning to your site. Various elements need to be maintained to attain a responsive web design.


First, you must ensure that your site can be accessed through various mobile devices, namely phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. You should present the information with minimal clutter.

The font size and style should be simple to follow, and the navigation should be seamless.

Besides, you should check for broken links and rectify them, ensure images are high quality and non-copyrighted, add customer testimonials and reviews, write down all your plumbing services, and include clear contact information.


6. A Compelling Call to Action

Now that potential clients can smoothly access and navigate your plumbing website, what do you want them to do next?

You probably want them to schedule service appointments since that is your ultimate goal. To achieve that, you should add a clear and compelling Call To Action (CTA) at prime spots on your website so that prospects can know what you want them to do.


Some ideas on incorporating a call to action on your plumbing site would be to offer a call or email button on the contact us page or include a booking form attached where you write all your services so that people can book instantly.


7. Provide an Easy Way to Request Plumbing Service

As mentioned earlier, your plumber website should easily help your prospects and clients request services. Adding the right CTA buttons on your website, particularly in the services and contact section, will ensure your prospects/clients don’t have to waste time when booking appointments or service requests.


8. Types of Plumbing Services Provided

There are many services offered under the plumbing category. If you write down the services provided by your plumbing business, it will help prospects/ clients know whether availing of such services would help them.


So, make sure you list your plumbing services on your site and describe each so prospects/clients who don’t know can be familiar with your business.


 9. The Location You Serve

In a highly location-specific industry like plumbing, you should specify the areas and locations you serve as explicitly as possible. Your plumber’s website should also carry your contact details, and it would be best to tell prospects where you are and the areas you serve.

If you serve a particular city or state only, you must mention it on your plumbing website. This will ensure that people not within your serviceable areas don’t waste their time calling your company or filling out the callback form. It will also assist you in filtering out unwanted plumbing leads and aiming for those relevant to your service area.


10. Convey Your Unique Value Proposition

What elements make your plumbing service better than other plumbers in your area? If such a feature exists, you should convey it to your clients and prospects to show them why plumbing service is worth their time and money.

Your competitive difference should be highlighted in your plumbing website’s “Why Us” section. You should analyze your competitors, explore what makes you different, and show that to your prospects/ clients.


11. Post Original Videos and Photos

Adding original videos and photos to your plumbing website will help to strengthen the claim about your services. Where your budget allows, you can hire a photographer to take pictures of your team members at work or record a video.


You can post such pictures with a brief description in the gallery section of your plumbing website so that people can get a glimpse of your services. This will establish trust in your target market and help them confidently schedule service appointments.


12. Awards, Certifications, and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are no doubt the most trustable proof of service. When you serve your customers, always ask them to give you feedback on the services rendered and request them to leave a testimonial or review.

Clients who are happy with your plumbing services will be more than willing to leave a lovely review on your site. You can showcase such reviews and testimonials on your website for others to understand the quality of your services.

But don’t restrict yourself to only getting reviews /testimonials on your site. Encourage your clients to review your plumbing services on Google My Business, social media, and anywhere on the web where prospects can find you easily.


13. Security

Security is incredibly crucial in any plumbing website design. Depending on your web host, your hosting plan may come with an SSL certificate, or you may buy it afterward. SSL is the Secure Socket Layer that safeguards data transmission between the browser and the web server.

Your plumber’s website design should assure clients that their data is adequately protected. They need to be sure that the information they submit is in good hands. So, having a secure website for prospects/clients should be part of your priorities.

14. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimizing your plumbing website so that it ranks high on the search engine results pages and works both for your content and website.


Plumber SEO increases your chances of attracting relevant organic traffic (leads) to your website. To get higher visibility and attract a vast audience, ensure that you optimize your plumbing website for users and search engines.


 If you aren’t sure how to optimize your website for search, you can hire a reputable plumber website design agency to do it for you. In this competitive plumbing landscape, you need a good SEO plan to rank on the first page of Google or Bing.

 15. Your Initial Impression- the Homepage

Consider the steps you take when you finally meet a customer for the initial time. When a prospect visits your plumbing website, the Homepage is the initial page they see. If your page doesn’t engage them within the first five seconds, they may click on another plumber’s website.

 Thus, your plumber website should load in less than four seconds to attract the attention of your prospects. Appearances also matter when you meet an opportunity; just like your clothes, your plumber website should also have a smart, crisp look so potential clients can relate to it.

The internet gives you only three seconds to introduce your plumbing company. Your Homepage should introduce your company, services, business, and why they should hire you for plumbing services.

16. Interesting and Compelling Content on Your Plumbing Website 

Most search engines like Google or Bing reward fresh, original content. You can begin by creating posts about your company and discussing various projects you did as case studies, tips on doing plumbing renovations, reviews of new material in the market, and industry insights.


You can introduce a new member to your team or ask satisfied customers to write a review about their experience with you.


Helpful, engaging, and SEO-friendly content with the right plumbing keywords will help to boost your website rankings. Ensure that you update your blogs regularly and share them on social media and other local directories.

Professional Plumbing Web Design Services

Your plumbing website talks volumes about your brand presence and business; thus, it deserves the same zeal as other crucial collaterals of your company. Blackstorm Design+ Marketing uses turn-key web development and design solutions. With many years of successful contractor web design projects, we are confident your internet presence will be enhanced ahead of your competitors.

Why Choose Blackstorm Design +Marketing As Your Plumber Web Design Agency?

Here’s what separates us from other plumber web design and development agencies:

We Value Our Customers

Our customer-oriented mindset is one of the primary reasons for all our incredible success in web design. 

Here, we treat all our plumbing clients as business partners, putting your requirements and needs above everything else. Our experienced web designers work with our customers to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to end.

We Work With Integrity

Blackstorm Design +Marketing has built an outstanding reputation with service contractors like plumbers or roofers since we do things the right way. As a top-rated plumber web design agency, we understand that your success is also ours. Thus, our web designers work daily to deliver the best possible service with complete integrity and honesty!

We Are Data-Driven

A data-driven web design solution is crucial to jumpstarting your local plumbing company. Our designers invest in the latest web design software and marketing tools. At Blackstorm, we don’t use template strategies, and every plumbing web design project we undertake is founded on comprehensive analysis and factual data.

White-Glove Service

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we make sure that our team offers transparent and clear reporting showcasing your campaign results. They will keep you informed of the latest campaign updates. Besides, you can check your web design progress any time, anywhere.

We Value Your Time

As partners, we understand how essential timelessness is to your plumbing company operations. This is why we ensure to offer accurate timelines so you can align every milestone with your goals. We will thoroughly analyze your campaign details and scope to ensure we set attainable deadlines.

10 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Plumbing Web Design Agency

Plumbing web design tasks involve a lot of work!

Whether it’s a redesign or a completely new site build and design, there are multiple factors to consider at each stage. How many posts do you have, and how is it performing? What new technology do you need to incorporate? And above everything else, how will the web design project enhance the experience of your website visitors?

Plumbers must decide whether to contract freelance web designers and developers or hire a plumber website development and design agency.

This is an enormous decision since you are putting budget and trust into someone else’s hands. Your website impacts your online plumbing marketing success, profit, and lead generation. So, you need to get it right!

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we always keenly review a potential client’s project and let them understand whether we are the right fit. After all, it would negatively affect our reputation to take on an incompatible web design project that results in shoddy work.

How can you decide if you should go with a plumbing web design agency or hire freelance designers? 

We will share our best insights.

Here are the ten essential questions to ask before hiring a plumbing website design agency:

What Are Your Plumbing Web Development And Design Project Requirements?

Before looking for plumber web design agencies and freelance designers, you must describe your needs clearly. The complexity and scale of your project can affect what type of team you hire.

If you are looking for a complete redesign or a new web design that needs custom, complex work, and integrations, that information will influence who you partner with. All these details should be presented, from social media and geolocation content filtering to custom layouts.

Both web design agencies and freelancers will come with different capabilities to outsource complex work as simply as possible. That said, the capacity to have one or two points of contact and all of the web development and design pieces managed in one place may make it easier for your team to work with an agency.

What Is Your Plumbing Web Design Process?

The web design process is what streamlines work and makes sure that your deadlines and goals are met. Whoever you opt to work with, make sure you understand their process. The agency should give you timelines for major deliverables to know what to expect and schedule your availability for approvals and reviews.

A repeatable, agile process can save time and produce great results. On the other hand, a lack of strategy can add significant time and lead to delayed website launches.

Which Plumbing Web Development And Design Services Are Included?

Whether you are redesigning or building a new website, you need to know accurately what services are included in your web design contract.

Are you hiring a freelance web designer cum developer, or do you require outsourcing design? 

Can you hire a developer and designer with previous experience partnering to streamline the communication and process?

Examining the services deeper, which technical skills do they bring to the table? For instance, a web designer might be well-versed in UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design, specialize in one area or have little experience in the other. And remember to consider plumber SEO! Without a comprehensive SEO audit and technical optimization, no web design project should be completed before launching your site.

What Are The Costs And Your Budget?

Consider the upfront cost and long-term benefits when hiring a plumber website design agency.

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Will they charge you hourly, or will they have a set budget?
  • Is there a limit on hours, or does it cover unexpected hitches, unsatisfactory work, and delays?
  • Which metrics will you use to assess the value in sales or leads driven by the new plumber website?

If you want to partner with a plumbing web design agency, you should b sure of what you will obtain from your investment.

Which services are included in the cost, and will they work on ongoing support and maintenance? From essential security updates to minor bug fixes that affect your rankings, your website is an entity that requires as much attention post-launch as it gets during the build and design stages.

Who Are The Team Members And Their Personalities?

Partnering with a web design agency creates a working relationship that can last from weeks to a few months; therefore, it should be healthy! Who on the team will be in charge of communications and meetings? Can you connect all the major players in an initial video to put faces and test the waters?

You must have a good rapport with the contact points to ensure that your project moves forward smoothly from start to end. A mutual understanding and respect will assist in steering the boat, particularly if anything unexpected.

 Their Previous Project: Case Studies

Whether it’s a result of online searches or referrals, you should spend considerable time perusing through a potential plumbing website design agency’s projects. Here are our top recommendations on what to consider when reviewing a plumbing web design agency portfolio:

The scale of projects: Have they partnered with plumbing companies of your size or on sites with similar technical requirements? Does their project show range and flexibility?

Aesthetic: Although you may be tempted to look for plumber websites that appear precisely the way you want, look at the various page elements to examine how they have been designed for multiple clients. You are looking at the plumber’s websites after and before their engagement can give you a sense of building different brand audiences and guidelines.

Some web design projects completed: Does the web design agency have many years of experience, or are they just starting? They may not have all their completed projects online, so you should ask them.

Capabilities & Services: What major technical requirements did their websites have, and how did the agency deliver on them? Are the designs original or templates? Are there examples of customized strategies that they integrated and developed?

Process: We can’t underestimate the importance of understanding the agency’s web design process. Do they offer white-glove service, or can you get a sense of working with them through their completed projects?

When Is Your Deadline, And How Busy Is The Agency?

Perhaps the most important time management on web design projects comes from meeting and setting deadlines.

The date you launch your website will drive how any other activity will work together. Do you require a quick turnaround? Do you have a large plumbing company that needs multiple eyes on each stage to give approvals, which implies meeting exact due dates for deliverables is essential on both sides?

Ask about their ability to meet your deadline right from the onset. You don’t want to get a month into your project only to discover that your freelancer or design agency is juggling a full-time job or you are one of the 20 clients a plumbing website design agency is trying to serve.

Our Plumber Website Design Includes These Features

1.   A modern, mobile-friendly, responsive design 

2. Edit/manage the text on all pages, plus the ability to add photos, links, and documents

3. Manage features/areas that can promote unique value propositions

4. Manage posts about your services, company, anything else, and industry news

5. Manage the plumbing keywords, Meta description, and other crucial Search Engine Optimization strategies within your plumbing website.

6. And much more, based on what functionality is utilized within your plumber’s website.

Plumber Website Design FAQ

Why is web design crucial for plumbing contractors?

Website design affects your plumbing company in various ways. This is because it showcases your plumbing business and instills trust in prospects/clients searching for your services online. Secondly, it can help your site rank higher for plumbing keywords by satisfying a search engine algorithm that values responsive website and user experience design.

Are your plumber website designs template-based or custom-built?

All our website designs are customized in-house by our experienced developers and designers. We love customized plumber websites for various reasons. First, such sites possess a clean code that ranks your site higher in the search engine results pages. Secondly, plumbing contractors with customized sites can help convert more browsers into paying clients because of their originality and uniqueness.

What makes a good plumbing company website?

A great plumber website should be seamless to navigate, have a clean code, and incorporate many social proofs.

Ready for redesign or a new plumber website design?

We hope you have learned much and enjoyed our plumbing website guide. If you require help creating a website for your plumbing company, schedule a free strategy online, or call us at 1(865)-205-8822 to speak with one of the Growth Coaches today!



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