What Your About Page Needs To Be About

What Your About Page Needs To Be About

What Should Be In The About Page Of Your Website?

You have been tirelessly working to ensure everything is in order for your grand business blog launch. It has been an overwhelming yet exciting journey and now you can proudly say you have a social media identity, a business logo and all you need to trigger the curiosity of the world towards your brand. But there’s still one thing remaining and that’s letting your audience know a little bit more about you. And what better way to ensure that than coming up with the “About page?”
Yes, you definitely require one. In fact, you MUST have one.
And that’s why we have dedicated this article to educate you on how to come up with the “About Me Page”. Read carefully so that you make yours one of the most outstanding pages on your blog.

What Should The About Me Page Include?

Contrary to common assumptions that the About Page is all about you as a business, it should actually be about both you and your audience. They have to feel like part of you. And you have to trigger that sense of belonging right from the beginning by clearly highlighting why you both need each other What do you have in common? Because it has all the power to either elevate your status or lead to our total failure. You decide.
Achieving this might not be a walk in the park, but you still have the power to. Want to know how? Here’s the perfect order to follow;

  1. Know Who You’re Speaking To
  2. Understand Their Dire Needs
  3. How Does Your Work Relate To Their Needs?
  4. What’s Your Expectation Of Them?

Let’s now get a comprehensive look at each of the above points;

1: Know Who You’re Speaking To

Before you draft anything, this is one of the biggest questions you should be able to answer. And you should know that every time you spend time drafting a blog post, you are doing it for your readers. So it’s all about them and their needs.
Have a clear picture of who they are, their age, education level, income rates, etc. This will help you write to and for them. Being specific is the way to go.

2: Understand Their Dire Needs

Now that you’re specific about your audience, you should let them know that you totally relate with where they are coming from and your blog is dedicated to helping them deal with their everyday issues. Gather in your mind all the possible situations that can befall them and fix them.
You can divide their needs into two;
#1: What negative issues are they facing now? It could be anything from unproductive marketing strategies, worsening eating habits, undesirable body image to low self-esteem, etc
#2: What do they describe as an ultimately positive experience? Is it feeling content? Eating delicious meals? Visiting places? etc
This will help you know how to smartly turn their negatives into positives. So you typically have to create a connection between #1 and #2. Here’s what you can come up for someone who’s struggling with unhealthy eating;
” Like you, we love delicious meals. And that sometimes gets us indulging in some unhealthy eating habits as most of the foods out there are fast foods. That’s why we came up with a list of “quick to fix meals” recipes to help us fix sumptuous meals at the comfort of our homes. We both need to stay healthy if we want to enjoy life”
Craft your story in a way that will inspire people into being ” together in this” with you.

3: How Does Your Work Relate To Their Needs?

Share with them that one experience that drove you into starting your blog. That one unheard of story. The negative of them all, the challenges you faced and how you overcame. Let them see that they can also do it. Your story should help them see you as a bridge from their present point to their ideal future. Let the emotions run high.

4: What’s Your Expectation Of Them?

Don’t be shy to let them know what you expect of them. Do you want them to subscribe to your services? Turn notifications on? Read your posts? Make it easy for them.


Now that you know whom you will be addressing, their dire needs, what you will do for them and what you expect them to do, it’s time to exhale all those feelings you have been harboring inside, by create a mind-blowing and luring About Page for your blog/website. Let your star shine!


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