5 Powerful Tips on How to Market to Dads

5 Powerful Tips on How to Market to Dads

As our society evolve, the role of Dads in the household changes too. Today, they are no longer confined to stereotypical duties and responsibilities in the home. Compared to fathers of earlier generations, today’s Dads are more involved in household management, parenting, and even planning vacations, to cite some.
Very few brands and businesses recognize the growing purchasing responsibility of Dads. Fewer still are the companies that successfully capitalize on the countless opportunities that this trend creates. Be one of the few and learn how you can effectively market to Dads through these five (5) brilliant tips.

1. Use images that are powerfully relevant to Dads.

Men are known to be naturally visual – even more visual than women. A photo is a hundred times more attention-grabbing than a pile of words. It’s just easier to understand, more direct to the point and is generally more fun to look at. Images are proven to create more impact. Regardless if you are launching a product or just strengthening your market position, you need to use compelling images that appeal to the wants and needs of Dads in a way that resonates to them.
A good image would be to portray feelings of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction once they purchase or avail of your services. This can be in the form of still images, GIFs and videos. Show Dads how awesome it would feel like to take their family on a fun road trip by choosing your car rental service on their next vacation. Show them how their kids will surely think of them as such a very cool Dad when they buy the new TV set that has new high-tech features. These are only two of the countless ways you can use images to make Dads imagine the positive results of choosing you.

2. Take advantage of Dads being tech-savvy.

There are more than 50 million Dads in the US alone and around 80% of them use smartphones while 40% have tablets. According to a research, Dads are 4% more like to share content than moms. This shows that Dads are practically more active online. It is safe to say that they are really taking advantage of the convenience of having the power of the internet on their hands, quite literally.
This presents an excellent opportunity for marketers. The more the Dads are present online, the more chances there are to engage them and create awareness. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Nowadays, most people use their smartphones to access the internet. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s time to invest on website development and turn your site’s interface into a pleasing sight for mobile users. Additionally, be present on social media sites and make sure that you post content that are targeted specifically to Dads.

3. Create engagement by affirming their manly identity.

A big chunk of a men’s manly identity is said to be taken away from them once they starts building a family. They lose their Friday nights and weekends with their friends and instead they get occupied with helping with house chores, raising kids, and keeping their wives happy. If you want to do business with Dads, it will greatly help if you can help bring back that sense of identity to them. Remind them of how strong of a man they are for being able to keep up with the demands of fatherhood. Associate your brand with the feeling of achievement and pride.
This is where brand image and brand personality comes in. Make it a point where all your content align with a single-minded proposition that ultimately rewards the self-esteem of Dads by choosing your brand.

4. Appeal to Dads using their natural instinct to buy quality products.

Moms, being the ones to handle budgeting at home, tend to choose products that are on sale. They also prefer using the same brands that they have proven to be good after several trials. Dads, on the other hand, are more inclined to try a new brand that promises better results instead of sticking to what they are used to. They are slightly more of risk-takers than women. With the changing role of Dads in the household, they get to have more purchasing responsibility than they did generations ago.
In simpler words, if you want to position yourself as a brand that Dads would prefer, consider capitalizing on quality. Dads want to be seen as dependable and reliable. They look for these same qualities when choosing a product or service. Emphasize on this and make it your unique selling proposition so you can strengthen your edge over your competitors.

5. Content is also king among Dads

In the eyes of their kids Dads are the person to turn to when they have questions – mostly when moms are not around. But in reality, Dads turn to search engines for answers when they run out of clever ideas. Be sure to be there for them when they do.
Insightful articles that provide answers on topics relating to men and fatherhood can be a good way to win their loyalty. Become a reliable reference and most likely, they will return the favor with consistent patronage.
Now that you know these five (5) marketing tips that work specifically for Dads, it’s time to put them into practical use. Remember that Dads’ roles are ever-changing and it is important to recognize their growing purchasing power. Carefully strategize using these tips and it will not be long before you realize you’re in the position where Dads take pride in being associated with your brand.


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