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How BlackStorm Design + Marketing Helps You Overcome SEO FOBRO

No industry is 100% clean from unscrupulous people; not even the search engine optimization (SEO) niche. There will always be that bad apple capable of spoiling it for the entire bunch. That’s why making a critical decision like SEO for your online business can be overwhelmed by FOBRO, i.e. the Fear of Being Ripped Off.
But will you allow this fear to prevent you from revolutionizing your business? Below are a few questions to help you determine if your SEO company has in mind your business’ best interests:

  • Is the company based in the US?
  • How much are they charging for SEO services?
  • Do they have any past client rankings as proof their process works?
  • Can they link you to such real clients they’ve worked with previously?
  • How knowledgeable are they of their work?
  • Can they really make you money or they just want to get paid and disappear?
  • What guarantee do they really have on your ROI?
  • Do you have to sign a long-term contract in order for you to work with them?
  • Do they guarantee exclusivity in your market/niche or are they also working with your competitors?

How to Overcome FOBRO


If my prospective SEO provider isn’t US-based, for me that’s an automatic red flag. It’s not that I believe anything from outside of America can’t be good. No. My reason is simple. From research and experience, many of the folks claiming to be SEO experts from places like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and even China are applying outdated techniques to rank sites. Some are even using illegal methods that could put you into Google’s bad books. And just because an SEO firm is situated in your locality or state, it isn’t a guarantee that they’ll be good for your SEO needs.


Do your self-proclaimed SEO guru’s charges seem too good to be true? Be careful with companies whose only strength is the affordability of packages. Many of them will neglect essential SEO aspects to maintain costs on the minimum and may end up killing your website’s ranking potential. They may not focus on things like on-page optimization or backlinking as they should. But that doesn’t mean that SEO needs to cost you $10k a month. Your ROI should be the focus point. Your SEO provider should be in a position to help you understand how much is out there to be made via SEO and have a sustainable plan to grow your business.

Knowledge about the industry

A good SEO provider should also be able to explain to you what SEO is all about in simple layman language. Not all of us can be SEO experts in order for us to venture into online business. Nevertheless, they need to give you an overall description of how they’ll rank your site, how people are gonna find you, and that kind of thing. But if you’re well versed with the more technical stuff, then you’ll be better placed to ask the more important questions.

Proven Results

Your SEO company must have some history. Ask to be shown past results from real clients. If such businesses are in your specific market or niche, the better. You may even go a step further and ask them to connect to some of these clients. If they get dodgy here, that’s another automatic red flag!

Critical Guarantees

One surefire way to keep your FOBRO in check is by getting a guaranteed service from your SEO provider. That way, you’ll be sure that you’ll come out of the entire deal with results or your money back. Some Indian or Chinese company may guarantee you top ranking. But can they really deliver or they’re just desperate for your dollars? What knowledge, experience, and/or legitimate results can they show to prove themselves? Further, are they tying you down with a long-term contract to secure your money or they can actually deliver? Are they also working with others in your niche such that there may arise cases of conflict of interest?

For Your Peace of Mind, Use BlackStorm!

Have you found yourself in bad situations of FOBRO before? We’re ready to help at BlackStorm Marketing. We have lots of legitimate client rankings to prove our mettle. Our SEO deals are based on month-to-month agreements. We assure exclusivity in your niche and/or market. What’s more, we’ll offer you a risk-free guarantee!
Book a consultation session with us today and we promise not only 100% value for your money but also SEO ranking results and your desired ROI! With BlackStorm Design + Marketing by your side, FOBRO will soon be a thing of the past!


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