Bing Ads Change To Microsoft Advertising

Bing Ads Change To Microsoft Advertising

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Bing Ads is getting a rebrand in what’s called an evolution of the advertising platform.

Tech giant Microsoft has announced that Bing Ads is now Microsoft Advertising. The company mentioned that they will be focusing on one-on-one interactions to provide a more meaningful and personal experience.
The name change brings clients closer to the popular Microsoft branding, some of which have already tapped into newer ad products, including the Microsoft Audience Network. Expect to see immediate changes on platforms such as becoming and partner programs having a central banner with the name Microsoft Advertising Partner Program.
Furthermore, Microsoft states that they will be overhauling current materials and experiences to reflect the Microsoft Advertising rebrand.

What Has Changed?

More powerful AI, robust data and automation is the name of the game in the new Microsoft Advertising platform. The marketing arm of Microsoft has promised more connected data for businesses, and it delivers through built-in AI for improved results.
On the whole, Microsoft is highlighting two products on their virtual marketing shelves- the Sponsored Products and the Microsoft Audience Network.

Microsoft Audience Network

Microsoft wants in on the massive marketing industry with the release of the Microsoft Audience Network.
The ad platform was released the previous year and had cutting-edge features such as profile understanding, audience intent and AI. Using the Microsoft Audience Network, marketers are more empowered to reach their target audience within a brand-safe environment.
In terms of additions, Microsoft will be integrating two more major marketing updates. One, the company intends to increase audience campaign to reach consumers in Canada and the UK, which should take effect this summer. Second, Microsoft Audience Network will have product enhancements such as management tool updates, image upload and viewable impressions that should make image management and engagement easier than ever.
Microsoft Audience Network partners are already seeing great results with the enhanced features. One notable client, has revealed that the brand achieved a 33% increase in ROAS ever since they signed on to the ad platform.
Overstock’s Senior Paid Search Manager Steven Sun says “We recommend Microsoft Audience Ads for businesses who want to achieve wins and incrementality for clicks and conversions.” Steven further mentions that they intend to continue using the platform to increase their ROAS and conversions.

Sponsored Products

Currently, Sponsored Products is only available in the US, but Microsoft may have plans to bring it to a global audience in the future.
Shopping offer in Microsoft Advertising gets a welcome boost with new customer experiences that improve visual search, suggestions and filters. These tools should serve to give customers exactly what they’re looking for in terms of finding the right product and services. Moreover, brands can enjoy higher traffic and better visibility when they launch shopping campaigns and promote their top products.
With Sponsored Products, clients will see better alignment in their campaigns between retailers and manufacturers. Greater connection with their target audience drives sales performance metrics such as conversion, clicks and ROI to new heights.
In addition, Microsoft Advertising retailers get perks such as support for their product marketing campaigns and manufacturers can access great marketing tools such as optimization and reporting capabilities.
Interested in getting Sponsored Products? The program is currently in beta but you can sign up via your account team or by going to Microsoft’s Sponsored Products page.
Microsoft believes that when they empower marketers with the right tools, success can be accomplished in a short time. The tech giant plans on spreading the Microsoft Advertising campaign via Partner Summits, sharing roadmaps on the name change and hosting Q&A sessions with Microsoft Executives. Microsoft’s decision to change the name of Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising is a reflection of the commitment they want to show their partners.
The company won’t be changing trust forged with clients and partners as they seek marketing innovation. In today’s world, personalized marketing can make the customer feel more valued, while AI serves as the buffer for consumer privacy and safety. Intelligent technology can ensure data security while keeping the brand safe.
Bing’s success will serve as Microsoft Advertising’s springboard to success in the world of marketing. Years of Bing share growth, millions of advertisers and billions of consumers should bring Microsoft Advertising to relevancy.


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