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Breaking News: Branding Strategy To Level Up Your Home Service Business Revealed!


Improve Your Entire Customer Experience, Win New Clients, And Schedule More Appointments With a Strong Home Service Brand. 


Your Home Service Business Branding Connects You To Your Clients And Vice Versa!


Dear Home Service Contractor,

Do you want to improve prospects’/clients’ perception of your home service business? 

If so, you need to partner with a reputable branding agency to help your home service business stand out from the competition. 

But what does home service branding mean, or why is it crucial for your business?

Branding is the process of establishing a positive, strong perception of your home service business to prospects or clients.


Ok, sounds good.


Should I have my business logo designed by a freelancer and be good at branding my home service company?




Not every cookie-cutter solution will give your business an edge over the competition.


When branding your business (both offline and online), you need to partner with a performance-driven home service branding agency like Blackstorm Design + Marketing.


A strong home service branding is more than a good logo; it encompasses everything from slogans and customer service style to promotional materials like business cards, staff uniforms, and branded stationery. 


It inspires customers to remember your business and feel confident that your services will meet better than those other home service contractors offer online.


Without proper branding, your business will not attract property owners searching for your services online. 




I am sure you have ever come across the cliché:


“Go bold, or else go home.”


If you think I am kidding, here are the stats:

According to the American Small Business Association, half of the launched businesses fail after five years. 


As a home service contractor, such statistics should serve as a wake-up call to understand why such businesses fail and how you can prepare for the future success of your business.


Are you feeling frustrated?


Keep your cool, buddy!


Over the last decade, Blackstorm Design + Marketing has helped home service contractors, like you, with premium branding services to get recognized by clients and leave the competitors begging for mercy!


Don’t take our word for it; see some of the branding services we offer to home service businesses in the US:


Brand Book Design

A brand book, also known as a brand style guide, is a document that stipulates particular guidelines for promoting brand identity in all internal and external communications.


To build a memorable home service brand, you must be consistent in your branding. 


Your business must use the same fonts, logos, images, and colors.


And that’s why having a brand book is incredibly important to your business.


At Blackstorm Design +Marketing, we understand that your logo is the first thing people will see when they visit your website or brand online. 


It forms a huge part of your brand identity, differentiates you from the competition, and makes your business memorable.


And since you will use the logo design in virtually all your marketing collaterals from your website, business cards, and social media pages. 


Remember each of these platforms/places has different requirements on how they will accept your logo (in terms of file sizes and dimensions)


That’s why we offer different logo design variations to fit every marketing collateral your home service business intends to use.


Here are some of the logo design variations that we offer:


Horizontal Logo Design Variation

A horizontal rectangle is typically the ideal shape of a company logo. A horizontal logo design variation can be used in your corporate invoice, website, and other stationeries where the vertical format doesn’t fit.


Square Logo Design Variations

You will require a vertical logo variation where the horizontal format doesn’t fit well due to space limitations. Avatars and favicons are two major places where you may require representing your home service company with a square version of your logo design.



Icons are an extension of your home service company logo design, and they can be used to mark your clients/work touchpoints without engraving your logo on everything.


Apart from the variations in your logo design, we include some unique features to elevate your home service brand, including but not limited to:

  • Well-defined font sizes
  • Digital graphics 
  • Website/blog featured image

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we help your brand appeal to prospects through our social media kit, which several features including:

  • Profile picture for web or social media platforms
  • Social media cover photo
  • YouTube
  • Facebook 
  • Two post templates.


With many customer engagements (both online and offline), you shouldn’t forget to include branded stationery as part of your home service brand identity. Our experienced graphic designers will help to brand your office stationery, including door hangers, envelopes, letterheads, and business cards. 


Do you know that there are free moving billboards across the US where you can advertise your home service business?


If you have a business van, then you have a chance to market your home improvement services to prospects/clients who live in your neighborhood and beyond.


Did you know as your company vehicle will drive around, you could miss hundreds of property owners seeing your brand? 


That’s why our graphic professionals will help you brand your vehicle to promote your home service business wherever it goes. 


Our unique company vehicle wrapping services will get your brand noticed by prospects.

We will also help you develop unique building signs that will help promote your business even after you have offered services to your clients.


And since branding touches every aspect of your home service business, don’t forget to include swag in your strategy. Our talented graphic designers will put your brand swag in the office pens, tumblers, hats, and polo shirts!


Simply put, branding is everything. It will take only seven seconds for prospects/clients to know what kind of reputation your home service company has on social media and Google.


Property owners can schedule service appointments with you based on their impression or go straight to your competitors.


You have to nail your company branding to stand above the crowd. 


Luckily, that’s what we do at Blackstorm Design + Marketing. 


We study the competition and triumph them over with unique branding services that rock prospect’s/client’s worlds.


Then the contest is over. Your business will receive countless service calls off the hook.


We know;


You didn’t put much effort and time into creating a home service business, only for it to roam in the shadows of the web without anyone noticing it. 


At Blackstorm Design +Marketing, we are a mix of experienced website developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, social media professionals, digital marketers, and branding specialists with the skill to launch new home service brands, fix the old ones, and everything in between.


Do you want to invest in your home service company branding and reach out to prospects ready to spend money on your business?  


If so, schedule a free strategy session with one of our branding specialists to start today.


We work with roofers all over the country to uncover their problems, analyzing their competition, also developing a dominating growth strategy; we could easily charge $1,000.

We are offering this $1,000 strategy session completely Free. We will invest the time, resources, and expertise… all you have to do is invest your time.

Those who don’t take Step #1 can never take Step #2. Schedule your strategy session now.

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