PPC for Plumbers: A Game Plan To Scheduling More Plumbing Calls And Increasing Your Online Presence

Killer Google AdWords Tips To Create Ads That Property Owners Can’t Help But Click

Are you struggling to get quality leads for your plumbing business? Does your company use internet marketing? If so, read how to attract leads and schedule more service appointments for your business. 

Nowadays, if a homeowner requires any plumbing services, they probably conduct a quick search on Bing or Google to find the nearest plumber. So, it is highly recommended that your plumbing website rank high in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Your plumbing website is the key to your internet marketing success. One way to make your website appear higher in search engine results is to run effective PPC campaigns.

PPC is a short form for Pay Per Click and is regarded as one of the effective ways for plumbers to market their services online. Using particular plumbing keywords, PPC can help skyrocket plumbing sales, improve brand awareness and schedule more plumbing appointments in less than one month. Are you wondering how PPC for plumbers works? Read on to discover the best practices we use at Blackstorm Design + Marketing to deliver cost-effective qualified plumbing leads. 

Why Invest In PPC For Plumbers? 

Wondering how PPC for plumbers can be beneficial for your business? Here are some powerful reasons to use PPC ads to market your plumbing business: 

1. Fast Results

With some internet marketing tactics, like SEO, it takes time to see noticeable results. But PPC gets your ad in front of homeowners as soon as you start your campaign. 

This also implies that you can see results instantly.

While long-term strategies are crucial for creating lasting brand authority and awareness online, PPC is a good strategy for getting plumbing leads quickly. It can also assist you with insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, which can also help improve other online marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

2. Precise Targeting

PPC ads allow you to target locations, time, and demographics to reach your desired audiences. Once your PPC ads are running, you will get valuable data on your audience that’s segmented, showing location, gender, and the type of platform they used to reach your plumbing business. Tracking also helps you monitor where users go once they visit your site after viewing your ad. 

PPC ads give you various targeting options, including: 

  • Retargeting: This allows you to follow up with users who had previously clicked on your plumbing website or ad
  • In-market targeting: It helps your business target users who had previously searched for your plumbing services online.
  • Demographic targeting lets you target prospects based on location, age, and other demographic characteristics.

3.No Minimum Investment Needed

One of the benefits of using PPC ads is that plumbers aren’t needed to risk a lot of marketing dollars upfront to try it out. Besides, there’s no minimum amount required monthly to have a PPC ad campaign, which makes it financially risk-free compared to other internet marketing strategies. Further, you are in complete control of your marketing budget; you will be able to set the amount of money you are willing to spend daily. PPC ads for plumbers work on a bidding system; therefore, you will be able to control the amount you are ready to pay for a property owner to click on your ad.

4. Highly Measurable Marketing Method

When you are spending dollars on marketing, regardless of how large or little, you should be able to track the results and get a glimpse of the Return on Investment (ROI). 

PPC ads are one of the most measurable internet marketing techniques compared to conventional marketing methods.

PPC ad platforms provide detailed information about how your campaign is performing. Such information helps you enhance your campaigns as they run. This allows you to test various versions of your ads to know which performs better and optimize it further.

5. Increase Your Conversions & Sales

As a plumber, getting qualified leads and attaining a return on such investments is often stressful and complicated. Getting more clients is typically what plumbers are searching for, and PPC ads are an excellent tool for generating such leads online. When done right, PPC ads help you target homeowners searching for your plumbing services online. With PPC ads, you can create relevant ads for this market segment, targeting keywords and creating a sense of urgency through ad copy.

6. Your Competitors Are Using PPC Ads

If you are contemplating using PPC ads, other plumbers are already using them. 

We are not saying that you have become a copycat. But there are high chances that if your rivals use PPC ads, they could push your organic rankings beneath the top three search engine results pages, making you lose quality leads to them.

Property owners search on Google to find answers to their plumbing problems. 

Therefore, internet marketing is about showing up when prospects/clients search for information about your plumbing company online.

First, it is crucial to know the primary goal of PPC ads for plumbers. One of the objectives is to offer information to prospects when they search for keywords related to your plumbing business online. The main objective, of course, is to get more qualified plumbing leads for your business. 

 Don’t have time to run PPC ads for your plumbing business, schedule a free strategy session with our experts for help.


PPC For Plumbers Platforms

There are two major PPC platforms for search engines: Bing Ads and Google Ads. The two have their separate networks. But Google Ads is the most famous search engine, and thus it makes sense to use it over Bing Ads.

What Do You Need To Know Before Using PPC Ads For Plumbers For The First Time?

Every plumber needs to market their services, and today, regardless of the kind of business, that also implies marketing online. There are various methods of doing it, but one of the fast, effective ways is using Google Ads, which applies the Pay Per Click Model, in which you will only pay once a prospect/client clicks on your ad. It is one of the most effective ways to drive more relevant traffic to a plumber’s website, but it is also one of the fastest ways to do so.

 Many sad stories online of home service contractors who have used Google ads only to realize minimal results after spending their whole marketing budget. But in most instances, when done right, the advantages of running Google Ads greatly outweigh the costs.

Plumbers must know how to use and optimize PPC ads to advertise their services online and be armed with these crucial tips before using Google Ads for the first time.  

Here are some things that you need to know before you invest in your first PPC campaign:

  • Have a Strategy in Place to Get More Plumbing Leads

An excellent strategy is crucial for any plumber marketing campaign, and the same applies to Google AdWords. So, what does Google Ads for plumbers entail? It involves a lot of things you would include in any kind of internet marketing campaign.

A good advertising strategy should define your target market, the impact you want to have on prospects, and what you want them to do after clicking your ad. After your Google Ad campaign runs, you should know how to analyze and measure results to understand whether your ads are performing as anticipated.

  • Set an Appropriate Budget for Your Plumbing Company

One of the major benefits of Google Ads is that you can set the amount you want to spend on a specific campaign. And while Google will always persuade you to increase your advertising budget to get more plumbing leads. A higher marketing budget will imply that more property owners will likely click on your Google Ad, but you should set a realistic budget for your campaign. Before launching your Ads campaign, you must understand your budget to avoid breaking your bank account.

  • Know Which Plumbing Keywords to Use

Finding relevant search terms is essential for any Google Ads campaign. Keywords are simply the terms property owners will use when looking for a plumber, and they are typically the phrases you use within your plumbing company. For example, would you use terms like “emergency plumber” or 2″ 4hour plumber” for plumbing contractors?

There is a Keyword Planner tool within your Google Ads account to help you pinpoint the ones you want to use, but before you get started, you know the search terms you wish to use. 

  • Make a Landing Page for Each Plumbing Service Plus the Location 

A plumbing landing page is the page potential clients and visitors will be sent to after clicking your Google Ads. Many plumbers make a colossal blunder of using their website’s homepage as their landing page. The sad truth is that if your landing page doesn’t contain appropriate information, is hard to navigate, or is confusing, all the effort you have put into your Google Ads campaign will be wasted.

  • Google Ads is not a One-time Process.

With other marketing strategies, you can just set an ad campaign and let it run independently. But that’s not how Google Ads works. Even after your Google ad campaign is up and running, you should test various aspects of the campaign, monitor the results, and continuously tweak it to ensure you get the most out of marketing dollars. This may sound discouraging to plumbers who wrongly think qualified leads will start contacting your plumbing business for service once their campaign is up and running.


Best Plumbing PPC Practices To Help You Book More Jobs In 2021 & Beyond

1. Choose the Best Keyword for the Most Effective Plumber Marketing Campaign

Keywords are the backbone of any Google Ad campaign. Without such search terms, prospects will never see your ad, and you can’t bid (pay for Google Ads) since it is all based on the keywords. This implies that without keywords, Google Ads won’t even exist. This is how crucial they are, so plumbers should conduct in-depth research before launching their Google Ads campaign.

Keywords are the search terms that customers and users will use when looking for a plumber online. So, if a homeowner is searching for a plumber who repairs toilets, they may use terms like “Toilet repair contractor.” So, if you are a plumbing contractor that does drain cleaning, your keywords list may begin with words like drain cleaning or pipelining. Think like a client.

As a plumber, you need to master the skill of choosing the best keywords for positioning purposes.  

But how? 

i)Select General Plumbing Keywords

Include a list of keywords that resonate with the plumbing services you offer. Think like a homeowner; find out your competitors’ search terms. 

Choosing general keywords is exceptional since it will imply that the ad reaches as many property owners as possible. General keywords will also cost plumbers more since these will have a higher bid and be bid by most plumbers online. 

ii) Use Specific Keywords

Broad plumbing keywords are good, and not using them in your campaign may prevent your Google Ad from being seen by property owners. But when you want to create a seed keyword list, it is also good to be specific, and being specific helps you narrow down to look for homeowners searching for particular plumbing services. 

iii) Negative Keywords

Since keywords are the backbone of any Google Ads campaign, plumbers are often confused when we tell them about ‘negative keywords. But that doesn’t imply using negative words or bad ones. So, what are examples of negative keywords?

Let’s examine a local plumber for a while. An example of a negative keyword would be ‘cheap plumber’ if you want to stay away from cheap clients when you choose ‘cheap plumber’ as your negative keyword. 

Google will not show your advert when a prospect types in ‘cheap plumber’ into their search query. This is advantageous to the plumbers since without including that negative keyword if the ad is shown on property owners, you may end up disappointing them for not servicing them. 

iv) Utilize Keyword Grouping 

Keyword grouping is a crucial but overlooked part of running a Google Ads campaign. Chances are that you will have an exhaustive list of search terms you want to use after finalizing your keyword research. This can make your ad campaign look disorganized by focusing on various keywords that target broad topics. 

By grouping such plumbing keywords, you can target those search terms into similar words and separate them into mid-level, low, and high-level keywords.

Once you have created the subgroups and groups, you can craft an ad directly targeted to those search terms instead of an ad that targets multiple keywords. 

Keyword grouping helps your plumbing business reach more clients and give them precisely what they are searching for.

2. Check Out the Competition

With Google Ads, as with any marketing strategy, it is highly recommended that you don’t reinvent the wheel. You can save a lot of marketing dollars and time by spying on what other plumbers are doing in terms of PPC ads. They could have invested much into their campaigns and run various iterations and tests, and you can take advantage of everything they have learned along the way. 

Conduct quick searches on Google using the plumbing keywords you want to focus on. Read through the top PPC ads keenly and learn as much as possible from them. If your rivals are using specific keywords heavily, there is a likelihood they are obtaining great results. This tip alone could save you thousands of dollars!

3. Describe How You Help Your Clients

Saying how great your plumbing company is will not convince many clients to click your Ad. Any plumber can say how they are #1, and property owners are likely to be skeptical. You should focus your Ad on what plumbing problems you solve for homeowners or the benefits your plumbing services offer.

Think about how your plumbing company actually helps clients and discuss this clearly in your landing page copy.


4. Leverage a Powerful, Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A unique Selling Proposition differentiates your plumbing company from the competitors and gives your potential clients a compelling reason to schedule jobs with you.

Simply put, your USP answers this critical question, why should I, as a homeowner, opt to do business with your company versus any other plumber in the neighborhood?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should include a strong USP in your Ad copy:

  • A powerful USP drives more traffic from qualified prospects (encouraging people to click your ads)
  • A strong USP eliminates price comparison issues. If you give property owners a compelling reason to work with your company versus other plumbers, the cost of your services will become a secondary issue.
  • A powerful USP will increase your plumbing conversion rates. It will help to convert the increased traffic into paying clients.


5. Create an Irresistible Offer

Providing something that will be irresistible to your potential clients is an effective way to encourage them to click your Google Ad. “Save $100” or “Get a free quote” are all possible examples. 

What can you provide in your ad copy to compel a potential client to take the desired action? This can only be through creating an irresistible special offer. That offer should contain the following basic components:

  • Valuable

Your plumbing service must be more valuable than the overall price. This doesn’t imply your offer has to be cheap, and you just have to discuss all the value your plumbing services offer to your clients and ensure they outweigh the price.

  • Believable

When you create an offer that seems more good than realistic, your potential clients may be skeptical. Therefore, you must offer a plausible reason for your irresistible offer. 

  • Reverse or Reduce Risk

Everyone, including homeowners, is scared of getting scammed online. One of the best tactics to minimize your clients’ risk is a money-back guarantee. 

A money-back guarantee pulls all the risk on your plumbing business to deliver superior service, or else you will have to provide all the money back to the client. 

6. Leverage Ad Extensions

As a plumber, you want your prospects/clients to learn as much as possible from the Google Ad. Such ads provide multiple ad extensions to help you maximize the performance of your ad copy. That said, there are various ad extensions we highly recommend plumbing contractors to use:

Location Extension: This is the major extension that we usually use to crush Google Ads for our customers. You are connecting your Google My Business listing to your Ads account, and this helps display your location details on your ads but allows your plumbing business to be ranked #1 on Google Maps. 

Call Extension: Setting up a call extension helps your phone number to appear in your Google Ads. Besides, it also shows a tracking number in the Map Pack ad, which is essential to know how your ads perform. 

Callout Extensions: These are short phrases highlighting the benefits of your plumbing business. Our experts will use callout extensions like “Family Owned & Operated, % financing” to grab prospects’ attention and resonate with them.

Sitelink extension: This is the most common extension to make your Google ad appear larger than your competitors, giving you a significant competitive advantage.


7. Use Relevant Landing pages

At this stage, your prospect has looked for your plumbing service online. They found your ad copy persuading compared to all other options, clicked it to know more, and landed on your plumbing website.

What next?

 Well, if you are doing Google Ads for the first time, your potential client is scratching his head, wondering what he should do next. Your ad made an irresistible offer that the homepage couldn’t fulfill.

That’s because your homepage isn’t a landing page!

Your homepage typically discusses everything your plumbing company does, all your services, and all the kind of clients you serve. Simply put, your homepage may not be relevant for the ad your prospect clicked.

Therefore, you should create a high-quality landing page that matches the ad and the keyword. This page aims to make the sales process congruent to reassure the prospect that they are going down the conversion funnel.

Here are some components of a converting landing page:

• Headline: This is the first thing your prospect reads, so it should reiterate a special offer made in the ad, grab the attention and convince them to continue reading your page.

• Great Images: Converting landing pages have quality images to convince a prospect to take the desired action.

• Convey Your value Proposition: Give your prospect a reason for doing business with your company instead of other plumbers in the neighborhood.

• Clear Call-To-Action: This will tell your prospects what they need to do after visiting your page.

8. Create a Compelling Ad Copy 

With Google, you only pay when property owners click on your ads. So, your ads have two crucial roles: 

• Attract qualified leads so that they click on your ad instead of other plumbing contractors

• Repel unqualified prospects, so they don’t waste your marketing dollars when clicking on the ad.

That implies more sales, traffic, and less wasted budget on unqualified prospects, which leads to more revenue for your company.

A compelling ad copy also boosts your conversion rate and quality score; thus, you will spend less on your click for your ads. 

Here are four key elements of an excellent Google Ads copy:

• Headline

• Description line 1

• Description line 2

• Display URL


9. Call & Conversion Tracking

Tracking conversions is the last step in setting up your Google Ads campaign. If you don’t do it, it will be hard to know which ad and keywords generate more sales, plus those losing money. Simply put, you will not be able to improve or optimize your marketing campaigns. 

Conversion tracking helps to measure the sales achieved by your Google Ads campaign. 

It will help you to know which keywords are most profitable.  

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we can help you set up three types of conversion tracking, including: 

i)Form Submission: Put a conversion code on the thank you page after submitting a request.

ii) Phone Call Tracking: Prospects click on an ad and then contact you using the numbers on your landing pages. 

Use Google call tracking systems to know if they go down the conversion funnel.

iii) Ad Extension calls; This is where prospects call the phone number on your landing page without clicking your ad.

 If you are not monitoring all of these, you need to schedule a free strategy session with our experts for assistance now!


Creating a Google Ads Campaign

The initial setup of a Google Ad campaign is essential. When you create your first campaign, here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Campaign Objective 

Choose a campaign goal, and Google will ask you the objective of your campaign. Choose “leads” as your goal.

  • Campaign Title 

If your campaign is about plumbing, we recommend calling it that. We normally run separate Google Ad campaigns for various plumbing services, but our experts will only run one campaign if it’s associated with plumbing in general.

  • Type of Campaign

Let’s look at how to decide on the kind of campaign you want to run. We highly recommend that you start with a search campaign, which are primary ads found on the search engine result pages. 

  • Locations

 This is an essential step. Ensure that you include the information about your service areas and exclude those towns or cities that aren’t within your reach. 

  • Ad groups 

These are sets of related Ads that will appear in relevant organic searches. 

They contain headlines, descriptions, and URLs. For instance, your plumber services ad group may include toilet and faucet repair.

  • Descriptions

Google recommends that you have a minimum of two descriptions, which include words about your customers and experience. The objective here is to instantly establish trust with potential clients and ground your authority within the plumbing niche.

One great way to optimize your plumbing Search Engine Marketing Campaigns is through Pay Per Click adverts. At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we have developed a data-driven and comprehensive PPC ad strategy that will help your plumbing business generate more leads who are interested in your services. Our PPC experts will help your plumbing company grow. 

 Our Unique PPC Process For Plumbing Contractors

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we handle all aspects of plumbing Search Engine Marketing, mostly focusing on Pay Per Click ads. While each client has a different process based on their needs, desires, and budget, each campaign contains the following main components:

  • Assessing Your Markets: We will assist you in deciding whether to put your ads on Google, Facebook, or another platform. Our experts will look at your plumbing leads are coming from, where your Competition seems to be getting leads and where your focus lies. From there, they will develop platforms that data proves can serve you better.
  •  Craft Your Ads: When running plumber PPC campaigns, it is crucial to have well-designed ads with your target audience in mind. 
  • Targeting Your Ads: A secret to any paid search marketing campaign is ensuring you target the right audience. Our experts will help you choose demographics and keywords that fit the property owners looking for your plumbing services online.
  •  Ads Tracking: When it comes to paid search marketing, it is not just enough to create a compelling ad and leave it there. You need to check how the ads are working or the ones that are making you lose money. 
  • Tweaking Your Campaign: Once our experts get data on how your ads perform, they will start to tweak and optimize them to get the most out of your campaign. 

Why Hire Us To Manage Your Plumbing PPC Campaigns? 

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we take an in-house approach to advertising your plumbing company online. Establishing an open, continuous line of communication ensures that your plumbing Google Ads campaign is extensively researched, consistently tracked, and quickly executed to generate leads for your plumbing company. Our PPC experts will create compelling ad copy to help your business outrank the Competition and book more jobs. 

As a full-service plumbing marketing agency, we offer internet marketing services, including web design, online reputation management, SEO, retargeting and social media advertising. 

Do you want to start a new Google Ads campaign for your plumbing business but don’t know where to start? Is your current PPC campaign not generating desired results for your plumbing company? 

Schedule a free strategy session online with one of our Growth Coaches or call us at 1 (865) 205-8822 to find out how you can fix your Google Ads campaign today.


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